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Popping the other day❤️ Ok so I literally have nothing to post cos I can’t ride as it’s too dark so ya sorry for lack of good content 😂😭 My account (and me) is now officially a mess #bitsnbobsx 💞
Love him so much 🖤😍 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky being cool today😍 Did a 90-1.05m course and he was literally MEGA🤩🖤 He did refuse a few times but that’s cuz I haven’t ridden him in a week and he doesn’t have much confidence bless him, but when he was jumping he was dwarfing everything☺️ So lucky to have this special man🖤 Also this is literally one of my fav songs by Billie Eilish 😍 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Little raw from XC on Sunday, it’s so satisfying ❤️😍 probs not going to ride him this week as it’s so cold and dark 😴  But hopefully gonna have a jump this weekend and build a course at home as I haven’t done In a while😅 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
So here it is...6 months with sparky!😭❤️ Sparky has literally changed my life all together, he has taken me from doing 60cm at shows to doing 80/90cm and winning them 😊 He’s the most honest horse you’ll ever meet and he’s done wonders with my confidence it’s un real! I can’t wait for our future together and I hope to learn lots more with him.  Love him so so so much❤️❤️ #bitsnbobsx 🦄⭐️
Sparky was so good today having a play at newbold with @_daisyequine 💞 He was so bold and took me over some jumps I have never done ( 😊 )  including this massive corner fence that I’ve always been scared of doing due to how wide it is - it’s the cover frame 😂 But he flew it really easily bless him❤️❤️ Can’t wait to event him next season he just loves it so much ☺️ #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky being cute today having a pop over a small double ❤️ Only had a little jump just to make sure he’s not to loopy for XC tomo because I haven’t properly ridden him since last saturday🤪 He was really good 💙 #bitsnbobsx 💞
Who’s ready for Christmas!?!??🎅🏼🎄 I can’t wait ngl 😜 Made this edit in like half an hour so that’s why it’s not that good, but got some different transitions on there which I think they’ve just added 🤩 Going XC again on Sunday with @_daisyequine so that should be good💞 Also gonna have a few jumps tomo just so he’s not mental for it as I haven’t properly rode him since XC on Saturday😂 Inspo and audio credit : @thegreatest.pony_nuts Xx #bitsnbobsx 🦄
He has such small strides bless him😂❤️ These were so small but so satisfying 🤪 I literally have nothing to post atm, but hopefully going XC again this weekend so will get vids then 💞 Ft me saying that was messy😂 #bitsnbobsx ⭐️
Love this pic❤️😍 In the video this was a well dodgey jump but for some reason his knees and my position is like way better then usual🤨 Someone please explain this to me 😂😭 - Did some flatwork with him tonight and he was a ⭐️ as usual💞 very relaxed and not bothered by the horrible weather  un like me aha😂☺️ #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Here’s sparky saving my bum out XC cos I got the striding wrong and then there’s me not even being able to say the word recovery right 😭😂❤️ He puts up with me so well😅 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
The GoPro videos from XC on Saturday 🤪❤️ He was such a good lad 💞 Hope you all find this as satisfying as I do 😂🤗 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Love this pic from XC yesterday ❤️🤩 He was jumping out his skin😜 - Took him on a hack today with @_daisyequine and he was really good, went for a little canter in a field and he had one of his exited moments obvs but he was fine after a while 😂💞 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky being amazing out XC schooling today❤️😍 He was so bold and pretty sure he loved every minute of it!😜 Thanks @elise.showjumping for standing in he cold to video me 😇 Dw guys I’m gonna post a just GoPro edit in a couple of days!! #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Love this❤️❤️ Literally can’t wait for XC guys... get ready for a really good edit inc gopros after so long!!!!!!!!🤩 You guys are all so active on them so I’m guessing you like them ;) #bitsnbobsx 💞
Little #failfriday from the other day...no clue why he jumped it this way we had a great line and stride😂 It’s like he forgot his legs😭😂 He always does this the monkey 😂 And literally why is my lower leg so good when it’s a fail it’s so depressing🙃 #bitsnbobsx
Tb to summer ❤️ Rode sparky tonight and popped a few cross poles just to make sure he’s not too loopy this weekend he was really good 💞 Actually cannot wait to go XC this Saturday with @elise.showjumping it’s gonna be sick 🤪 Also I’m currently waiting for the Black Friday sales to start my mums gonna grab my Xmas pressies heheh🤗💓 Pc : @annie.eq_ 💕 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Tb to Halloween when I had a go on sparkyyyy☺️💕 tbh there's probably np in posting as u can really se anything haha🤦🏼‍♀️😂 @leah.sj 💞 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Love this pic in the autumn leaves 🍁❤️ Going XC schooling this Saturday for our 2nd time (not Inc pony camp and events) 🤩 So excited to jump some of the bigger jumps and trickier combos which I couldn’t do with lil Orcs💞 Gonna be so fun also @elise.showjumping is coming to video and having a little go on him at the end 🙂💓 Cannot wait to start cracking on with him a bit more now he’s more settled in, as have been taking this past 6 months slowly to get to know each other more 🤪 #bitsnbobsx 💖
Doing a bit of grid work the other day💞 Anyone else find grid work really satisfying ?🤗 Last jump was 1m ❤️ #bitsnbobsx 💕
Actually love this pic with one of ma besties ❤️❤️ Miss this so much tbh😭 #bitsnbobsx #lilmanorchi 💓
Love this lil pony so much ❤️❤️ Had a mini photo shoot today in the autumn leaves 🍁🍂 Autumn is deffo my fav time of year😍 #bitsnbobsx 💞
Crazy pony today 😜💕 I’m pretty sure he enjoyed having a jump after a week with only one light schooling session aha😂❤️ He’s fun bless him🤪 Yes I have an Xmas jumper on alright don’t judge 😅 #bitsnbobsx 🤩
Sparkys flatwork improvement since I got him!💞 Before he was very tense and jogging a lot to try and go (which basically sums up sparky all together tbh😂) but I’ve worked on it lots and lots these past 6 months and it’s definitely paid off! I’m not saying it’s perfect but he’s defiantly more relaxed☺️ So proud of him tbh - although it doesn’t really make a difference for when we go out places as he’s always going to be excited being out 😅 That’s what I love about him tho🤗💓 I’ve also definitely learnt lots a lots from him, my riding is defiantly better now than what it was when I first got him😂❤️ The videos from tonight are at the end, the rest are from other days💙 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Returning all comments with a shoutout for the first hour of this being up💞 His knees in this actually gives me life😍😍 He’s such a cutie ☺️ Hopefully going XC schooling for our 2nd time this Sunday! (Not including camp XC) Can’t believe how long I’ve left it tbh, it’s been like 4 months and XC is my fav thing 😂 Really don’t know how I managed that🙃 #bitsnbobsx
RETURNING ALL COMMENTS 🔥 Sparky being a ledge today❤️ Went up to 1.10m😊 So proud as he was so bold, I think his week off did him good aha, he didn’t refuse once and only had one pole due to the striding being wrong 😁💕 So pleased with him lately 💞  Watch till the end to watch us do 1m bareback 🤪 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
So this my pony sparky ❤️🤪 - Leah😜 #bitsnbobsx
Tb to Tanglewood with @bel.showjumping 💙 He was so good this day!👅 Plus my position isn’t as bad as usual in this aha😂 Ft @elise.showjumping‘s baselayer that I borrowed 🤪 #bitsnbobsx 💕
Sparky being a ledge today🤩 Don’t know how big we jumped but it was pretty wide aha😜 (I’d say it’s like 1.05m? Idk exactly lol)  He was actually flying, no stops, no poles down and I didn’t even have my whip🤪 Sorry the quality is so bad I’ve smashed my phone on the front camera 😵 **btw at the end when I hug him it wasn’t actually at the end, it was at the start thats why the jump looks so small next to him😂 #bitsnbobsx ⭐️
Love this pic of Sparky and Pop❤️ Just before this they were grooming each other 😇 Bless them 🤗 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky being cute today❤️ Only jumped small as was working on technique not height 💕 Can anyone spot his unnecessary flying change?😜 Sparkys wearing his lime green @horzehoods_ltd saddle pad which I’m obsessed with!😍 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
He’s such a cutie❤️😍 Sorry I haven’t been as active lately, haven’t been able to get videos when I ride cos it’s too dark ☹️ Don’t mind my lower leg😵 Ft @_daisyequine’s Dreamer (who also took the pic obvs) 😂  #bitsnbobsx
Tb💕acc love this pic they both look so cute🌈💛 #lilmanorchi 🦄 #bitsnbobsx 🦋
HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOR TOMORROW GUYS!🎃🧛🏻‍♀️ Sparky was so good today bless him, it was really dark and he was being very spooky but we ended up jumping most of them first time! Even jumped bob the spider and his web👻 And yes I’m wearing a dragon outfit so what😂🐉 Thanks @elise.showjumping for letting me  borrow it and for filming/helping me😂 #bitsnbobsx 🤩
Sparky being cool today at brooksby halloween show!❤️😊 Decided last minute to do the 75 as they were building the courses quite full up, we got a clear in that and came 2nd with a speedy time!! We also did the 85 too and he was really good, but just had a naughty stop at one and then one unlucky pole! But he tried his best all day and I’m so happy with him😄 Didn’t help I wasn’t riding properly tho due to having numb hands and feet!😩 Well done to @annie.eq_ too, you did amazing! 👍 Sparkys wearing his new @horzehoods_ltd set, it looks so smart!😍 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
He’s such a cutie 😍 Can’t wait for the Halloween show tomorrow with @annie.eq_ 💕 I’m going as a unicorn 🦄😂 Pc : @annie.eq_ xx #bitsnbobsx ⭐️ #beldoodles9k
Does this satisfy anyone else or is it just me?😍💜 Sparky’s so cute bless him :) 💕 #bitsnbobsx ⭐️
Sparks being  a ⭐️ in our lesson this evening💕 He was very focused and thought about what he was doing a bit more which is what I’ve been working on with him atm😁. I must admit at the start I was getting very bad strides, but I’ve learnt a lot and by the end he was going great😊 Hopefully gonna start having lessons monthly now as it’s really helped us both out!💙 Also I have a Halloween comp at brooksby this weekend with @annie.eq_ which will be good, gonna do the 85 and hopefully dress up😜🧛🏻‍♀️ #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky🌟 he’s so nice 😍and was nothing like I expected, he’s so smooth😉hopefully be able to ride him again in the future🌸thank uuuu @leah.sj 💕💕 Ps: I’m the one in the grey jumper🤪 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Wait till the beat drops😛 Sparky being really good today doing some grid work💕 Only jumped small as I have a lesson tomorrow😆 @elise.showjumping also had a go on him and she rode him so well been at it was her first time on him 😊❤️ I’m in the purple @rgequestrian jumper💜 #bitsnbobsx
Sparky being AMAZING yesterday😍❤️ Gave him a well deserved day off today and went and watched @annie.eq_ and @nighthawk_eq at their hunter trial💕 Gonna post the edit of riding Pop yesterday tomorrow, as I deleted some of the vids for storage to film the hunter trial and need them sending back to me😭😂 *yes I forgot his boots but he was fine dw* #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Ok so here are my two #failfridays 😂😭 Theses were both in the same week...yes...ik...😂 Theses were both the same kind of fall too, except on the 2nd i land on my feet💁🏼‍♀️ My commentary kills me too😂😭 Both me an Sparky were fine don’t worry!❤️ No need to give me advice too ik whet I did wrong !🤪 #bitsnbobsx #jkpfailedit2018
Sparky being cute today❤️ Went on a hack with @_daisyequine and then did some schooling and he was fab💕 #bitsnbobsx 🖤
Sparky being on 🔝 form today😍 He was sooooo good🖤 Can’t wait for tomorrow with @bel.showjumping , going to ride the amazing Sonny😉 Thanks for the videos @_daisyequine ❤️ #bitsnbobsx
Sparky being cute on a hack today with @_daisyequine 💙 Made this jump with tree branches and then jumped it, hoping to build a few XC jumps to go in this field soon🤣 He did a mini rear and tried to bomb before this ahah he got so excited bless him, didn’t get it on vid tho:(😂 Vc : @_daisyequine  #bitsnbobsx 🖤
Actually love this accidentally matchy matchy😍🖤 He was so mega yesterday 😊❤️ #bitsnbobsx
Sparky was absolutely amazing today out sj 😊❤️ He was honestly so bold and willing and tried his absolute heart out💙 @bel.showjumping came along too which was really good, and sonny was mega too😉 Unfortunately I did fall off😂 in one of he doubles the striding was wrong and every time we jumped it he got 2 long strides in, but that time he came in a little too slow so struggled and just couldn’t get over it bless him, me being me I didn’t see it coming and just flew off😂 He was so good tho bless him and tried his hardest the whole time☺️ Watch till the end for GoPro footage 😉 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparks was mega tonight😍 Idk what the exercise is called that we did but ik it helps with picking up knees and it deffo did that😅 He’s such a cool dude ✌🏻 Sorry it’s so dark took ages to set up so kinda missed the light🙃 Watch until the end to see me go bareback😜 *edit : bury farm bareback challenge 2019?!?😉 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky being amazing today😍 So I kinda gave up on selling my caramel le mieux set because it just won’t sell lol😂 So I’m gonna keep it cos why not🤪 Yes I think his girth still has a sticker on I didn’t see that when I put it on tho lol😂 #bitsnbobsx 💕
A bit of Ground work a few days ago❤️ Forgot to post this so thought I would now😅 He’s so cute 😊💕 #bitsnbobsx
Had a nice morning showjumping with sparky today💙 Did the 80 to see how he went and how he felt, we got 8 faults which were both rider error, so because I wasn’t really with it we didn’t do the 90❤️ but he was fab anyways and I’m quite pleased with him tbh, just a shame my head wasn’t on right🙃 #bitsnbobsx
Sparky being amazing tonight❤️ He was so so calm and concentrated 😊 So proud of this boy he’s honestly the sweetest💕😇 - Got a show tomorrow and we’re gonna do our first 90 hopefully...😅 but I’m gonna see how he is first aha😂 #bitsnbobsx
Fail edit😂😂 #failfriday  No hate most are from my 2nd and 3rd time jumping him and I wasn’t used to him yet lol😂 and no i didn’t fall off on the last one, my GoPro fell off my head and took my hatsilk with it😂 #bitsnbobsx
Sparky being mega last night🍁 Love him loads❤️ #bitsnbobsx :)
Sparky being cute this eve in the sunset😊 Actually so happy with him! Theses were all a range from 90-1m!😁 He’s so good and I’m so so lucky to have him🙂💕 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Water baby💙 He was amazing yesterday 😊 #bitsnbobsx 👑
Sparky being an absolute star today😇❤️ Jumped some jumps I never thought I could or would! He amazes me every time I ride him I swear💕 I had a big grin on my face for the whole hour, it has cheered me up loads🙂 @bel.showjumping went as well and it was nice to finally have a proper meet up :) Watch till the end to see GoPro videos! #bitsnbobsx ❣️
Sparky being amazing tonight❤️ Worked on getting my confidence up with jumping bigger jumps on their own, and I actually really surprised myself tbh! Hopefully will be able to have a few more jumping sessions at home and then be able to go do our first 90 show jumping competition!😁 - So I jumped him today because I have XC on Sunday evening with @bel.showjumping, and because I want to be focusing on Orchi these next few days, I am going to be giving sparky a couple of days off and then do a small flatwork session Saturday evening ready for Sunday, so it was probably the best idea to have a practise today so he wasn’t too mental ahah😂❤️ He was honestly so bold and I couldnt be more proud of him!😊 #bitsnbobsx
He actually melts my heart😍❤️ - So I didn’t ride sparky tonight because he wouldn’t come in, i was out trying to catch him for about 2 hours 😂 in the end I gave up as it was getting dark and I was really hungry, but managed to get him into a different field though a gate, it’s smaller and it’s not as close to the other ponies so hopefully he’ll come in when Orchi does now😂 But anyway I’ll be riding him tomorrow, doing some flatwork so will get some vids!😁💕 #bitsnbobsx
Sparky flying the last jump to take the win!😁 I actually love this picture from the hunter trial😍❤️ He honestly looks so happy in all of the photos😊 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Had a amazing evening at the AHPC hunter trial today☺️💙 Did the 75cm class and went clear being 19seconds fast... But ended up coming ✨1ST✨ which meant we got a big rosette and a rug!!😁 I’m actually so proud of this pony and it’s gonna be an amazing season of lots of hunter trials and show jumping comps💕 This pony has taken me so far in only 4 months, I am honestly so so lucky❤️ Thanks for the advice and for videoing @_daisyequine 😜 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Swipe for a video 👉🏻 Sparky being amazing today💙 We’ve bought him a grackle today and tried it and he was fab😁 Im so excited for the hunter trial tomorrow!💕 #bitsnbobsx
Sparky being fabulous yesterday🤩 Practised for the eventer trial and he was so bold!😁 Another day off for him today and then schooling until the hunter trial☺️ #bitsnbobsx
He’s such a cutie❤️😍 this satisfies me so much😂 We’ve measured Orchi today and he is actually 12.3hh!!! I’ve got a hunter trial on Sunday and I can’t wait😊 It’ll be me and sparkys first hunter trial 😛 Giving both the boys a day off today💕 (Sorry for similar cover screens and yes he didn’t pick his back legs up😂) #bitsnbobsx
Cuddles with sparkles😊💕 He’s actually so cute Oml he makes my heart melt😍❤️ #bitsnbobsx 💫
Sparky being cute popping some of our XC jumps today🤩❤️ Went for a hack round the fields and he was so calm😁 - Also guys keep your eyes out on my YouTube account as i finally made a video to post !😜 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
I honestly have no clue where I’d be without these two beautiful boys❤️ They mean the absolute world to me and I am honestly so lucky to have found such amazing and good natured gentlemen that would do anything to make me happy and expect nothing back. I am truly TRULY blessed.💕 #lilmanorchi #bitsnbobsx
Sparky being good practicing some XC combinations with home made jumps💕😜 Went up to 95😁 He’s actually such a babe☺️ Don’t mind my position I had a body protector on for some reason 😂 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Sparky being a ledge today👌🏻 He’s so cool🤩 Will be posting the edit later🤪 #bitsnbobsx 🦄
Love him to the moon and back 💫💙 #bitsnbobsx ⭐️
Like and comment for a return😜 Sparky being mega tonight 🤩 The second in the double was 1.10m (measured with the different wings that have measurements)💙 #bitsnbobsx 💫
Such a little star🤩 - I was ill off skl again today and was sick about 20 times 🙄 But I’m better after going to the doctors and I get to ride as I haven’t ridden him since the ode 😛 #bitsnbobsx 👑
Sparky strutting his way to get a 63.4% at NVEC ode on Sunday💫💙 He’s such king 👑 (Don’t mind his mouth being wide open it’s literally just how he is - we need to get a flash but haven’t got round to it yet aha😂) Also thank you all for 3.8k 🎉🎉 #bitsnbobsx ⭐️
He wasn’t ugly...but...he wasn’t Orchi👑 ;) - So I’m still flipping ill and I’m off skl today 🙄 Which means I won’t be riding, so enjoy this edit I did like ages ago and forgot to post ahah😂 NO HATE I LOVE THEM BOTH THE SAME ITS JUST AN EDIT #bitsnbobsx #lilmanorchi