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A combination of several things I have done in the past 1.5 yrs have changed my #life ... I would never be where I am today if my #journey into learning about the power of the mind hadn't started, a journey that taught me how #hypnosis can help make #change in the #subconscious mind.  Hypnosis combined with other modalities & techniques have moved me out of my comfort zone & into new 'waters' that I would have never imagined being in before! My life just keeps getting better!  Becoming a #hypnotherapist is leading me to other opportunities and one of those opportunities is helping other women #breakfree from #trauma that is holding them back so they too can #create the life they desire & deserve!  The #power is within ... We all have it! Sometimes we just need help #unleashing our #potential.  I am happy to answer any questions, just #ask 😊
When someone tells you it can’t be done, give them all more reason to show them they’re wrong! - There are several times in our lives where we will he told something cannot be done or we are told no. Don’t let this stop you from finding a way that CAN be done! We may have to revisit our ways to get there, or visit with someone who supports what we want to accomplish. - View this as only a speed bump in your road, NOT a road block. Keep your chin up, your eyes open and your head up and you WILL find a way to make it happen! - AND there is no better feeling than proving to someone that it CAN be done, when they said it couldn’t! - So don’t stop, keep pushing and go achieve those awesome goals! . . . . . . . #courage #breakfree #grow #breathe #livelifenow #relax #weblegacy
Sometimes even an explanation isnt understood....I feel it, I just can't explain it, it's like being trapped in a minefield of thoughts  and feelings with the added pinch of opinions, criticism and a huge spoonful of self doubt!
Beauty and the beast photos 💫
Humanities Messed Up Priorities Need To  Change...Or More to the Direct Point What we Blindly ALLOW need to Change.....I will Never for the life of me understand humans complete fear of each other ..In wars..fighting..judgements..divisions over absolute ridiculous things ..We have ABSOLUTE More than enough for ALL Beings to not only survive..but THRIVE if we All came together..And not Allow the few 1% .. to.continually pull our pupoet strings to manipulate us against each other for Greed and Profit ...There is no control in peace.. acceptance ..sharing..compassion...Only in Fear..Hate...Greed..Division...Why..WHY..WHHHHY Can we as the Majority See this and ALL come together ..stop buying into the created fears ..stop damn watching the news ..media...and start seeing each other ALL of Us in emparhy..compassion..Love ..Caring..Helping..Understanding...We do it MASSIVELY when there are tragedies and its a beaitiful thing to bare witness to as humanity..bu its short lived or selective...It needs to be our Total.way of life for ALL of Humanity ..Beings..And Environment...This All really needs to.Stop Besutiful Humans...This Brain Fog and Fear of our own kind is seriously ridiculous if you REALLY sit back.and think about it...REALLY think.about it gor Yourself..not as a Programmed Robot!!!!!!!! Sending Massive Love out to Each and Everyone One of YOU to open your hearts up with soooo much over flowing love to Us ALL ..FOR US ALL.....❤❤❤❤