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Had a great time during my photoshoot yesterday thank to @__gpproductions__ his work is amazing go check him out. I just wanted to show off my final progress picture before my bulk. ——————————————#atfcoaching #shredded #fitnessmotivation #makingdreamshappen #passion #fitnessfreak #workhardplayhard#inspire #motivate
I found an old picture from 5 years ago and I spent a couple hours just starring at it. I reflected on all the things I did back then and they might not have been the greatest but the past is the past. The changes I’ve made from that point on have only been to better my future not just for myself but for all those people out there who believe change is impossible. I  started my fitness journey to inspire and motivate people not only to change there image but to change there mindset into believing you can do anything you want just by putting a little effort and dedication. You wouldn’t know if your great at something unless you try so don’t count yourself out before you start. So instead of taking that few seconds to tell yourself you cant or it’s isn’t worth it just spend 5 mins telling yourself if it’s important to you then it’s always worth it. —————————————-#atfcoaching #motivation #dedication #passion #inspire #fitnessjourney #fitnessmotivation #makingdreamshappen
Just a couple clips of my shoulder workout. My mindset this year was to condition my body, and challenge myself. From the start of my conditioning until now I’ve seen a big difference in size strength and flexibility it also helped me burn the remaining body fat I wanted to lose, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and take a day away from the weights in the long run you will see new and better results and you body will thank you for it when it comes down to recovering. ————————————#atfcoaching #pushpastyourlimits #nopainnogain #conditioning #bouldershoulders #hardworkpaysoff💪
It was a hard 10 weeks, but I stuck with it through the constant diet change and hard training these are my results. I set a goal for myself and achieved it. I’m extremely proud but also excited prove that with hard work, dedication and discipline you could reach any goal you set for yourself no matter the challenges you face along the way. My starting weight was 190lbs with 20% body fat and I finished at 175.5lbs with 11% body fat. ——————————————#atfcoaching #dedication #inspire #motivate #dreambig #goals
Nothing feels better then hitting a new PR, since I’ve started  this program I’ve been creating, I’ve lost 8.5lbs and continued to gain strength. I may not be the strongest person but I’ll never allow myself to be outworked. I’ll push myself to become the best I can be. Maybe I can help you become a better you 💪🏽 ————————————————#atfcoaching#positivity#motivate#pushpastyourlimits#goals#creatingsuccess#450lbs
It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started this diet and program that I’ve come up with on my own. My body hasn’t changed too much but the way I feel is great! My energy levels are high, my strength has increased and my skin is clearer. Helping people through fitness isn’t just giving them a diet or workout plan, it’s allowing them to understand that change isn’t just within the body but also the mind. Once you’ve understood that, you will know the value of dedication, patience and control 💪🏽😌 —————————————#atfcoaching #motivate #inspire #fitness #dedication
Shoutout to my boy @g_p_productions for the photoshoot and video go follow his page guys he does great work from photography,editing and videographer  _________________________Atfcoaching  #beastmode #atfcoaching #success #itsmytime #achievinggoals #makingdreamscometrue #fightinguntiltheend #motivatingothers
Yo go follow my boy m_angel07 for fitness coaching/ meal plans/ workout plans he knows what he's doin! #atfcoaching
Today starts day 1 of my 10 week shred program. This year I plan on pushing past my limits. Nothing will stand in my way  I will achieve the success and goal I set for myself. #atfcoaching #success #thisismyyear #day1 #believe #fitnessmotivation #dedication #makingdreamshappen #pushingmylimits #nothingcanstopme
Meet our newest training client and member of the ATF family, Ron! He is determined to change his future by creating new healthy habits that will enhance his quality of life. We are so eager to see what he accomplishes in the weeks, months, and years ahead!! #welcometothefam #atfcoaching #gettoahealthierplace
Any one of your friends will go out to EAT with you, but real friends help motivate you to reach your goals!! #teamtraining #atfcoaching #accountabilitypartner #accountabilityiseverything #motivation #anytimefitness
We want to congratulate this amazing gal, Marissa L., for all of her successes!! She has been participating in our group classes and has gained so much strength, endurance, and improved her health tremendously!! Not to mention she has lost 55 pounds!  Keep it up girl!!! #strongwomen #atfcoaching #anytimefitness
Sean K., team training member and total BEAST, is down 25# since May!! Keep up the great work!!! #beastmode #atfcoaching #anytimefitness