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Healthy fluffy flourless apple pie pancakes in their naked form 😋😋😋 Recipe from @thebigmansworld #applepiepancakes #veganpancakes #veganbreakfast #veganiseasy #glutenfree
Date night! We went to a local place that's similar to Chipotle and I got a chicken salad with all the workings!
Meaning… Our brains love to create a story and find meaning. But the thing is, sometimes, we create crazy, fear-filled stories in our minds, and we think that is “the meaning.” Those stories? The ones filled with fear? Are for sure NOT your meaning. I promise you that. I promise myself that too! . So, my beautiful sweet friend, if you can’t let something go. If you feel the thoughts swirling around in your brain, making anxiety consume you, go do something caring. Do something that is self-soothing. And when you’re ready and in a grounded place, come back & try to find the real meaning of the experience. . Fun fact: When my husband and I are in a disagreement, we will take “self-soothing breaks,” so we can recenter and recollect ourselves… And then the key part, we come back, and we find the meaning, so we can understand one another, feel better, learn, and try to show up better next time. . You can do this too - whether from a challenging body image or food day or just a challenging experience. . The crazy thing is that once you start practicing this, you’ll find that you’re becoming the observer, instead of “the judger” of your experiences… And when you can connect the dots & become the observer, you can then find the REAL meaning, and grow in your healing journey with food, your body, and yourself. . What’s your go-to “self-soothing” technique? . Want more? 👇 🌟Get free weekly-ish coaching emails - all about body image healing, food freedom & self-worth (link in bio) 🌟Listen to the pod - @heartspacepodcast (link in bio)
Splurging was an understatement 🐷 But God blessed me with wonderful food and even better company, I stuff all in my mouth with a grateful heart ❣ (Part 2 coming up😂)
10/21/18 snack : strawberry cottage cheese double and mini rice krispe treat — tomorrow I see my therapist lady and I’m so freakin scared. I hope I didn’t lose weight! I really her her like she is not nice at all! She’s such a son of nutcracker😂 She’s good modivation for me cause when I’m all done with this, I won’t have to see her face again!😂 #anorexia #anorexiarecovery #eatingdisorder #recoveryfood #edwarrior #foodpics #balancednotclean #strongnotskinny #beatana #dessert #outpatientrecovery #edwin #fuelyourbody #eatyourveggies #cottagecheese #snack #ricekrispe #foodisfuel #foodismedicine #ihatetherapy
Protein Cookie ☠️🍪 These @sinisterlabs cookies are not only a yummy snack, but they have 20g of protein!💪🏼 These are definitely one of my new favorites, right there next to @lennyandlarrys. Find them at @gnclivewell 📊MACROS: 310cals/35C/20P/12F✔️ #sinisterlabs #sinfit #proteincookies #iifym #flexibledieting #balancednotclean #macrocounting #foodfreedom #mindfuleating #fitfam #selflove #bodylove #selfacceptance #therapythoughts #emotionaleating #dietculture #bodyconfidence #gymrat #health #strongnotskinny #transformation #girlswholift #fitness #eatbetternotless #nourishnotpunish #foodporn #eatgoodfeelgood #allfoodsfit #wellnesswarrior
There is an "...over-pathologising of perfectly normal physiological responses to food intake or to a lot of food intake or to the type of food intake being interpreted as something negative." - @thenutritional_advocate on @laurathomasphd's Don't Salt My Game podcast. . I can't tell you how many times in the last 2 years I have interpreted a huge bloating, feelings of nauseousness, itching... Etc... As poor gut health reactions to the food I was eating. . Because, as someone with coeliac disease, I was so afraid of accidentally consuming gluten, I think I found it easy to project that same level of fear onto other foods that I was told by media and bloggers was harmful and could cause "inflammation" (generic use of the term, as well). . And I was so sick of feeling sick (even though I am now sure some of the symptoms (not all but some) I was feeling were perfectly normal, or at least, not the dire circumstance I believed it once was) that I had to do everything I could to be healthy. Which turned into an obsession. An obsession with gut health books, cutting out loads of things I once enjoyed, food documentaries, diet trends, superfoods... You name it, I've probably hilariously (but mostly desperately, let's be honest) said "THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER AND I WILL TOTALLY BE CURED" at one time, because of how blinded I was by my fears. . However, all this stress I had built up around mealtime, whether by myself or with friends and family, wouldn't have been good for my gut. At all. . In fact, it was probably one of the worst things I could do for it. . And last night, as I was having a mild panic attack right after a meal of totally "safe foods" and I broke out in itches all over my body... I knew this was an example of it being ME and not what I ate. . Food is food. . It isn't bad. . Bloating is generally just bloating. . It isn't bad. . If I am ever nauseous, chances are it's because I ate too quickly (which happens ALL THE TIME) or my eyes were bigger than
another morning I wake up, another struggle to leave my room and go to classes with the eyes and the expectations. I feel like I'm in an absurdist play, like "who's afraid of Virginia Woolf" or "Amádée, or How to Get Rid of It", where my anxiety is the dead corpse that keeps inflating that the couple has to stop ignoring and deal with eventually
"Hate and Sadness"  Hate is a strong word but it's close to what I feel when I think of you.  You had to get someone to do your dirty work for you.  Too much of a coward to do it yourself.  Don't like confrontation is what you'll say but it was me you should have talked to.  You knew how I felt and we'd been there before so why couldn't you have the conversation we'd had so many times before?  Sadness is what I feel when I think of you.  The fact that you are so unaffected, like I was nothing.  You were my everything and in a minute that cold person someone completely ripped my in two.  Hatred is what I feel when I think of you. The fact that I met you and let you into my heart. 💔  By S.H  #strongnotskinny #foodisfuel #anorexiarecovery #depressionrecovery #poem #creativewriting #poem #depression #writing #balancednotclean
Breakfast a few weeks ago in pa.  I just wanted to say that I’m so excited that I joined Equinox today and I already took an amazing yoga class!  I also did 3 miles in about 30 minutes.  I’ve been a little stressed because of school and stuff but honestly I’m so in love with this gym
Today I was called up on stage & recognized for the recent advancement in my business 😳 (Let's not even get into how awkward this hot mess express was 🤦🏻‍♀️🙃😭) . While the corporate leaders were talking about this big milestone, they handed me this crown 👑 So why does this stupid, paper crown mean so much to me? Truly it shouldn't. Probably cost $1 or less 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Well I keep repeating, "Keep your head up. Otherwise your crown will fall." I keep thinking about all the people who said I couldn't make this work. All the hours I've spent busting my butt. All the times I doubted myself. All the times I questioned if I could succeed. All the times I was ostracized for being a 'bigger' girl inspiring fitness. All the anxiety and fear and frustration. All the times I looked down & let my crown fall off.... . And I'll be damned if that stupid, paper crown didn't bring me to tears. Because it isn't about the promotion or recognition or the stupid, paper crown...its about overcoming my self doubt and believing in ME. . You can bet, I won't let this stupid, paper crown fall off again 👏🏻👑
Not gonna lie, I struggle with food choices on Sundays. It’s so easy to want to snack or order pizza or Chinese on a lazy Sunday, and after eating less than stellar choices lately, it was even more tempting today. But instead we made an easy peasy and yummy dinner at home. This was my first time using frozen Brussels sprouts versus fresh, and they’re not my favorite, but it was nice not having to prep them all. So I guess they’re not too bad when it makes my life a little easier 😂 frozen veggies are such a lifesaver. 💜shake and bake chicken (1sp) 💜chicken rice a roni (7sp) 💜Brussels sprouts (0sp) . . . #ww #weightwatchers #wwfreestyle #wwfam #wwjourney #wwsmartpoints #wwrecipes #wwcommunity #wwinspiration #wwsisterhood #wwigfamily #wwsisters #wwdivas #wwkansas #wwfooddiary #bettertogether #becauseitworks #notadiet #beyondthescale #teamturtle #weightlossjourney #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #weightloss #losingweight #balancednotclean
Remember to enjoy the little things in life because One day you may look back and realise they were the big things ☀️ . . . #fitness #health #iifym #iifymgirls #strongnotskinny #gains #girlswholift #balancednotclean #fitnessjourney #flexibledieting #transformationtuesday #fitgirls #instafit #lifting #weightloss #fitnessinspiration #fitnessmotivation #healthybodyimage
Sunday night pint night🍨👌🏼 . It’s been a while so my pint game is a bit off😂 but picked this poverty pint up at @lidlus and damn does this make up for their shitty popcorn 😍 . Some DAMN good poverty ice cream🙌🏼 rivals or shits on any big brand premium salted caramel pint I’ve had.. such a rich salty base and the salted caramel swirl was perfection.. this even beats talenti’s sea salt caramel . I’d drop some sodium puns but I don’t want to asalt you with bad jokes so... Na🤷🏼‍♂️ . But I guarantee this pint will leave you feeling like.. You’ve been hit by, You’ve been struck by.. A smooth caramel 🕺🏻 . 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 #iifym #flexibledieting #flexibledieter #flexiblediet #foodporn #balancednotclean #healthyfood #healthyeating #macros #carbsafterdark #carbsarelife #macrofriendly #ilovecarbs #carbs #ifitfitsyourmacros #eattogrow #icecream #icecreamlover #benandjerrys #caramelicecream #icecreamporn #icecreamtime
Beautiful afternoon for flag football. Thanks to my new life motto about balance, I was able to enjoy it guilt-free. I’m way behind on blogging, our curtains need to be hung, and the house is a mess. But I’m (slowly) learning there are more than important things in life 💙💙 Click link in profile for the newest blog on #rebalancing . . . . . . . #love #family #life #balance #balanced #balancednotclean #football #kids #important #time #timemanagement #joy #happiness #sunshine #fall #sundayafternoon #mylife #ilovelife #lifeisbeautiful
Sweet-salty satisfaction; milk chocolate m&ms, dark chocolate-covered almonds, pretzels & the star of it all- @soomfoods chocolate tahini🤤🤤
🍹ALCOHOL and WEIGHT LOSS👙 — I can’t tell you how many times I get asked if I DRINK — And EVERY single time I reply, “YES,” their face drops because they believe you can’t possibly DRINK, and be in “SHAPE.” — Now can drinks ruin your weight loss?  OF COURSE - However, if you plan your consumption AND practice drinking in moderation, ALCOHOL can STILL be part of your life WITHOUT negatively affecting your fat loss priorities — Yes you read that right!! You don’t have to read it again — It’s possible to drink ALCOHOL, and NOT only gain fat, but actually LOSE fat — So what’s the deal?  You just have to PLAN — 1️⃣ ACCOUNT FOR THE CALORIES . You will only gain weight if your DRINKING puts you in a surplus for the day.  Soooo.... If you don’t go over you maintenance calories or remain in a deficit, you won’t gain fat — 2️⃣ GET YOUR NORMAL NUTRIENTS IN EARLY . This will keep you fuller throughout the day so you don’t lose all control later — 3️⃣ STAY AWAY FROM THE “DRUNK MEAL” . You know the food run after your date is over.... . This extra food is what usually leads to weight gain more than having a drink . In my opinion it’s best to eat your PLANNED meal before you drink as I feel it keeps me more on track . However, if you know that you will be eating AFTER some drinks, be sure you have saved those calories for the day . If you DO NOT allot for those calories, you will be in a surplus, and at risk to gain fat . 4️⃣ ORDER LOWER CALORIE DRINKS...AKA...Not The Drink In The Picture 😉 . Unless you are sticking to one or two drinks, DRINKS that are higher in carbs and sugars = HIGHER CALORIE INTAKE . So dryer wine, liquor, and light beer are better options if you plan on having more than a few . If any of this information surprised you or if ALCOHOL tends to get in the way of your WEIGHT LOSS, comment below . Email me for 1:1 coaching inquiries: 💌 tbarrfitness@gmail.com . . . #margarita #lowfat
I can sit with this discomfort I will thrive  I won’t regret my past I will learn from it
Cheeky Monday. I’m promoting and living off a diet where every food is allowed. I don’t believe in low fat, low carbs, or low in general. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe we can thrive if our only focus is to become smaller. What’s your thoughts on it? #bodypositive #bodylove #hypothalamicamenorrhea #gainingweightiscool #motherhood #fitmum