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Former fosters Apricot & Armie are now on IG! Follow them at @loki_n_luna. They were our last group before Hazel & the Chips which seems like forever ago. But they were the cutest/sweetest/cuddliest/messiest pair and were two of my faves. #apricotandarmie
We are going to the beach for the weekend but will be back Monday with a foster surprise! 🐱 #apricotandarmie
Armie & his hammock 😸 #apricotandarmie
Apricot & Armie are doing great in their new home. Their new names are Luna & Loki! #apricotandarmie
The kittens went back to @catadoptpdx to be spayed/neutered this morning. They will be in their forever home later today! #apricotandarmie #doubleadoption
Hanging out with FM on our lady night together.  #apricotandarmie
Apricot & Armie are resting up for their big day tomorrow 🎉 #apricotandarmie
Last day with #apricotandarmie ♡♡♡ Top 2 pics are 6 weeks old. Bottom two are today at 8.5 weeks. The video is when we got them at 4 weeks, under 1 lb & bad diarrhea. Now they are just over 2 lbs.(and Armie is now bigger than Apriocot )
Armie prepares to take a big bite of 🌭  #apricotandarmie
Two more days with these two... #apricotandarmie
We have three days left with these two. I’m so glad they will get to stay together! #apricotandarmie
Nothing’s better than tiny kittens cuddling with a big dog. Apricot LOVES Louie! #apricotandarmie
belly spots!!! #apricotandarmie
Who needs fancy cat toys?! #apricotandarmie
Armie’s serious face. #apricotandarmie
Every kitten needs a hammock #apricotandarmie
Apricot & Armie’s go-home blanket is done! They will be going to their new home on Thursday. #apricotandarmie
More Louie love. Apricot adores him. Armie thinks his tail is a fun toy. #apricotandarmie
Laundry basket fun. #apricotandarmie