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You NEED to do this if you want to balance with food. . Create boundaries. . No, not restrictions.  BOUNDARIES. . I PREACH food freedom & no restrictions, but when you hear "no restrictions" this doesn't mean have a FREE FOR ALL. . I so badly wanted to get away from this restrictive mindset so I prided myself on saying YES when I finally had the courage to.  But there was a problem with this.  I found myself saying yes every time the opportunity came because I was all "no restrictions". This wasn't healthy for me either.  I still didn't have food freedom & was still didn’t have balance. . To actually achieve balance & have true food freedom, I had to set myself boundaries & give myself permission to say yes in certain situations & no in others, with the decision being made out of a place of love for my body & goals, not a punishment or reward. . It's okay to stay in instead of going out & drinking because you want to be able to get up early the next morning & crush a workout. . It's okay to have your burger with no bun to cut down the carbs because you want french fries. . It's okay to say no to a piece of pizza because the salad is healthier & that's what your BODY wants. . It's okay to say no to dessert even though everyone is getting some, but you're already too full. . Just set yourself some ground rules, stick to them & balance will start to flow. . Need help with this?  I teach you exactly how to do this in Diet Ditcher Academy.  Apply in the link in my bio & let’s chat.💛
Is fear and anxiety holding you back? When you look back on your life, do you want to see it as a life of "could have beens " or a life lived fully, even if that includes failure? #dailythoughts #anxiety #beyourbest #confidence #growthmindset #depression #fearless #motivation #perthlife #perth #psychologist #resilience
// We do training so we can offer you the very best in hairdressing!👌✅ #hairdressinglife #training #beyourbest #trainingforlife #neverstoplearning #neverstoplearnng #colourtraining
Do you have to shop organic in order to be healthy? 🌱 I get asked this a lot so I thought I’d give you a little hindsight so you can make the best informed decision for yourself. 🌱 Organic is never a bad thing- so if you can shop all things organic- do it fo sho. It’s worth it in my opinion bc, well, no need to ingest all the pesticides if you don’t have to 🤷🏼‍♀️ Buuuut we also know organic isn’t always affordable all the time. 🌱 A great guideline to follow is the #dirtydozen and the #clean15 that EWG established (great resource btw) 🌱 The dirty dozen are the 12 foods that are most likely to have pesticide residue on them so if you’re going to buy some things organic start with these first 👇🏼 1️⃣strawberries 2️⃣spinach 3️⃣nectarines 4️⃣apples 5️⃣grapes 6️⃣peaches 7️⃣cherries 8️⃣pears 9️⃣tomatoes 🔟celery 1️⃣1️⃣potatoes 1️⃣2️⃣sweet bell peppers 🌱 Tag and share with some fraaands so we can stay healthy together 💯 . . Hey! Did you grab a healthy habit guide yet??? DM me and I’ll send you a FREE copy ❤️ . . . . #healthyhabits #organic #ewg #smallsteps #dowhatyoucan #healthyyou #pesticidescansuckit #naturalisthebest #foundationofhealth #sustainablefatloss #hormonehealth #pesticidefree #saynotohormones #beyourbest #fitlife #healthylife #momlife
We Are Schiek @jamesellisfit
If you could have exactly what you want in the next 90 days, what would that look like?  I want you to step into that life & version of yourself.  What does that feel like? How would it make a difference in your life & those around you if you had that life?  What else will unfold for you in your relationships, work, social life, finances?  So now that you know what you want & how wonderful it would feel, why don’t you already have it?  What is stopping or slowing you down?  How have these things impacted your daily life?  The key is to figure out & cling to why this is important to you, & keep digging deeper until you have found something so important that you need to make the change happen today.  Maybe you want to have complete confidence in yourself so you can have a better relationship with your spouse, get a big promotion, have more social outings & be the best role model for your kids.  Maybe you don’t take time to be with your spouse because you resent that you never focus on yourself. You don’t enjoy work because you never get to express yourself. You don’t like going out with friends because you feel self-conscious in the clothes you own & dislike your body. Then when you get home you are irritated, want “me time”, & find quick comfort in bad food.  The first step to making lasting change is to set up the conditions for success. The only way you can do this is to clearly identify what you want & what would happen if you had it. Then be honest as to what is holding you back.  Step 2: create easy actionable steps to get you closer to what you want 1 small step at a time.  Then reach out to others for support and accountability.  Finally, never criticize yourself for what you could’ve done better. Instead, celebrate every single success & action that was done in alignment with what you want.  You are worth it.  It is time to start prioritizing yourself so that you can be vibrant & caring to everyone around you.  If you would like help getting
It’s world kindness day!  Let’s share some positive vibes, how were you kind today, or how was someone kind to you?
Ha Ha! I am really going to miss making these cinemagrphs! Had a lot of fun the past year, but my software subscription is coming to an end! Can’t believe a year has passed already! Maybe I will resubscribe! . Today I had fun with Leg Day! Weights - HIIT Cardio and Core!
Seriously.... I AM. 🐅Just wait... 🦋🌈🤸‍♀️💡👏🏻🕊
Happy Tuesday my fellow badass active babes! Been a hell of a productive day and I’m feeling so energized and excited for the rest of the week! • •  Progressive overload comes in many forms, could be lifting heavier, tracking your weight, adding in more reps, or trying out things like resistance bands and different forms of training-  So HERE is your challenge to add to leg day this week: RESISTANCE🔂  1️⃣ Resistance band kettlebell squat to press 10-12  2️⃣ Resistance band kettlebell Romanian deadlifts 10-12  3️⃣ Heavy dumbbell sumo squats 10-12  4️⃣ Bulgarian split squat 10/10  5️⃣ TRX pikes 4x10  Boxing: CARDIO babes gotta find a way to get it in and enjoy it and boxing will forever be my #1 choice! • •  Online coaching app in bio! Let’s get you working on your best self!  @1upnutrition and @paragonfitwear discount  code “Fitanddedicated” 🌺
The sunrise reminds us that each day we get a new chance to be our best person. We get another opportunity to take steps in making our dreams reality. Leave yesterday’s problems and troubles in the past and focus on what you can do now to accomplish your goals. ✨🌻☀️ * * * #sunrise #desert #goals #beyourbest #makedreamsreality #nature #explore #optoutside #clouds #loveyourself
Become preoccupied with feeding your Soul - it’s such a worthwhile investment!
Wednesday 11-14-2018. Every 90'' x 8 sets - 1 Snatch Pull 1 Squat Snatch - 6-8 (Strict) (Def.) HSPU - > chose your own workload > build up in snatch start @70% —— AMRAP 5 - 6 Dball Squats 60/40 12/9 Cal Row - -REST 3 min - - AMRAP 5 - 1 Complex of: 2 DB Power Clean 22,5/15 2 Devil Press 22,5/ 15 2 DB Thruster 22,5/15 6 Toes To Bar —— #ambosscrossfit #iamboss  #ambossfamily #striketheironwhileitshot #crossfit #bielefeld #bestboxintown #programming #embracevariance #weaknessisachoice #lesstalkmorechalk #fit #fitness #fitfam #olympicweightlifting #squat #focus #qualitytime #beyourbest #crossfitgermany #conditioning #crossfitgymnastics #crossfitgirls #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle
Más fotos de la exposición que se puede ver hasta el 25 de este mes❣️🤩🎨😍☺️😌 #loscoloresdelmediterráneo #exposición #museo #arte #creatividad #talcual #real #beautiful #wonderful #awesome #recomendable #photography #goodvibes #positivevibes #beyourbest #staystrong #staypositive #pinturaenseda
Make it happen. Shock them all.  Throwin it back to March when I was shredded and super white!👻 Sometimes during this bulk I just want to shred, shred, shred to bring it all back but this bulk season I’m trying to build my metabolism and gain some size to bring a new physique come spring! Definitely looking forward to spring/summer 2019 and all the gains in between 💪