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🎉Good luck to my coach and friend @leeannedunson on her competition today!🎉 I’m so excited for you and proud to call you my coach! I’m learning so much from you and you truly inspire me everyday! I know you’re gonna kill it on stage today! Can’t wait to see you soon! 😘 . . #aspiretoinspire #bestcoachever #gokickass #fitbodyfusion #futurebikinicompetitor #twinmom #momlife #busymom #fitmomover40
MEAL PLANNING if you fail to plan you fail to succeed or something like that😜 anyway ...I’m a busy mom of 2 and a hairstylist with long evening hours and I may not make it home til 8pm but I want my family to eat healthy ( not picking on men) but some think food is food as long as we get full😳.... to be successful at being healthy or losing weight for you and the family you’re gonna have to start prepping meals. It’s easy 1. Sit down and write up a menu for the week, make it easy by choosing easy meals and salads. 2 go grocery shopping or use something like grocery pick-up and grocery shop while in bed! 🙌🏾The hardest part is JUST STARTING! and I promise you’ll have more freedom when you do make it home dinner is already cooked and you’ll save money from buying fast food. Try It! I cooked salmon and asparagus wrapped in bacon all in the oven on broil in about 20 minutes added a salad and we’re Eating hunni! It’s that simple👩🏽‍🍳😋 #healthyfood #ketomealprep #keto #busymomlife #busymom #healthyfamilymeals #familymealprep #familymealplanning #nocarbsnosugar #lowcarbliving
Milk and cookies. Wine and bubble bath. 🍷🍷Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  Some things just belong together… like you and me! Yes, YOU. 😍😍 We all need that person who’ll push us and keep us accountable. And you’re my perfect pairing. 👭  More than you could possibly realize, you help me to rise to new challenges with the questions and requests you throw my way.  I really thought you ought to know that, friend. Thank you! 😊😊 #amwritingromance #amwriting #sahm #wahm #momblog #mombloggers #creativecommunity  #creativepreneur #creativewriting #possibilities #possibility #momofboy #momofgirl #momof2 #momof3 #busymom #busymomlife #mamablogger #momma #momproblems #momoland #momentum #mommies #mompreneur
I’m a fairly positive person, a realist of sorts. I tend to just deal with things and move on. Not a lot of wallowing, more of a ... acknowledge the problem, make a decision, fix it, move on. This attitude and way I approach things has served me well for most of my life. . . Lately I’ve noticed however there are a couple of areas in my life that I’m not able to just fix and move on. Areas that I’m not in control of the outcome. . . If I’m being real honest, it’s throwing me. I’m not totally sure what to do. And frankly it’s frustrating the sh*t out of me!!!🙈 . . The only thing I know to do is to keep going. Keep showing up. Adjust my methods but don’t stop. Dive deeper into personal development. Have the tough conversations. . . I’m a work in progress. I don’t have it all figured out. But I am going to keep trying. . . . . . . #saturdaymorningvibes #morningmindset #familytime #momlife#momof2boys#boymom#sahm#wahm#busymom#hockeymom#mindset#mindsetiseverything#positivity#positivevibes#entreprenuer#investinyourself#selfcare#selflove#parenthood#honestmom#canadiangirl#albertamoms#yycmom#faith#thenextchapter#yesyoucan#blueeyedgirl#alwaysbarefoot#greyhairdontcare
Good morning Saturday,working day and I have nothing to complain about it 😆  #goodmorning #saturday #workingday #ifeelgood #healthy #readytogo #myfamily #mymotivation #busymom #staystrong #stayhealthy #lifeisgood #juicepluslife #healthylifestyle
Are you guys tired of my dance workout talk yet?  Because it happened.  Aiden did an ENTIRE workout WITHOUT complaining.  We hee-hawed, gospeled, and box-stepped our way through 30 minutes, and there was SO MUCH laughing that it made my heart happy.  I know that exercise helps with endorphins, but seriously, that’s NOTHING compared to getting ALL of my boys into a family workout and EVERYONE enjoying it.  Today, we’re coming for you, Michigan! 💖
The smile you still have on your face when you only have one day off this weekend.....# TGIS#keepgrinding#directorlife#busymom#sodamntired#
Happy Saturday Folks!! Coach G here!  This is a recipe I have shared many times with my clients. Its a recipe I call my pre-workout banana pumpkin protein muffins.  I have been making it for  a few years now and I just alter the recipe depending on where I am in my dieting season. (If I need less carbs, I use less bananas, less flour, ETC.) It is really easy to add or take away ingredients. I have made this in the past with blueberries as well.  I eat 3-4 of these every morning as part of my pre workout meal to get my carb & protein needs met. (Sometimes I have these w/PB 2 or peanut butter for an extra treat!) The Nutrition Info for each muffin (each muffin weighing 55g of batter) is:  Calories: 68 Carbs: 11 Protein: 5.2 Fat: 0.5 Fiber: 1.24  The Recipe is as follows: *360g Ripe Bananas *14.5oz Canned Pumpkin *200g Egg Whites *130g Protein Powder (Use a blend  vs. straight whey pro) *180g Flour *1/2 Tbsp Vanilla *1 Tsp Nutmeg *2 Tsp Cinnamon *1/2 Tsp Baking Powder *1/2 Tsp Baking Soda *4 Trivia Packets (optional)  Mix everything up and back at 350 degrees for 18 minutes.  Each batch makes 24 muffins at 55g each muffin  Put muffins in an air tight container and keep them in the fridge. They last about 5 days.  Prep tip: make a few batches of batter at a time and freeze the extra batter. That way you can just thaw the next batch of batter when it’s time to bake more to save a little time.  Enjoy!  #fitpregnancy #18weekspregnant #2ndtrimester #weightrainigwhileexpecting #babynumber2  #fitnessfood #flexibledieting #macrotrackingmom #busymom #busymomlife #nutrition #wholefoodgoodness #fiber #protein #macros #c620nutrition #c620athlete #fitmom #weighttraining #macros #fitness #nutrition #c620betterlife #yearofendlesspotential #goals #healthyfood #healthymom #nutritioncoach #personaltrainer #consistency #c620powerlifting
3...2...1...ready or not, here I come with an awesome Instagram Live called “Rocking Photo Day". Join me to learn how to help your kids feel more confident walking into this year's Photo Day! Will I see you there? (This Monday at 10:00 a.m.) . . . . . . #balletphotographer #kissimmeephotographer  #kissimmeephotography #orlandodancers #kissimmeedancers #kissimmeephotography #timetodance #dancingthroughlife #reallife #danceforlife #dancephotography #dancephotographer #charmboxstudios #alwaysdancing #borntodance #5678 #dancersworld #dancelifestyle #busymom #dancemomlife #raisingmytribe #authenticmotherhood #mymomlife #kissimmeemoms
Buon Giorni / Good Morning. Love starting my day off with a healthy breakfast. YUM!!!. #healthymamma #healthylifestyle  #keepingitsimple #busymom #chocolateproteinshake #peaprotein #plantbased #vegancertified #glutenfree #arbonne
So I haven't posted in a couple of weeks..here is my update. I've lost 21pounds and feeling better than ever. Today I weighed in at 160lbs!! I missed my Thursday workout, but still lost a pound this week. Still hoping this will motivate others..its never to late to start anything. Road isn't always easy just Never give up!! As always shout out to @demandgreathf and @savagebeasting_beast7  for pushing me everyday #fitnessmotivation #nevergiveup  #busymom
Yes! Another quote from Rachel! I love this girl and she is always right! Why do we even care what other people think? Why do we let our fears stop us from trying something new because of what someone will think. So what if you fail, how will you ever know if you are good at it or not, how do you even know if that one thing could change your life in so many ways!  Follow your dreams, go try something new or different! People are going to judge whether you make it or not! People are going to judge whether you’re happy or not! Haters are going to hate...no matter what!!!! . . . #trysomethingnew #followyourdreams #hatersaregoingtohate #liveyourbestlife #nowisthetime #livethelifeyouwanttolive #midwestlife #busymom #strongmom #positivevibes #behappy #rachelhollisquotes
🎉 Saturday Shout Out 🎉 - Shea is one month into her journey to live a healthier lifestyle. She is a mom and teacher and she was finally ready to take care of herself. To say she was skeptical when I first invited her to join us would be an understatement. But she finally jumped in with us a month ago and look at her results! Before she was miserable about her body and she wanted a quick fix. - Now 4 weeks later she feels better about her body and herself! Shea I’m so proud of your hard work. This journey doesn’t happen over night but it is long lasting! - If you’re ready to get the ball rolling and start your journey, join us. We are starting on Monday. You get nutrition support, including many recipes and meal ideas as well a fitness program and best of all a group of women for major accountability. If you’re on the fence, remember above all else, you are worth it and you deserve to feel good about yourself even if that means you have to take a little bit of time for you. Raise your hand if you’re interested in more details. You don’t want to miss out. - #weightlossjourney #feelbetter #busymom #momof2 #momof2boys  #boymom #busyteacher #elementaryteacher #iteachsecond
Monkey see, monkey do!  The more I expose my daughter to a healthy lifestyle, the more she wants to join in. I feel this defines the phrase #leadbyexample.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in life and forget about yourself. But by setting aside some time (even 20 minutes) for yourself, your mind and body will thank you for it. You’ll notice that you aren’t so “on edge” and you have more patience for the small things. Your kids will see the benefits of self care and will implement that into their daily life as well.  Take some time today to help your body and mind recharge. Something that is useful and has long term benefits.
This is my favorite way to cook sweet potatoes! I slice them into medallions, toss them with EVOO + spices (thyme, rosemary, sea salt, black pepper, and whatever else sounds good) and bake them at 400°F for 45 minutes on a parchment paper covered baking sheet. For this one pan meal, I baked the potatoes for 25 minutes, then flipped them to the other sides, moved them toward the edge, and added zucchini and salmon. The pan went back in the oven for another 20 minutes... perfect 😍  #fitmom #busymom #workingmom #onepanmeal #sheetpan #sweetpotatoes #salmon #zucchini #mealprep #traderjoes
Breakfast + Farm Animals + Buckingham Farms = Great Morning!  I love finding new places and trying them out. Fun family morning. . . . . . . . . . . . . #breakfast #mornings #waffles #familybreakfast #springbreak2019 #foodie #schoolsout #farm #farmanimals #tryingneeplaces #girlmom #momlife #mompreneur #toddlermom #momsofinstagram #motherhood #momofgirls #busymom #mommylife #workfromhome #toddlerlife
I love the trainers that lead my workouts. They are so knowledgeable and freaking fabulous!  Every single one of them have that amazing ability to push you to your limits (ok, what you thought were you limits) and somehow know what to say at the right time. “Keep on going!  This is where progress is made!” If you need a break, take a few seconds then jump right back in it!” Before, I would say I’ve had a good workout and be done. Now, I take their advice and take a breather and keep pressing on. I want progress!  I want results!  I know I have to push through what I think is impossible because I know it is possible and the hard is what will make the results happen.  I would be in a my same only rut if I hadn’t discovered these epic trainers. They know fitness, nutrition, and healthy. That’s who I want leading me. Interested in changing your life and having a personal trainer with you every workout?  Let me know and I’ll send you the info. You won’t be sorry you did!!! #pushpastyourlimits #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #christianmom #momboss #fitmom #fitmoms #busymom #iwanttobefitagain #strongwomen #strong #motivation #nonscalevictory #bossbabe #healthjourney #fitwomen4life #momofkindergartener #womanaftergodsheart #momoftwo #momoflittles #momofgirls  #nolimits #mumofgirls #missions #godfearingwomen #newmommies #ineedmotivation #losethebabyfat #ineedachallange #ditchthediet #goals
Don’t fall for scams promising easy, overnight credit repair. If you want to fix your poor credit, you can (and should) do it yourself. The myEcon Smart Money Kit Stop includes everything here! 🔥26 Step by Step How To Repair Your  Credit Videos 🔥4 Rounds of Dispute Letter Templates 🔥Re-establishing new credit via little known sources 🔥Income Shifting Strategies for producing increased cash flow 🔥Minimize Expenses Tool 🔥Debt Elimination Tool 🔥Investment Calculator  We made it easy to discover everything the experts know about credit education and restoration PLUS MORE!!! Get started today at:  www.ktvision.myecon.net/smart-money-kit
🤜 Next Saturday... March 30th @ 9am 🤛 . FREE Intro to MMA class created and taught by my BFF success partner!!! She’s pretty amazing guys! . Where? King of Prussia @athleta . 45 minute Saturday morning sweat sesh followed by some raffles and shopping! . Open to every level from beginner to advanced! . You can let me know if you want to join us OR you can sign up by going to Deena’s account @deena_rojek and sign up via the link on her page! . We like to know how many of you are coming to prep for the light refreshments and snacks! . Will we be seeing you there!?!?
“You’re so lucky!” I’ve heard this A LOT this week when people hear we are leaving on a free cruise paid by the amazing company I get to coach for. Let’s just clarify a few things: 💛Waking up at 5:30 almost every morning is not lucky. 💛Choosing an hour of work in the evening instead of TV is not lucky. 💛Working my business between kid’s and hubby’s schedules is not lucky. 💛Showing up even when I don’t feel like it, zero sick days, and working extra hard some months is not lucky. 💛Listening to audio books while in the shower, cooking, driving, is not lucky. 💚Please don’t call other’s hard work and self discipline “lucky”. (I realize others don’t mean to degrade my hard work by calling it lucky. I’m allllll about focusing on intensions, so I wasn’t offended, but it’s how it feels when people call it luck!) This opportunity has been amazing and I’m so grateful for this business. But it is WORK! Guess what? The same opportunity is open to YOU TOO! You could come to Punta Cana with us next year. 😉 💛If you can’t tell, I’m SUPER excited!  #five14united #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings
Yay for the weekend and resting and relaxing! I love that day 6 of my workout is all about balance. Controlled stretching but still makes you work up a sweat because it challenges you!  Make time this weekend to just stretch and decompress. Sets you up to be ready for the new week to come!  And just because you are resting and relaxing doesn’t mean your food should be! I’m committed to staying on track even over the holidays and when away (I’ve got my mommy getaway coming up soon!) I’m using the tips and tools I’m learning in my new nutrition program and guys! It’s helped me drop the 7 pounds in 12 days! ➡️ It’s the final week to be able to qualify for access to the LIVE DAILY WORKOUTS! So if you are ready to make your health and fitness work for you message me or drop a ❤️ in the comments and I’ll message you!  #fitness #fitmom #fitmoms #fitginger #pcosfighter #pcosweightloss #gainz #closereveryday #imworthit #workforit #healthtips #imobsessed #plussize #plussizefitness #curvyandfit #weightloss #weightlossjourney #momof3 #mombod #strongmom #strongbody #fitmomlife #strongaf #womenwhoinspire #busymom #busymomlife
New Jessie’s are terrific!  Check out my link in profile to get yours!
Wow.  Jenny truly changed her life following the FASTer Way®. We all have different challenges and issues and fueling ourselves for optimal health and function is vital to feeling well mentally and physically.  Jenny, so glad you are doing so well, huge achievement for you!  Jenny says: The FASTer Way to Fat Loss® has literally changed my life. I’ve always struggled with my mental and physical health. At 16 I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. 15 years later an OCD diagnosis was added-I couldn’t control my obsessive thoughts. My life has been filled with trial and error-over 20 different medications for my mental health and numerous nutrition and exercise programs for my physical health. The problem was that, no matter how hard I tried, no amount of exercise or healthy eating gave me energy. About a year after my second daughter was born my body was in trouble. I was so exhausted that i couldn’t even go for a walk. I stumbled across the FASTer Way on Instagram and hesistated. It seemed like a lot of money and what if it didn’t work? My gut said go for it and thank God I did. Within TWO WEEKS I experienced energy like never before. My husband who’s known me for over 11 years said he’s never seen me so happy. The physical benefits of this program are amazing and the mental benefits are incredible. The more my energy increased the more my anxiety and obsessive thoughts decreased. The FASTer Way enabled me to rescue the person that was trapped inside and set her free. I’m finally able to live my life with the passion and purpose I’ve dreamed of and for that, I am eternally grateful. *These pictures are before, 6 weeks, and 12 weeks into the program.
Busy Saturday morning means a bigger breakfast. It is almost the same as weekly  but I combine my breakfast and snack together.  On this plate:  2 scrambled eggs w/turkey sausage and cauliflower rice topped w/hot sauce and a tiny sprinkle of cheese.  1 protein muffin w/tbsp pb2  Banana  #breakfast #breakfastideas #eggs #cauliflowerrice #cheese #banana #sogood #healthychoices #healthierchoices #healthylifestyle #betterthantakeout #fillingfood #yummy #makeaplan #sticktoit #onedayatatime #momsofinstagram #weightlossjourney #wegmans #aldiusa #busymom #budget #healthyfood
Happy Saturday! In between kids’ tennis matches and birthday parties, I’m hoping to squeeze in some “me time” and decorate some more mugs today! 😎✌️
This @nygardstyle jacket is so amazing and well made. I wouldn’t normally grab this, but you have to feel it to believe it. If you are a lululemon lover, this jacket definitely compares. Size M $35 Full deets in bio. 😘 #lovedatfirstsight
Early Saturday and done with my workout!! When it comes to my workouts I’m not trying to look cute...I’m working my ass off (literally lol) so my face is going to show it!! Time for workout #2 now that I can breathe again and be caught up to end Week 2/Round 2!! #earlymorning #decidecommitsucceed #riseup #transform20 #busylatinamom #busymom #disneyfitmom #momofworkingteen #busymomgettingfit #virtualgymcoach #disneyfitnessmom #themeparkfitmom #superheromom #fitmominforties #42andfit #fitandfierce #veganfit #vegan
Sleeping in this weekend or business as usual? I hope you find some time to relax because Monday will be here in a flash.  #mamasmark #mamasdayoff #motherhood #momlife #momssuportingmoms #busymom #mompreneur #momtalk #momstories #momfriends #momgoals #momtherapy #momthoughts #stayathomemom #momsonthego #strongmoms #momhealth #phillymoms #imamom #momtribe
I have seen this message in a few different places this week. Time to post it here so I can remember it every time I post a new picture  Life is a journey Miracles happen daily Keep working toward your miracle each day Don’t quit your miracle is just around the corner  #dontquit #motivationalquotes #dailyreminders #miracleshappen
Instagramers, would you mind helping me out please? I'm doing some research on what people are having for their breakfast each morning, if having any at all. If you don't mind, could you please take a second to comment below with your number(s). 1. Nothing 🚫 2. Cereal 🥣 3. Porridge 🥄 4. Fruit/yoghurt 🍏 5. Toast 🍞 6. Pastries/muffins 🥐 7. Coffee/Tea ☕ 8. Protein based food (eggs,fish,shake etc) 🥤 9. Other - please specify! 🍽 . Thanks 😊 . . . . . . #breakfast #saturday #healtyliving #instafit #instadaily #instafood #mumfit #fitmumuk #ukmumsquad #busymum #busymom #busymumuk #mumof2 #weightlossuk #weightloss
Happy Saturday all 😁  Starting the day with a much needed stretch after 4 days of weight training this week.  Taking a rest day from high intensity workouts is so important for your body to rebuild & recover, so be sure to do so.  This is one of my favorite stretch routines, which is also accessible from my Mac, along with every other workout I do.  Can’t beat the convenience, quality & affordability of having these programs on demand anywhere anytime ❤️
Sometimes morning coffee before you workout isn’t a bad idea, right?! ☕️😆#saturdaymorning #isleptinforonce #getmoving #legday #coffee #wakeywakey #momlife #thisfiltermakesmylegslooktan
Night out last night with the family to support the boys school music program 🎶 they put on a Dine and Dazzle (dinner and talent show) to help raise money for their end of year field trip❤️ #lovemyboys #boymomof2  #supportschoolmusicprograms #nightoutwithfamily #busymom #❤️
Today was tough with lots of yelling @#$! But....my body is capable and I am thankful for that!  #homegym #busymom
Celebrate every victory, big or small, that’s what keep us going!  OK, I m back! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Three whole weeks later for you if you are not watching my stories 😆 but my 6 weeks 20 min a day workout it done!  I committed, I climbed and I conquered! 💪  It may not be a big deal but the old Jocelyne would have used all the excuses she had to give up!  Granted my nutrition was not perfect but I did not miss a single workout & even survived the hour long #shaunathon which is the workout X 3!! @shaunt is crazy & I love it 😂  Not sure if it was my #magiclemonade but 1000+ calories later I was done and alive 🙏🏻 As a result, 3-4 lbs only, but 6.5 inches & major improvements on my numbers I tracked 🙌🏼 #ididit #youcantoo #strongermentally
Simple decisions can sometimes be the most rewarding 👌
HOW MUCH CARDIO DO YOU NEED?⁣ ⁣ I used to be the type of girl who’d spent several hours every week doing cardio (never running, because I hated it and still hate it) ⁣ ⁣ I thought it was the fastest way to lose weight, get lean and toned. ❌⁣ ⁣ ✨FORTUNATELY that isn’t true! ✨⁣ ⁣ Let me explain:⁣ ⁣ There is a difference between working out just HARD and WORKING OUT HARD+SMART! ⁣ ⁣ And I think a lot of times we’re just focused on working out HARD. The more sweat, the more calories, the more sore we are=hard work, right?⁣ ⁣ Well, there are different forms of cardio. If all you’re doing is steady state cardio (such as running on the treadmill for an hour everyday) it’s not the most effective way to workout. ⁣ ⁣ HIIT, however is my favorite form of cardio and if you workout smart, you don’t need to do cardio every single day! Once or twice of HIIT per week is plenty cardio to see results! 💪⁣ ⁣ Bonus: ⁣ ⁣ HIIT allows you to turn extra calories hours and hours after your workout is over, whereas steady state cardio stops burning calories the minute you stop. ⁣ ⁣ Now, does this mean that you should never go for a run even though you enjoy it? 🏃‍♀️⁣ ⁣ Absolutely not! You should still do what you love! But if you feel like you’re not seeing the results that you want, always feeling bloated, tired, sore, sleep problems etc, then reduce the amount!⁣ ⁣ Some people can do lots of cardio and feel completely fine, while other peoples bodies don’t respond so well to it.⁣ ⁣ 🗣Move out of the “I gotta push myself and workout hard” to “I gotta work hard, smart, AND listen to my body” mindset and you’ll notice and realize that you really don’t need to workout as much as you think you do!⁣ ⁣ Always pay attention and listen to YOUR body. ⁣ ⁣ I’d love to know; do you love cardio? How often do you do it?
Taking a minute to soak up these babies of mine that are growing up waaay to fast!! Sometimes I need to remind myself to slow down before I dive into my day and get crazy busy🤪 #momof4 #busymom #multitasking #teachinghertocook #theygrowtoofast
. Seperti inilah penampakan mukeee dari pagi hingga malam 🧕🏼🤭... . Alhamdulillah hari ini jadi full time mom beneran..😀😂😂 (biasanya? Ya begitulah 🤪) mulai dari bangun subuh masak, pagi harus standby di seminar parenting sampai siang, dan lanjut ngejar waktu utk pentas nari Kakak di Summarecon Bekasi. Berakhir di Rumah Sakit karena harus bawa adik yg bapil mulai demam berobat ke dokter. Alhamdulillah gak ada drama dan semua happy... . Besok ay mau me time lah 💃💃💕 . #momlife #proudmom #fulltimemom #familyfirst #familytime #weekend #happiness #happyweekend #saturdayvibes #saturdaymood #busymom
Spinach, mushroom and chilli omelette, grilled tomato and baked beans. 😇 . . . . . #bajan #bajanfood #barbados #busymom #vegetarian #foodporn #playhard
Spinach & cheese scrambled eggs, Coffee and a good book, lovely start of a chilly day: Good Morning😋  #breakfast, #eggs, #scrambled, #healthy, #tasty, #spinach, #food, #foodblog, #foodie, #foodporn, #busymom, #keto, #cheese, #caloriecount
Corn chowder topped with avocado, bacon and cilantro is on the lunch menu today! It was a great dinner this week and an easy leftover meal too. The base of the chowder is cauliflower and corn! Do you have a favorite leftover meal?🤔 . . . . #mealprep #mealprepdinner #mealpreplunch #mealplanning #glutenfree #healthylifestyle #glutenfreerecipes #glutenfreeliving #healthyfood #backontrack #fitmom #fitfam #feedfeed #mompreneur #busymom #eatrealfood
Processed foods & sugar addiction.... . . Sources of temptation, weight gain, loss of will, and designed to MAKE US EAT THE WHOLE BAG!!! You’d be surprised where you might find hidden sugars in your pantry! . . . The good news is we can break that cycle. There are actually quite a few tips and tricks to help you do that!  I’ve learned so much already about these buzz kills, I can’t wait to share them with my peeps in our Nutrition Camp! . Want a spot? Grab one soon, I’d love to have you join us!! Link in bio or shoot me your email and I’ll send you some more info 😊 . Cheering for you 💕 . #healthyliving #bodycondfidence #loveyoself #eattherainbow #cleaneatingrecipes #easylunch #healthylunchideas #momoffour #morningroutines #gratitudedaily
TOMORROW!  Tomorrow I will be on my SECOND all-inclusive EARNED trip.  A trip that I earned for working on my own fitness (thank goodness because I needed it) and helping a few women each month work on their fitness.  I get to treat my hubs to this trip! I get to be my healthiest, best self, do something I love, earn an income AND get rewarded with amazing trips that would probably not happen if it weren’t for the path I chose as a fitness influencer. I get to work as much as I want, wherever I want, as hard as I want. It’s MY business—MY choice.  I’m 31 years old, I have 5 kids, a husband, I work full time, recently earned my Bachelor’s degree—#busymom x 💯 and I choose to have my own business and work it when I can. When the kids aren’t being crazy. When I get a few minutes here and there. I am BUILDING a business in the cracks of my day and helping people 🙌🏼 Is this a dream? Someone pinch me.  I’m looking to help 10 women get started on their fitness and business venture next month—to partner with me on one of the top 40 teams in our industry. To help women find fitness and health, to support them, to go on some sweet trips with me, to make new friends, to be business besties.  This is work, it’s not a get rich quick deal. But if you’re passionate about helping others and yourself, it won’t feel like work. We’ll be soaking up the sun in the Bahamas and Haiti next week—check out my feed and stories if you wanna see all the shenanigans 😜 And if you think this could be for you—even if you’re not sure and just want to chat and learn more, send me a message or fill out the link in my bio 😘 We could be in Punta Cana together next year, but you have to take that leap and see if this is for you 💜
It’s pretty easy to avoid criticism....just do nothing and achieve nothing.💕
I probably shouldn’t share this, but since I’m all about keeping things real & laughing at yourself when it’s worthy of the situation.... I struggled getting dressed this morning 🤦‍♀️ but I eventually figured out how to get my workout tank on right 😬 **Make sure to swipe right to see before/after**
WHEN WILL YOU BE READY TO CHANGE???⠀👊🏻 It’s hard to decide when you are ready to make a change in your life. I remember the day I looked in the mirror feeling tired and run down. I could not keep up with my children. I felt sick, tired and just didn’t want to do anything but sleep. My clothes were feeling tight and summer was approaching.⠀ That was the day I decided to make a change for myself and my family. I wanted to gain my energy back and my life. I decided I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I wanted to be in control and not just living day to day. I didn’t want to look in the mirror anymore and hate what I saw.  That was when I decided IT WAS TIME.  Is now your time for a change? Have you said enough is a enough?  I can't tell you when that will be, but I can always be here to support you, to motivate you and to show you it can be done!⠀
Mein erstes gesticktes Tier. 🐝 Ich hab es bereits auf dem vorderen Schnitteil für eine Leinen-Knickerbocker für meinen Sohn  gestickt. Next up: Hose nähen.  #busymom #hoopart #embroidery #fun #bumblebee #savethebees
I do NOT love sharing my weight - but this one is worth it!!! I have been trying to crack 150 since Leythan was born!! Three years!!! I tried every diet, shake, weight loss challenge, and workout program that there was out there.  Every single gimmick in order to have the old me back. Time and time again it would work, but then I’d gain back whatever was lost. And I never reached my goal.  Fast forward to Thrive. I was hoping it would be my next “miracle”. Still holding out hope for the quick answer that would solve all of my food and weight related problems. What I got instead was something SO much more than I expected. Thrive is not for weight loss (although some claim it was for them - hence my false hope!!) Thrive has given me energy and clarity and motivation to put my health first.  It didn’t happen overnight. While I felt amazing on the product instantly - It took consistent use of the product for my mindset to change. I joined Weight Watchers for the first time since I was 20 years old! No more gimmicks for me! Eat what you want, when you want, and track track track. It’s what works for me - and honestly it’s the one thing that has proven to work long term because of its non-elimination style. I can NOT give up carbs, or wine, or sugar completely! And I finally believe that I don’t have to!! A week in Disney on the food plan made me nervous! I would be following my plan as best I could - but I did NOT want to ruin the trip by tracking every meal (literally impossible when you’re at a Disney Buffett!) so I was worried about the scale! I waited a week before I got back on - and this picture is this morning’s success!!! I am beyond thrilled and a true believer that when your body is consistently getting what it needs in terms of vitamins and minerals - it works miracles! The weight loss is on me! I worked hard for it and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve next!! #feelgreat #teacher #businessowner #mom #momoffour #weightloss #energy
On our last visit to the library, I picked up this book to read during my upcoming work trip to Atlanta. • • We will be visiting the library again this morning, to pick up some books for Tobe. New books might help him not miss me too much. I will miss our bedtime routine and his sweet smile and cuddles. I hate being away from him but sometimes,  it is unavoidable. • • Do you also get some of your kids’ books from the library? It’s a free constant source or new books! I bet that’s good for the environment 😊
This was on my mind since 6:00 pm last night. This has been an exhausting week since we had an entire week of school! The problem then becomes if i go to bed too early I wake up early.  Does this happen to anyone else?
Und es dauert und dauert und. dauert.... 🙈 Warten auf meine Maus.... 🤣. Ich war schon shoppen, Kaffeetrinken, .... Wer kennt das auch? 🌺🌸#warten #sonne #freude #busymom #styleover40 #over40style
#day38 #breakfast #dieticianapproved #medicallymanagedweightloss #optifasttransition #nutrition #busymom #hockeymom #workingmom #longassday  Another super busy day starts with 1/4c almonds and 1 T of hemp hearts for protein, 1-serving of oatmeal for grains, yogurt for dairy and berries for fruit. #yum
10 meals ✔ 60 servings ✔ Healthy Family Meals ✔ Gluten Free ✔ 😎😎😎 Momma keeping her sanity ✔✔✔ Let's rock dinner time dilemmas at your house! If stress free, healthy meals that fit your family's diet and budget sounds good to you, connect with me today!  #mealprep #weekend #recipe #wildtree #wildtreemeals #wildtreefreezermeals #freezermeals #glutenfree #lowcarb #freegroceries #healthy #eatright #eatwell #savetime #savemoney #busymom #dogmom #stayathomemom #cooking #dinner #recipeswithrae
Currently working on upgrading our ugly drop ceiling with peel and stick wallpaper. #remodeling #craftymom #busymom #loveit
I created Grandma's Cleaning Solution in 2017. It's a multi-purpose cleaner highly concentrated with essential oils no chemicals. It's safe to use around your family and pets. I use on windows, floors, countertops and it helps to eliminate mold and mildew. A little goes a long way. Call Babette at 925.354.5900 or email GrandmasCleaningServices6@gmail.com #housecleaning #fresh #entrepreneurs #homemade #bayarea #cleaning #cleaningproducts #oakleyca #oaklandca #orindaca #benicaca #brentwoodca #berkeleyca #busymom
Self care is unique and different for each mom. Exercise, reading a great book, flipping through a magazine or heading outside to hike or swim. These are all ideas that get our bodies back into a state of calmness and less chaos. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Remember to re-fill your cup this weekend ladies! ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⭐️ Follow us @bibsandbusinessmag for additional features, working-mom support, tips, leading in faith, & ideas ⭐️⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #hersuccess #womenwhodo #butfirstcoffee #alliseeispretty #capturequiet #choosejoy #embracingaslowerlife #makemoment #makeyousmilestyle #seekthepositive #seekthesimplicity #simpleandstill #busymom #momlife #takecareofyou #selfcare #momcare
My friend, Stacie Mahoe, interviewed me last year around this time. She shared the interview on her podcast, Eating Curveballs for Breakfast (#18). Thank you, Stacie! ✌️💕 Here’s what she wrote in the description:  Great conversation with sports mom, teacher and business owner, Georgia Pinto. She talks about positivity and growth mindset, while sharing the biggest curve ball life’s thrown at her. Georgia talks about both the toughest and most valuable parts of that major curveball.  TONS of great insights shared in this meet up. ••• I hope you enjoy listening to our interview. If you don’t currently listen to podcasts, please reach out if you’d like some recommendations. I’d love to share some of my favs with you.  Thank you for this special opportunity, Stacie. I’m looking forward to next time! ✌️ Here’s the link to the interview on You Tube:  https://youtu.be/RPzJ_lQPG44  #onlyyouareyou
Wedding fun!! We had a blast and partied. Plus I know I drank and ate too much but love being with my family and adding a new member to our family!
Wünsche euch einen tollen, sonnigen Mittag. 🤗. Das Wetter ☀️ ist so herrlich. Ich blühe 🌸 dadurch richtig auf. Die Laune hebt sich und Vieles gelingt einfach leichter 💃. Geht es euch auch immer so? 🌸🌺 #gutelaune #mood #sonne #wetter #frühlingsgefühle #busymom #styleover40  #over40style
Had the most amazing breakfast in preparation for our busy day!!
I bought this juice dispenser at Mr Price Home @mrp_home in December. It has been the Best Buy ever. Can’t remember exactly the cost - but under R200. My friends MiL (who we don’t love - so begrudgingly admit she was right) told her when our oldest ones were little - always let them be as independent as possible - where appropriate. Actually really sound advice. They can do more than you thing. But we often just do things ourselves cos it’s easier or quicker or tidier.  This jug has meant everyone helps themselves to good old Oros - and actually gets more fluids in than they would have otherwise (too lazy). We don’t have the mess of pouring from a jug and I only have to replenish every day or 2. WIN-WIN. #momhacks #momofthree #busymom #momsofinstagram #letthembeindependent #kids #mylife
As you start off your weekend, do you find yourself thinking... ⠀ ⠀ “How the heck am I gonna meal plan, meal prep, eat healthy, manage my life, my kids, my job, my pets, my house, my [insert adulthood here]..?” 🤷🏼‍♀️⠀ ⠀ Whew, mommin’ ain’t easy - but here are some tips that help me when meal planning & prepping for the week.⠀ ⠀ 1️⃣ plan weeknight dinners - I overlap ingredients to avoid wasting foods & save on our grocery budget. ⠀ ⠀ 2️⃣ chop fruits & veggies - I take full advantage of the pre-cut options from #wegmans & cut the rest. This makes packing lunches & grabbing healthy snacks waaay easier during a busy week! ⠀ ⠀ 3️⃣ 2 words: rotisserie chicken - one of my staple items every week, we use the chicken in salads & dinners during the week. I pick the chicken apart & store it in the fridge - so easy! ⠀ ⠀ 4️⃣ keep it simple - we don’t eat crazy meals during the week.. we like to change it up, but keep it to basic, healthy, kid-friendly recipes. ⠀ ⠀ It takes a little bit of time to prep, but that’s when I pop my earbuds in & listen to audio books or podcasts! ⠀ ⠀ Happy Saturday! Enjoy ☺️⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #mealpreppin #mealpreptips #familyfriendly #behealthybehappy #eatyourcolors #kidfriendlymeals #wegmanslife #fitfamof4 #workingmamas #busymom #behappybehealthy #behappybeyou #cleaneatingtips #healthyhappystrong ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
🍭 Learning how to create balance, taking a couple bites instead of devouring what’s in front of you. This takes knowledge, skills, and motivation. ✖️ I’ve always been told how to eat, or read into one of my programs and followed the guidelines. . . But this is different, this time I’m learning the why’s, hows, the what if’s. . . Knowledge is POWER 💪🏽 I am kicking off two challenge groups in April. April 1st and if your going on vacation for spring break, don’t sweat it! I have openings for April 8th as well! Send those DM’s mommas! ❤️ . . #fitmom #fitnessmotivation #coach #owensboro #homeworkouts #momof2 #fitness #fitnessfun #momswholift #motivationalquotes #teacher #balance #sugaraddict #sugaraddiction #preschoolteacher #girlswholift #bossbabe #mommajuice #busymom #workingmom #newyeardoyou #goneblonde #mombody #fitmoms #spaceinyourplace #makebetterchoices #latina #virtualgym #transform20 #goals
🤰🏽Marcie how are you able to do so much while pregnant? #thirdtrimester #3rdtrimester 🤰🏽 . 🙏🏾I stick to my pre-pregnancy routine and diet,I move to make my body feel good, I eat food that my body and baby need, with an occasional cheat, and I do things to make my life easier like getting a protective style done by my favorite hair stylist @glamandgostudio so I can take care of what I need to. . Did you see my first & second trimester video? Head over to my website or YouTube now and check it out! 3rd trimester video coming soon. 👶🏽 #momlife #moms #mommyandbaby #momvibes #babyrules #baby #prenatalstrong #prenatalworkout #workoutmom #getitin #workout #workoutvibes #icaniwill #biceps #physique #workout #core #fitness #prenatalworkouts #momworkouts #busymom
KETO MEATBALL RECIPE  Net Carbs: 2g Fats: 32g Protein: 34g  I remember walking into the house as a little girl and the smell of amazing meatballs filled the air!  The thought of cutting carbs on Keto can be scary and feeling like you will never have a cookie or even bread again, but fear not, here’s what to do!  All you have to do is sub flour for almond or coconut flour and sugar for a Keto approved sweetener!
Hope you all have a fabulous day! #saturdayvibes
Grab a cup of coffee and ease into the day!  It's Saturday.  A day of relaxation--unless you're a parent.  In which case you probably have a million places to be at the same time.  In that case...sip your coffee in the car and put a smile on your face.  Your children love and appreciate you (or at leas they will someday)!
When I say I can work from anywhere......yep, my toddler’s tumbling mat is the place too! . The flexibility of working from wherever and whenever is empowering! YOU get to be in control and call the shots, not something I ever thought I’d be able to do! #busymom
Focus on the pounds you lift, not the pounds you weigh. 🖤 Now, ✋🏼 stop and go back and read that again.....👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼 🖤 This first picture (specifically the picture on the left), is one you’ve seen a lot. The reason I’m using it to compare to the picture on the right (from earlier this week) is because the number on the scale was almost the same in both pictures. These photos were taken 2 years and 1 month apart and the scale has barely moved for me. Sure it goes up and down a few pounds here or there, but there has be NO dramatic weight loss. 🖤 So what has changed? * My workout schedule * My consistency * My personal development * My nutrition * My ability to see that I’m worth it 🖤 Now take a second and look at the second picture. (I mean it is #flexfriday after all 😂). This picture was from yesterday. To be honest, it was Shoulder day and not Back day so I don’t even feel like it shows exactly how strong I’ve become. But the reason I wanted to share it with you is because while I don’t see back muscles popping, what I DO see is a body that is getting stronger, leaner and has less fat. 🖤 THAT, my friends, is MY GOAL!!! I’m NOT aiming for a certain number on the scale. I haven’t even been on the scale in a couple of months. When YOU decide that it’s time to change, I want you to remember to not get hyper focused on the numbers. They can be useful tools to gauge your success, but there are other ways to be successful as well.