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giving you some golden hour goodness to brighten this dreary day 🌞
38 weeks of bumpin! and never happier for a *noooo baby yet* report at the doctor yesterday. ;) i mean... never mind the laundry piles and the shoes i need to ship back to the store and the eye medicine rocco needs *IN* his eyes *four* times a day this week [haha, literally not possible]... i really maybe just... need a little cat nap. :)🤞🏼💕🤰🏻 #butsoonokay
The remnants of summer
👇Have you ever felt super bloated only to realize that it’s almost that time of the month?⁣ ⁣ This post is for my ladies...⁣ ⁣ Listen up!⁣ ⁣ These pictures were taken in the morning as soon as I woke up at two different times of the month.⁣ ⁣ One was taken a day before my period and the other a few days after my period.⁣ ⁣ This is the thing;⁣ ⁣ This idea of girls having a flat stomach 24/7, is just an illusion.⁣ ⁣ There are so many things that affect us in a day to day and even on monthly basis that determine how our body looks like.⁣ ⁣ A woman’s body undergoes many hormonal changes throughout a month.⁣ ⁣  There is a ⬇️PROGESTERONE AND ⬇️ESTROGEN as you get closer to your period ⁣ ⁣ Around a week before their period women tend to;⁣ ⁣ ♥️Hold onto more water weight (3-5lbs!!) ⁣ ♥️Have abdominal and back cramps⁣ ♥️Feel tired ⁣ ♥️Get breakouts ⁣ ♥️Have mood swings  The list could go on... ⁣ On the plus side women also tend to burn anywhere from 100-300 calories MORE during this time. ⁣ ⁣ So it’s okay to give into those cravings sometimes. ⁣ ⁣ And yes, you might not feel your best, and your stomach might be a little pudgier than usual during these few days but the thing is it just means that you’re a woman, and that you’re human. ⁣ ⁣ So, rather than trying to work against it learn to work with it!♥️⁣ ⁣ If you want to learn more about the mensural cycle and the basics on how to train and diet around it, head onto my story! ⁣ 👇Ladies, do you change your workouts up or diet around your cycle? • • • • • • • #fitandbalanced #strongnotskinny #whatliftsyou #strengthfeed #transformationpic #instafit #transformationrevolution #womenwholift #fitstagram  #wellnesslife #getfitwithme #menstrualmovement #instafitsociety #eatwellbewell #igniteyourfire #igniters #selfloveiskey #treatyourself #eattogrow #liveintentionally #movenourishbelieve
In my dreams I’m working from this sweet cafe today (in Beppu, Kyushu, Japan). Great coffee, the loveliest cheesecake, and all the natural light. Missing it already. ✨ When people ask what my favorite thing about Japan is, I often answer something like: “The food. And wandering around and finding all the hidden spots. But mostly the care and attention that people take to make things just-so.“ ✨ @othello_coffee is just that kind of place. #coffee #beppu #light #japan
Feeling so much gratitude that our Lemongrass & Detox Charcoal soap is featured among the night time ritual💭 @kariwlasichuk . Thank you so much for this beautifully captured post. 💞⠀⠀ For oily to combinations skin. Click link in the bio, sign up, receive your discount code and shop ❤☝ ⠀ 📷 credit: @kariwlasichuk⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #theperfectsimple #fysha #livedinluxury #nothingisordinary #kinfolkhome #simplelife #chooselovely #pursuebeauty #slowlived #fysha #authenticliving #ecoliving  #naturalhome #thisishome #inspiringsimplicity #seeksimplicity #minimalstyle #postitfortheaesthetic #mynordichome #alittlebeautyeveryday #plasticfree #habitatandhome⠀#finddailyhygge  #thepursuitofjoyproject #myeverydaymagic #kinfolkstyle⠀#alifeofintention #slowlife⠀⠀⠀ #responsiblestyle ⠀#habitandhome
This evening Daisy & I are joining with @frombabieswithlove in sending virtual kisses 💋 around the 'gram in celebration of the launch of their box of kisses, a beautiful selection of organic baby muslins. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ From Babies With Love are an amazing #socialenterprise & 100% of their profits go round the world 🌎  to help abandoned children 🙌  I always like to buy their products for special newborns, so if you have a moment do have a look at them now 💋 . . . . . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #alifeofintention #sustainable #organiccotton #ecofriendlyfashion #organicfashion #organicclothing #sustainablestyle #shopindependent #ecoliving #organiclife #greenliving #stylemesustainable #sustainableootd #instamummy #ecostyle #ecodesign #todays_simplicity #ecoconscious #instamums #mumfashion #organicliving #fairfashion #ethicallymade #ethicalfashion #slowfashion #slowfashionmovement #sustainablefashion #myhappycapture #coveredinkisses
Over time, I’ve come to learn that the happiness formula is pretty simple: Do more of what you like and less of what you don’t. And, no, I’m not happy all of the time, because I’m not doing things I like all of the time. To believe that’s possible is to be delusional. But I’m happier now than I used to be because I’m more conscious of who I am, who I want to be, and how I spend my finite time. Most importantly, with age I’ve come to better direct my actions to better reflect my priorities. • There’s a fancy term for this concept in the field of behavioral psychology called “self-concordance theory.” Coined by Kennon Sheldon, self-concordance theory suggests that the most important thing you can do to become your true, authentic, happy self is to pursue goals and objectives that are right for you. If you spend your time in pursuit of someone else’s priorities, then even if you achieve your goals, you’re not going to feel happy or fulfilled. • On the other hand, if you identify and stay focused on things that are meaningful to you, then you’re more likely to be happy. For example, if deep down you really want to become a writer, but after college you decide to enroll in law school, the odds are that you won’t be happy, and vice versa. • Again, simple, right? • But then what accounts for the masses of people—myself included (see stifled writer who goes to law school story above)—who spend significant portions, if not all, of their lives acting at odds with their goals, dreams, and interests…and, therefore, their happiness? • A lack of self-awareness is largely to blame for this consequence. You need to know yourself before you can know how to spend your time and resources to best effect. This requires experimentation and thoughtful introspection. It necessitates asking and answering difficult questions such as: What do I like? What feels good? What makes me happy? What has meaning? What can I do effortlessly? What feels
Simple Autumnal vibes happening on our mantel. 🌾🌾 Hope you’ve had a lovely day.
Oggi questo scatto fatto l’anno scorso, più o meno in questo periodo, è tornato al futuro ed è stato bello rivedersi. A distanza di un anno l’ho guardato pensando a tutto quello che oggi farei in modo diverso, a quante cose, a partire da quel momento sono cambiate e quante no. A rivederlo, mi pare che certi fantasmi, come gli omini scheletrini di biscotto, tornino solo per ricordarmi che anche quello che sembrava spaventoso, in fondo, una volta morso e mandato giù, si è scoperto meno peggio del previsto. Darsi tempo (e biscotti), insomma, funziona 🍂❤️🍁 . . . #cups_are_love #mystory_cups #coffeeandseasons #becoffeestyle #cupsinframe #thingsaboutcoffee #caffeinecouture #pourovercoffee #breakfastandcoffee #flatlaybreakfast #signsofautumn #openuptoautumn #hoquestacosaconlautunno #autumn4igers #food4igers #smallmomentsofcalm #slowlivingforlife #alifeofintention  #embracingtheseasons  #myeverydaymagic #nestandthrive #ilmioritmolento #faidellordinariounapoesia #esercizidibellezza #dolcezzeincucina #dolciitaliani #dolcivisioni #ledolcitentazioni #homemadehappiness #fotointavola
This is Malika, one of the women who made our linen pouches (link in profile) along with her colleague Fatheha (see next pic) and Mitale from @fabricworkslondon in London. We wanted you to see her so that you can get to know the humans behind each one of our products and how important it is to us to be transparent and honest about all the parts of our production. If you’re lucky enough to have got your hands on a pouch already, you can know that the women who made it wanted to do the work, enjoyed the process and were supported in their career journey and personal life.  But that’s not the case for everyone. It is estimated that around 30 million people are affected by forced labour and exploitation – often to create products we buy on the High Street – and we know that very few people think that’s OK. Which is why our collaboration with @freedomacts  @melwiggins has been so amazing. The #lookcloser campaign was created to help raise awareness of issues around #modernslavery for #antislaveryday this Thursday and we wanted to do that in an uplifting and accessible way. Not by telling you what not to do but by inspiring you to see the difference you can make when you buy a product that has been considered, not just for its aesthetic, its functionality and its environmental impact but for it’s human impact too.  We’ve always been about forging connections between people who make things and people who buy them and we hope that the momentum for change following programmes such as #fashionsdirtysecrets will start to embrace interiors as well as fashion. After all, a tea towel still has to be made from a crop, woven into a fabric and sewn and flown to the shops many of us shop in. And there’s no reason why anyone needs a new bowl or plate set every year. So here’s to a sea change of compassionate retail – where we all spend a little less time spending, a little more time thinking and end of with fewer products, but beautiful ones, with meaning and
I love when a piece takes on a life of it's own and I just have to follow it.  #tobotbear #scattering #artistsoninstagram #weaversofinstagram #textures #journey #alifeofintention
I love variety in cities, I don’t like to see that all houses have the same architecture, even worse look the same. I love contrast because it highlights differencies and strenghts. I love living in big cities, but I can stay in a remote cabin for days with the greatest pleasure as long as I have a book, tea and a campfire. What are your contrasting tastes? 🍁🍁🍁🍁
| outgoing package full of heart | ❤️
So pleased to announce that my work will soon be found at @objectsofuse (probably my favourite independent shop in Oxford’s city centre)! I’ve worked with the ever-lovely, Hazel, to create this bespoke collection. I’m especially excited about these new Watercolour Vases and Butter Keepers. Can’t wait for you to check them out. I’d love to hear what you think!
Out of curiosity, when it comes to working with a company (any kind) what makes you go from liking the experience to loving the experience?? What is most important to you? For me, it’s feeling that someone took the time to make sure I had the best experience possible, that I believe in their mission and intention, that they are there for me with any answers I may be looking for and that it doesn’t feel stodgy and mass-produced. I’m working on always improving my customer experience and would love to hear people’s input! . . . #makemoments #awesomeearth #alifeofintention #simplemoments #seasonspoetry #passionpassport #liveforthestory #myquietmorning #untoldvisuals #momentslikethese #liveforthestory #worldcapture #liveforthestory #seekmoments #travelwithintention #gritandvirtue #welivetoexplore #livetocreate #lightinspired #earthoutdoors #mynaturestory
When we moved to Colorado I knew that snow in October was possible. I wasn’t ready. . Thankfully Mother Nature has decided to pause winter and allow fall to resume for now. . . . . . . #autumn #alifeofintention #blogger #butfirstcoffee #brrr #babyitscoldoutside #discoverunder100k #documentlife #frugalliving #homemade #hotmessmom #inspireyourinstagram #littlemoments #littlemomentslikethese #liveauthentic #livecolorfully #livesimply #momentsofmine #momlife #nothingisordinary #prettylittlethings #october #visualsoflife #snow