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Back to last weekend when I was hiking at the Seven Sisters and got really bad tan lines on legs. It's a pretty view with the undulating landscape of the Seven Sisters and the sea, however the grass isn't very green- highlights the impacts of the heatwave in the UK currently #heatwave #thisissummer #summerweather #yellowgrass #view #sevensisters #awayfromlondon #hikinglifechoseme #blueskies #sea #windy #lastweekend
Love to animals and especially little piggies,or as I call them “hrushkas” makes me come back to this farm over and over again❤️🐽🐷 ⠀ Every time I come back I love every minute there, watching them run,play and of course beg for a good belly rub😄 All hrushkas love a good massage... But don't we all☺️ ⠀ After seeing how lovely these animals are it kills me to know how many of them killed every day to become food on someone's table. Loving a dog and eating a pig is only a cultural perspective. They are so affectionate, have iq of an three year old, have families friends and very strong characters🐽🐷 ⠀ Not only this is cruel and unnecessary, but kills human bodies too... Slowly but surely😔
Weekend with my wife #norway🇳🇴 #røros #deliciousreindeer #awayfromlondon
You are my sunshine 🌞