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It’s actually not social media’s fault 〰️ It’s our relationship with it. It’s the fact that likes and followers have become our new yardstick for self-worth. It’s the fact that people can trick you into thinking you’re viewing their real life when it’s actually ‘highlight reel life’. (Or a flattering filter.) .... You guys; your favourite Instagram influencer eats, shits and sleeps just like you do. They definitely have days where they feel emotionally depleted and worthless too. It’s only you that is putting them on a pedestal and, equally it’s you that can choose not to .... Social media doesn’t show you the reality of the 16 year old girl sitting at home posting a photo and then taking it down 20 minutes later when it doesn’t get enough likes .... Social media doesn’t show the declining mental health of our men who are also feeling inadequate .... Social media doesn’t show you the entrepreneur who is about to give up on her dreams because she’s being trolled .... Social media doesn’t show you the troll who trolls because she was bullied at school 〰️ But it’s not social media’s fault 〰️ It’s ours for measuring our worth on what a stranger thinks of us online.  It’s ours for using social media as a form of escapism because we don’t want to feel whatever painful emotion has surfaced. It’s ours for curating our feed with people who we allow to make us feel less than. It’s ours for comparing our physical form to someone else’s which has been digitally altered to eliminate all flaws. It’s ours for searching for an outlet to attribute blame that is outside of ourselves. It’s ours for continuing to say how much we hate social media but not setting boundaries around our useage 〰️ We need to change our relationship with social media 〰️ I’ve met some of my best friends, my business partner, and most inspirational people via social media. I’ve had some of the most touching, heartfelt messages
What is it you enjoy with the intention of purely enjoying?
Where can you redirect the intention in your life towards enjoyment, perhaps even in the moments that aren’t plainly so? ⇞ The more you enjoy the moment you’re in, the more opportunities you’ll find hooked. It’s the law of attraction - high vibe attracts high vibe. ⇞ The world lines these up for you the moment you relax, let go of the expectation of your “catch,” and learn to love where you’re at, no matter where that is. This could very well could be an uncomfortable place - ie. hooking the tree behind you - however I PROMISE you it’s only uncomfortable because you are learning and growing. Be aware of this always. ⇞ It’s a practice in THAT. Awareness, learning, enjoying.
I try to do this when I’m getting my car fixed, in commutes to work, in the most stressful of moments. I look for a color I love, remind myself of how cozy the scarf or sweater I have on is, tune into how a turn really FEELS on snow without labeling it as good or bad. Use your senses! We for sure have 5 of them ;) The parallels to life are infinite and oh so simple, they’re everywhere! What are yours? ⇞ Photo inspired by friends!! @forresthruthetrees // @rewikstrom ⇞ #peace #fishing #living #highvibes #noexpectations #lawofattraction #mindset #flyfishing #manfiestyourcatch #beherenow #enjoytheride #intention #tightlines #alignment #thecommonstitch #doodlephore #sketch #draw
#happythursday 💗🙌 you know that feeling of being lost in #life. You are trying few things and nothing works. Sometimes it’s just hard to manoeuvre between what’s going on in life. I learned to have a few people in my life who give me another #perspective. I also provide a #feedback myself to anyone that ask me for that. Seek for #mentor to #levelup  #improveyourself #worklife #guidance #lifeplan #coaching #lifecoaching #beingwise  #liveyourbestlife #upgrade #learning #coachinglife #mentoring #idol #alignment #givelovegetlove
10 Benefits of Sound Healing/Sound Baths  Throughout history, many cultures have used sound and vibration for healing. Shamans used chanting and drumming to heal people with various complaints, while in ancient Greece, Egypt and India – sound, song, chanting, and music was used for healing purposes for infertility, rheumatic pain, and depression among other conditions. Egyptian papyri over 2,600 years old refer to incantations and vocalizations of vowels for healing purposes.  Sound healing is a natural way to bring relaxation to the body; using various tones, this therapy aligns brainwaves into a frequency that allows for calm.  1. Relief from stress 2. Fewer headaches  3.Helps improve confidence  4. Gives you more focus 5. More energy  6. Improves relationships with others  7. Think more clearly  8. Improves Organisation skills 9. Improves attention span  10. Get relief from common ailments  @purezenlifebalance  For Sound Healing Music, visit our link in bio  #soundhealing #soundbath #healingvibrations #benefitsofsoundhealing #balancethemind #balancethebody #innerpeace #alignment #gongs #healingbowls #singingbowls #crystalsingingbowls #tibetansingingbowl #purezenlifebalance
Comment & Share if you found this helpful! ---------------------------- Follow: @yourlifepath11 ---------------------------- Credit: @bringingheaventoearth1111 Find Out Your Numerology- Link in Bio  #666 #chakras #manifested #lifecoach #awakening #enlightened #spirituality #444 #999 #numerologist #manifest #consciouscreator #purposeful #spiritual #lifepurpose #chakra #spiritualawakening #alignment #lawofattraction #abundance #synchronicity #abundancementality #conscious
Morning Essence #himalayan #spikenard #peace #bliss #openness #alignment  #vairocana #buddha #hung
“The closer you are to alignment with what you want the calmer it feels.” 🙏🏻✨ ~ Abraham Hicks  #alignment
I’m a huge advocate of walking bare foot as much as possible ✶ It strengthens the feet and ankles and allows the feet to spread ✶ I used to joke that my feet were wide like duck feet but now I recognise that’s a good thing ✶ So I’ve decided to take barefoot everywhere and started with these @vivobarefoot shoes which feel great.  They allow your feet to spread out and are more like a protective skin ✶ If you are new to these or any barefoot footwear, ensure that you work up to using them.  Your feet might not be used to them if you’ve always worn shoes or supportive trainers ✶ In later life having strong feet and ankles play a huge part in supporting balance, more about this in tomorrow’s post ✶ Let me know if you’ve tried barefoot shoes and what your experience has been! . . .  #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #alignment #fitness #wellbeing #fitover40 #healthover40 #womenshealth #menshealth #hormones #menopause #manopause #longevity #optimalhealth #mobility #flexibility #cognitivefunction #middleage #strength #fitatallages #pelvicfloor #themindbodymethod #missyasminibrahim #barefoot #vivobarefoot #feet #strongfeet
Thursday sunrise pilates 7am you guys were awesome from managing to roll out of bed super early to achieving spinal roll backs on the mat  #howdoyoustartyourday #pilates #matpilates #spinalmobility #core #strengthen #align #alignment #gaiam #aloyoga #nike
Sometimes we overcomplicate things for ourselves unnecessarily.  We think things have to be more difficult than they are.  We think we have to work hard for something to earn it or appreciate it.  Perhaps it’s a habit.  We picked it up from other people as the modus operandi for how to live. . Perhaps it’s tiring and expending energy that could be better used elsewhere in our life.  Does everything have to be such an effort? . Step away from the ego struggle and into ease and flow. . Who wants an easy life?! Or it that cheating?
What better way is there to cultivate stability in your life than to experience it within your very own vessel of a body? • What better way is there to persue balance than creating it with your very own two feet? • Technically, there is so much wrong with my alignment in this posture. The goal is not to perfect the posture but rather to embrace the small potential of growth and strength, each time I choose to practise it.  And each time, checking in more deeply to the microcosm functioning of my joints and tissues and muscles and cells and nerves and thoughts and feelings - and how they all flow together to create our reality. 🤸 To witness to the way my body feels every single day. To notice to subtle changes, shifts, micro movements and sensations - that is the goal! 💃 To build an extremely intimate relationship with my self - physically, emotionally, mentally and wholey - so that I know my every need in every moment for creating a balanced Bioscience field for myself - that is the goal! 🌬️ #breathbrainbelly #bioneuroemotion #bioscience #ayurvedalifestyle #ayurvedalife #ayurveda #balance #alignment #subtleenergy