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It's the season for incredible graphic novel adaptations of some of everyone's most beloved classics. 'To Kill A Mockingbird' and Anne Frank's 'Diary of a Young Girl' have been masterfully adapted by Fred Fordham and Ari Folman (and illustrator David Polonsky) respectively. A great way to revisit these stories in a new way — or to introduce them to people who are visual learners.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #books #bookstagram #kidsbookshop #childrensbookstore #kidsbookstagram #graphicnovels #yagraphicnovels #classicgraphicnovels #visualstorytelling #annefrank #tokillamockingbird @wmheinemann @vikingpenguin @penguinbooksnz #fredfordham #arifolman #davidpolonsky
Cet après-midi, c'est plaid et "Le Journal d'Anne Frank". Grosse grosse ambiance ! . (J'ai déjà lu, bien évidemment, son journal mais je suis curieuse de voir comment Folman et Polonsky l'ont adapté 🤔 ) . . . . #instasunday #itstimetoplaid #instabook #bookstagram #instabd #bd #bandedessinee #calmannlevy #lejournaldannefrank #arifolman #folman #davidpolonsky #polonsky #secondeguerremondiale #lecturedujour #currentlyreading #bookporn
Gestern direkt #annefranksdiary als #graphicnovel beendet und ich bin immer noch perplex, wie schön das Buch aufgearbeitet wurde und wie hochwertig die Illustrationen sind. Es macht richtig Lust, hier reinzuschmökern und ich denke, der ein oder andere Nicht-Lesebegeisterte könnte mit solchen Medien leichter an Literatur herangeführt werden oder aus dem sogenannten Reading Slump gezogen werden.  Was hilft bei euch, aus einer #lesekrise rauszukommen?  #arifolman #sfischerverlag
Mini review: Reading the original diary of Anne Frank as a teen was a defining moment of my (childhood) reading life — not only did it bring alive the horrors of World War II, it articulated the universal frustrations of adolescence so well — the battles with Mom, the tentative genesis of an independent worldview, the feelings of isolation, the yearning to be understood, the continual struggle against the self. _ This newly illustrated edition — by film maker Ari Folman and illustrator David Polonsky — provides a visual distillation of that experience, notable for its focus on moods and internal states. Accompanied by excerpts of Anne’s writings, we get a visual guide to the historical events leading up to the Franks’ confinement, a tour of the layout of the secret annex (slide 2 ⬆️), observations and anecdotes on all seven co-inhabitants, and detailed depictions of the agony of life spent in hiding. These accounts are interspersed with occasional two-page spreads of pure visual poetry, illuminating the emotional undercurrents of the narrative (slide 3 ⬆️). _ Most of all, the images and text thoughtfully recapture Anne’s voice — her energy, acerbic wit, acute observations, droll humour and astonishing self-awareness. _ By necessity severely shortened, the book obviously does not capture the full character arc (from carefree teen to contemplative young woman), nor the full extent of hardships experienced. Thus, recommended as a supplement to — rather than replacement of — the original text. _ Mood: Introspective, harrowing but also hopeful Rating: 9/10 _ _ _ #annefrank #annefrankthediaryofagirl #diaryofannefrank #annefranksdiary #annefrankgraphicnovel #graphicnovel #arifolman #davidpolonsky #wwii #worldwar2 #worldwar2history #bibliophile #instabooks #bookstagram #readingreview #bookreview #ilovereading #flatlay #flatlaybooks
More than 70 years after the publication of “Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl,” we might think we know everything about the young diarist. 💢 Ari Forman‘s new graphic novel breathes new life into the story, imagining Anne’s hopes, fears, and frustrations through David Polonsky’s vivid illustrations. 💢 Her resentment of her sister, anger at her mother, and crush on fellow annex dweller, Peter, remind us that, ultimately, she was just an ordinary teenager in a not-so-ordinary time.
Adaptation du Cri d’Edvard Munch 🎨, dans la version graphique du #journaldannefrank 📓 par #arifolman et #davidpolonsky #bookstagram
Two great classics, newly adapted as graphic novels! • TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD by HARPER LEE adapted and illustrated by FRED FORDHAM • ANNE FRANK'S DIARY adapted by ARI FOLMAN and illustrated by DAVID POLONSKY • Whether you're reading the story for the first time, or revisiting a book you've read in prose, graphic novels offer new insights and interpretations that enhance your reading experience. • These two enormously popular classics now have gorgeous graphic novel editions, perfect companions to the original text, or a entry point to their stories. • #tokillamockingbird #harperlee #fredfordham #annefranksdiary #arifolman #davidpolinsky #graphicnovel #classics #nextread #books #bookstagram #bookish #booklover #bibliophile #read #reading #ilovebooks #local #community #shoplocal #shopsmall #bookshop #yarralife #cityofliterature #bookworm #givebooks  #littlebookroom #nicholsonvillage #melbourne
Production has begun on Ari Folman’s much-anticipated upcoming feature ‘Where Is Anne Frank?’. The Israeli director has begun work on the new film in his studio in Jaffa, Israel.  The pre-production will be followed by animation production early 2019 at Walking The Dog studios in Brussels, Doghouse Films in Luxembourg and Submarine in Amsterdam. The family movie follows the story of Kitty, Anne Frank’s imaginary friend, who wakes up today in Amsterdam after a miracle, and travels on a quest all over Europe to find out what happened to Anne during the last seven months of her life.  Sponsored by the Anne Frank Foundation in Basel, the film is based on research by Folman’s exclusive access to the Frank Family Archives. Jani Thiltges is producing the feature with Ari Folman. Wild Bunch will handle the international sales of the movie.  Ari Folman adapted ‘Anne Frank’s Diary: The Graphic Adaption’ together with David Polonsky in 2017.
What are some books that made a deep impact on you as a child? . 📝 (Thank you to @pantheonbooks for gifting me this graphic novel) During the nights of November 9 and 10, 1938, synagogues across Germany were set on fire and Jewish-owned shops were smashed by Nazis. Because of all the glass in the streets, they call this night Kristallnacht. I did not realize that these anniversaries were last week, but as I was looking for some Anne Frank information to post with this graphic novel I ran into these dates and realized they were just a few days ago. . 📝 Anne's journals give me a lot of mixed up feelings. I remember reading Anne Franks Diaries in the fourth grade, and as an avid journal keeper already at that age, I was horrified. Horrified at the thought of my journals being found and published. At that age my first thought was about her privacy instead of what she was actually going through. That came next as we read her journal entries and with the prompting questions from my teacher. And that peek into her life really made a deep impact on me to understand what that time was like, how blessed I am to have never endured hate, and resolve that I would be the kind of person who helped those in need. . 📝 I love graphic novels, especially for children who might be reluctant readers. And this one is excellently and beautifully done. (I'll show pictures of the inside illustrations in my stories today) But I love the way illustrator David Polonsky illustrates Anne’s feelings and takes the metaphors in the diary and fully brings them to life. I hope to introduce my daughter to Anne's story in a few more years, and maybe this graphic novel will be one way to do it.  #annefrank #annefranksdiary #thediaryofayounggirl #arifolman #davidpolonsky #graphicnovel
"Waltz with Bashir" (Ari Folman, 2007)  Aprovechando las características estilísticas de la animación, y los prejuicios sobre el género -pensando que siempre relata sucesos ficticios completamente imaginarios-, Folman crea este documental con una especial fuerza magnética  El resultado es un film híbrido que narra, desde el punto de vista del propio autor, su paso por la guerra del Líbano, de la cuál apenas tiene recuerdos. Así pues, la película es también una especie de road movie en el que el protagonista viaja por Israel con el propósito de entrevistar a algunos compañeros de la guerra, todo con la intención de recordar que ocurrió realmente  La película tiene una marcada estética -cargada de sentimiento poético-, y el resultado es reforzado por una contundente escena final con imágenes de archivo, lo que termina por confirmar que lo visto no ha sido ficción, sino algo real  #waltzwithbashir #valsconbashir #bashir #arifolman #folman #israelmovie #movie #film #cine #cinema #pelicula #documental #documentary #animacion
- #andante#reflection #maxrichter #franzschubert #waltzwithbashir#2008 #arifolman - Runtime	1 hr 30 min (90 min) Sound Mix	Dolby Digital Color	Color Aspect Ratio	1.85 : 1 Laboratory	CinePostproduction Geyer Berlin, Germany Film Length	2,462 m (Sweden)  2,495 m (Portugal, 35 mm) Negative Format	35 mm  Digital Cinematographic Process	Digital (source format)  Digital Intermediate (master format)  Spherical (source format) Printed Film Format	35 mm
Although Remembrance Day in the UK is primarily associated with World War I, this weekend (November 9-10) has also been the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht. * Many readers of Anne Frank’s Diary may not realise that Anne’s parents grew up in Germany and came from wealthy backgrounds.  Anne’s family did not emigrate to Amsterdam until 1933, the year that Hitler came to power and anti-Jewish policies were put into place. * In the spirit of remembrance, I’ve read this old favourite - converted to a graphic format.  It’s a brilliant adaptation, which stays faithful to the original in the important ways - including using Anne’s own words, when they are most powerful - but also supplements certain aspects of the story of eight people who spend two years confined in a small attic. * Anne’s frustrations, her observations and character assessments, her depression and anger at her mother, her volatile adolescent moods and her mature self-knowledge are all put across to the reader in imaginative and well, graphic, ways which really enhance the story. * I was very moved by Anne Frank’s Diary, when I first read it age 12, but I think this adaptation may be more  relatable to young readers - whether or not they have been previously exposed to the unforgettable life of Anne Frank. * Thanks so much to @penguinukbooks and @vikingbooksuk for a free copy of this book.  Full review on Goodreads. * #annefranksdiary #graphicnovel #arifolman #davidpolonsky #remembranceday #bookstagram #bookphoto #annefrank
. #コングレス未来学会議(#2013) . 【2018 movie post:322】 . Title: #thecongress Director: #arifolman Country: #fr#be#de#lu#il Runtime: 123min -Starring------------------- #robinwright -------------------------------- そろそろ今年も終わりが近づいてきました。 今年ベストも少しずつ考え出す時期で、何か最後にガツンと食い込んでくる映画ないかな〜と癖の強い作品ばかり観てしまう。 今回はアニメと実写の融合がミソですが、これが私にはとことん合わなくって...😅 ストーリーは面白かったんだけど、途中で集中が切れてしまいました...orz . 本作は【戦場でワルツを】のアリ・フォルマンによるドキュメンタリー風SF映画です。 主演のロビン・ライトが本人役で出演しており、女優としての彼女の言動を叱責するシーンは何だかリアルで可哀想になってしまいました...。 . ミラマウント(ミラマックスとパラマウントのパロディ)映画のエージェントより、CGキャラとしてのデータをスキャンし、永遠に映画に出演し続ける権利を売らないかという提案を受ける。 今後演技を一切しないといった、女優として命を捨てるような契約ですが、難病の子供を抱えた彼女は経済的な理由もありその契約を受けてしまう。 . CG女優としての契約を結び女優業を引退した彼女は20年後、再び契約をするためミラマウントに呼び出される。 しかしそのエリアはアニメゾーンという設定で、サイケデリックな景色が広がり自身もアニメキャラのようになってしまう。 そこで彼女に待ち受けていたものとは...。 . 希望と絶望が入り混じった作品、後半はかなり辛かったです。
#annefranksdiary #thegraphicadaptatiom by #arifolman & #davidpolonsky (@pantheonbooks) is an incredible new way to bring relevance and a new audience to #thediaryofannefrank  Her words are more important than ever.  #loveyolibrary
🎧TEM VÍDEO NOVO NO CANAL🎧 No vídeo de hoje eu falei sobre o livro: “ O Diário de Anne Frank”, que é uma versão em quadrinhos do livro com esse mesmo nome. Também se parece muito com o livro “O Mundo de Anne Frank” e eu indico muito esse livro para as pessoas que não leram o livro do mundo da Anne Frank porque acharam chato, enjoativo, pois ele é ilustrado. Então a leitura será mais tranquila. Esse livro ACABOU de chegar aqui em casa e eu já devorei ele. #valentinapopolare #seinscreva #deseulike #compartilhe #odiariodeannefrank #arifolman #davidpolonsky #editorarecord #leiaparaumacrianca #issomudaomundo
O diário de Anne Frank - Ari Folman e David Polonsky ⠀ ⠀ #bv_reads #leitura #reads #books #booktube #livros #annefrank #aff #arifolman #record #odiariodeannefrank #annefrankfonds