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Wholefoods dinners give me life. They had eggplant lasagna too👌🏻 winning 💓😍✌🏻 . . . . . . #healthyliving #consistency #betterbytheday#bestself #betterself #transform #fitgirls #fuckpcos#polishgirl#inspire #keto#gethealthy#myjourney #mystory #weightlifting#meatless #pcos #foodisfuel #trusttheprocess#dairyfree#organic#plantbased #cardio #buttday #fatadapted#life
Just another day of putting in the work to create my best self inside and out! - #bestself
Building my body has been a 4 year journey. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I’ve talked a lot about the frustrations and triumphs I’ve had with building muscle. It’s been HARD. I’ve always had a leaner frame. For being 5’9 with no genetics in my favor, building lean body mass has been a freakin FIGHT. . I could be content with my body and not continue the fight for what I want, give into excuses and just settle. - It’s just my body, I guess I have to live with it. - 🤷🏼‍♀️ FACCKKKK NO! 🙅🏼‍♀️ I’ll continue fighting, continue to push my boundaries and never stop working 💪🏼 . #transformationtuesday #musclebuilding #womenwholift #jessiesgirls #jessiesgirlsjourney #macros #iifym #bestself #selflove #workhard #gains #selfmade #selfmadetrainingfacility
This picture accurately shows how EXCITED I am to announce our first annual "Fit-Abulous Holiday Flash Sale!" 🛍The flash sale will be held on Sunday, November 25th in a private Facebook event! All of my favorite fitness and nutrition products will be on sale for the best price you will ever see! I. Am. Stoked. We will even be giving away a healthy eating cookbook to one lucky winner! 🎁 This is a great opportunity to get started on your health/fitness goals, try a product you have been wanting to for awhile, or even restock something you have been out of! Need a gift for someone who loves health/fitness, is wanting to work on their goals, or who has expressed interest before?! This is the BEST opportunity to do so! What better gift than the gift of health, happiness, and confidence?! Why wait until January 1st to get started when you can get a head start on your goals NOW at a killer price?! Oh, and it just so happens that my •Healthy Holiday Bootcamp• launches December 3rd, so it is literally perfect! 👌🏼 Comment below or follow the link in my bio to join the event! 🎈
‼️3 EASY HEALTHY HABITS YOU NEED TO INCORPORATE IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW‼️ - In a world full of saturated information, being healthy seems really complex. Zucchini noodles or chickpea noodles? Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?  BUT what most people don’t bother to tell you: is being healthy is actually very simple. AND very dependant on each person. Here’s 3 simple tips you can add to your life RIGHT now that I guarantee will start you in the right direction➡️ - 1. DRINK AT LEAST A FULL 1 L OF WATER IMMEDIATELY AFTER WALKING UP! I post this on my story all the time! Through out the night your body becomes very dehydrated, and needs water as soon as you wake up! Doing this will allow your body to register if it’s actually hungry or not, will improve your digestion, and will make you feel less sluggish first thing in the AM. Put a full water bottle next to your end before you go to sleep. NO EXCUSES! - 2. EAT PROTEIN WITH EVERY MEAL! If your meals are only pasta, only oatmeal or only carbs you will find yourself feeling unsatisfied, sluggish, and hungry shortly after. Eating protein with every meal will help you to be satiated for hours, allowing you to be energized throughout the day! - 3. MAKE READING NUTRITION LABELS A HABIT! And I ain’t talking about calories. Reading the INGREDIENT list of all the food you buy will make you MUCH more aware of what you’re putting into your body. No pressure on being perfect, but when you can buy PB without multiple additives and added sugar, it will make all the difference on how you feel! The simpler ingredients the better! - These 3 tips are SO simple that I’m confident each and every person can do them. Try incorporating them into your daily routine, and let me know how you feel after!! I guarantee it’ll be 💯 #healthybyhannahb
Quick little hotel gym superset. Attempting to hit a push day with very limited equipment haha
When you repeatedly wear tanks on squat day and the bar leaves lovely little reminders (you won’t remember next week) of your front squats🙈IDIOT!
I’ve been seeing my amazing #salonist for a little over a year now and every time I leave I am somehow happier than the previous time! She is so dang talented at mixing color, blending, weaving, and actually taking CARE of my hair!! Plus she is just a kick ass #momboss 💞 Thanks @crocker.wifey
Did a home workout today! • • • Sometimes I do home workouts because of lack of time or energy getting to the gym, but I’m really trying hard to create a healthy & fit lifestyle overall so including exercise wherever and whenever I can 😊 (excuse my messy room, working on that too!!😜)
🦄 Are your excuses keeping you from reaching your goal? 🦄 . . I’m tired, I worked all day ... I’ll just go to the gym tomorrow . . . Ehhh ill start eating better NEXT month ... after the holidays .. it’s fine . . . My schedule is TOO busy I can’t do anything extra.. . . I used to be like this ALL the time. Just let excuses take over my mind. Keep me from reaching MY goals. I had my mind blocked. I had my mind filled with “ I can’t “, “ there’s no Way” , “ that won’t ever happen to me”. . .  Honestly, tough love . You just gotta DO IT. Take the leap of faith, bring down that wall of bricks, brick by brick .. . . I wanted to live a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to have the opportunity of financial freedom. I wanted to others the same opportunity. It’s my life. It’s my vision. I was scared as hell to start. Fear is so normal to control our minds . Excuses are formed from that deep fear . .  Ya just gotta do it babe . . This before picture was August 2017 and the after is today. My little nugget was sleeping while I took this after picture 😌  _________________________________________________ 🌱 30 days to healthy living program begins weekend after thanksgiving.  November 26th! A nutrition based program to help you jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle Save 40% when signing up as a preferred client. 🌱  _________________________________________________ ✨Looking to change your life and make an impact on others? Get the financial freedom? Join my amazing tribe, & let’s work together ✨slide in my DMs or email me 💁🏼‍♀️ _________________________________________________  #fitmom #1yearpostpartum #arbonne
Transformación Tuesday!⏮⏮💥Ahora comienzo otra etapa de mi vida muchos cambios pero con la misma mente de no quitarme y dar lo mejor día cada día.. Yo  pienso que las excusan no son válidas!! Vamos x mas coach @niki_training_lab #fortbenning #transformationtuesday #tuesdaymotivation #transformation #weightlosstips #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #weightloss #latina #momofboys #momofthree #phenixcity #muscle  #transformacion #fitnessmotivation #fitnessmotivation #tuesday #strenghttraining #alabama  #betterthanyesterday #weightlossjourney #bestself #healthygirl #noexcuses #focus #grind #weightlosstransformation #strongwomen @bodybuildingcom @bodybuilding_tutorial #transformationchallenge
LOOK AT THAT SASSY ARM 😂 . Idk what it’s doing or why it’s so externally rotated (?) Maybe I thought I was a bikini competitor for a hot minute 😅 but hey WHATEVER MAN. I’m just out here tryna live my life and love myself okay? . Anywhooo, some of you may have noticed that it’s gRoWiN sEaSoN. I’ve spent waaaaay too many years wanting to be lean 24/7 and unfortunately that hindered my ability to grow muscle quite a bit. Needless to say, #teamnoodle is tryna be #teamlessnoodley. . I started working with a coach (@alexbush__) about a month ago and it has been SOOO nice having someone else in charge of my nutrition and workouts for once. Ya girl has enough to worry about and I didn’t want my OWN training and nutrition to cause me any additional stress. Yes I’m a coach, and yes I have a coach! I’ll admit I was super hesitant about letting someone else take the reigns (type A control freak) but it has truly been glorrrrious. It’s always a bit harder to be objective regarding your own training/nutrition because your emotions can make you lose sight of the end goal. But we out here eatin big and workin hard 💪🏻 Glute and delt growth are my main focus right now as well as reverse dieting/increasing metabolic capacity. . What are YOUR goals this season? I wanna know what you’re working toward! Comment below! . Outfit: @tilyoucollapse Tan: @rossaselftanning Supplements: @bodybuildingcom Code JOELLE for all! . #teambodybuildingcom #bodybuildingcom #bestself #buildyourbody #buildyourmind #betterthanyesterday #joesamfam #physiquedevelopment
Pay close attention to the stories!!! We are attempting to reach #1000followers by #newyears!!! We need your help!  Go to our stories to find out how you can win a @kneaders @kneadersmeridian gift card for helping us reach our goal.
Double squat video and no shame. Felt SO MF GOOD to have 2 plates on my back for smooth doubles. Set 2/3 here. My body was happy to take a break from heavy weights, but happier to have them back. 🤙🏼
🔥🌟 INTUITION 🌟🔥 - We ALL know what this word means, but how many of us LIVE in a way that takes advantage of this unbelievably RARE gift? - Today’s culture is DRIVEN by #masculine energy. 😤 Go go go, plan, do more, outwork your competition, plan some more, make it happen. - For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about- I HIGHLY encourage you to do some learning about Masculine and #feminine energies. They quite literally govern our UNIVERSE, and are not limited to form. They can apply at a conceptual level, or a very specific contextual Level. ☯️ - As I look around at what 99.9% of Coaches are offering, it is something along the lines of this: 🆘 Do what I say, follow the plan, and you’ll get “x” result. 🆘 - Now that may work very well for some, but that is not an EMPOWERING APPROACH. - 💥 A true leader does not simply teach others, they HOLD SPACE for others so that they teach THEMSELVES 💥 - This is where #intuition comes into play. We were all born with this 6th sense, something that anyone who doesn’t believe in #spirituality would have a hard time EXPLAINING to me, I bet 😏 - We all have this inherent “guide” inside of us, that we can tap into- and literally always make the right decisions, based on our desired #alignment at any given time. 🙏🏻 - However, our WESTERN SOCIETY has downplayed the hell out of the FEMININE ENERGY and placed MASCULINE #energy on a pedestal. Think of Feminine as “intuitive” and masculine as “planning and action”. - One of the MOST REWARDING things I have ever had the opportunity to do, is piece by piece... reveal to my Mentorship students how to tap into their intuition. Then how to tap into it daily. Then how to LIVE from this place. - See, this is not about ME at all. It’s never been about me, or any other “coach” or “leader”. I truly see this as me being the messenger. I hold space for the person, plant a few seeds in their Mind’s garden, and THEY
Stay humble, work hard and let everything else be white noise whilst you get your grind on.  And pose with 45's cause they make the guns pop 💪🏼🤪
Cutting my face out because wind—but my outfit is more important anyways 🤷🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️ #thirteenfitapparel #ultimateself www.THIRTEENFITAPPAREL.com