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This about sums up 2018 #allabouthayes  Let’s do this 2019 πŸ‘ŠπŸ½!
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Hayes POV: OMG I'm so sorry!! Maddy's POV: No im sorry I wasn't paying attention!! Hayes POV: So I'm guessing your new to this neighborhood? Maddy POV: Yup I'm from California and I just moved here and I'm maddy  Hayes POV: well I'm... Maddy POV: Hayes...Hayes Grier Hayes POV: haha yeah so can I have your number?  Maddy POV: Sure! Hayes POV: Oh I gotta go ill text you later.  Maddy POV: Ok bye! ~ at 10:00 pm~ πŸŽ€-Maddy πŸ’™-Hayes πŸ’™-hey! πŸŽ€hi☺️ πŸ’™- Can u hang out tommorrow since it's the last day of summer? πŸŽ€-Yeah! πŸ’™-I'll meet you at starbucks at 10 πŸŽ€- Ok! I gotta go to bed now Bye! πŸ’™-Bye😴 Hayes POV: Maddy seems really nice and she's really pretty with her long chestnut brown hair and those bright blue eyes like mine. I know I don't really know her yet, but I feel like I wanna ask her out! *END OF CHAPTER*