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Waking up at 2am to climb 5,500 steps to the top of Adam‘s Peak was totally worth it and rewarded with this beautiful sunrise. ⛰  #adamspeak #sunrise #hike #soremuscles #srilanka
#adamspeak #srilanka
On top of the world #adamspeak
Finding these beautiful giants with their little babies made my day! I've never seen so many elephants together in one spot whilst canoeing. They all look so free and happy. . . We had a very early start at 5am, got here and started paddling out to the middle of the lake. Saw the most stunning sunrise and slowly started heading towards the forest. I had my binoculars on me and I completely mislead us towards a rock and a track that looked like an elephant from afar! 😅 Spotted heaps of Painted Storks, Cormorants and Pelicans along the way. Finally spotted one elephant and when we got around the sheltered island, it opened up to a whole herd. They spotted us and was about to head back in the forest, but we came to a halt and they carried on having breakfast. We watched them for a good hour! We paddled back to a little island and went on a mini treasure hunt, had a cup of tea and floated back to base on the most still lake. . . Seeing these gentle giants in the wild is one of the best things you could experience in Sri Lanka. It requires a certain level of commitment, having to wake up super early, helping out with the paddling, being out in the cold lake and waiting patiently trying to spot them on the edge of the lake.  Elephants fully deserve this level of respect, they are majestic, intelligent, beautiful and wild. . . Captivity is cruel, I feel that Pinnawala especially tries to mask this. It's almost an open invitation to come have pretty photos with elephants as elephants are guaranteed, it is very apealing. . . In my opinion, even if you don't see an elephant out in the wild the first time around, there's an entire lifetime for you to try again. Please understand the impact your  contribution has towards this industry.. Is a bunch of pretty photos worth funding what is basically an elephant farm?These elephants deserve so much more than being held in chains, disciplined by bull hooks and being ridden around! . . There's so many national parks in Sri Lanka,
Woke up at 2.30am to climb 5200 steps and be on top at 5.30am. Hardest thing I've ever done. . . #adamspeak #travellife #travelsrilanka #hikingsrilanka #girlswhohike #allaboutadventures #passionpassport #adventuretime #outdoorlife #wildernessculture
How to make an entrance to a wedding #adamspeak #wedding
Quel bonheur d’admirer cette vue au petit matin ! #srilanka🇱🇰 #adamspeak
Таким был рассвет на пике Адама в тот день🌄 И заключительная часть маршрута👇🏻 Маршрут (ч.4) 10 день. Погода разгулялась. Полдня валяемся на шезлонгах и плещемся в бассейне. К обеду набежала туча. Мне нужно на почту, отправить открытки. Но почта закрыта, потому что ланкийцы могут себе позволить просто закрыться раньше и пойти домой. Завтра выезд. 11 день. Просили у управляющего ланч-бокс в счет завтрака, потому что check out в 6-30 утра. Он предложил нам в 6-00 нормально позавтракать. И они ведь встали и приготовили нам завтрак! Аэропорт. Держались русских. Программа регистрации на рейс висла, посадили куда-то в хвост (потом оказалось, что там полсалона свободно и хвостовая часть перетусовалась как захотела). Привет, Москва! Мы протусили еще один день в Москве и полетели домой под нескончаемую трескотню двух девиц, дальнейшей истерики их соседа и ужасом от ожидавшей нас погоды….❄️
Street dogs in Sri Lanka are as much a part of the culture as beaches, palm trees, and coconuts. However every year, there are thousands of road traffic accidents involving street dogs, not to mention the thousands that fall ill from other causes, especially because they don’t have access to care. We came across so many, and on our hike towards Little Adam’s Peak, several shaded from the heat or accompanied us up to the peak! My heart felt for them, many who were scarred (pictured), and others we fed water to keep them cool in the heat. . . . #photooftheday #mycanon #amateurphotography #traveling #tflers #vacation #honeymoon #honeymoondestination #visiting #adamspeak #ella #instatravel #instago #trip #srilanka #landofhiddentreasures #fun #travelling #instapassport #hiking #animals #animalcare #mytravelgram #igtravel #positivevibes #lovelife #earthpix #agameoftones #loveexploring
Looks like I am sitting on the edge of this rock, but it really wasn’t #instagramisnotreallife ;) Mom remained calm for this one👌🏼 📸 - @connievissen
This 2am to sunrise, 5,500 stair hike definitely made my silk a bit red in the bow
Día 8: Adam's Peak - Kitulgala - Pinnawala. Un día muy largo y completo. Nos levantamos a las 2 a.m para hacer la subida al "infinito" Adam's peak. Sobre las 9:30 de la mañana pusimos rumbo a Kitulgala para hacer rafting. Comimos en un restaurante allí al lado (con super vistas al río), y por la tarde rumbo Pinnawala,dónde nada más llegar nos dimos un chapuzón en la piscina. Exprimiendo el día al máximo! 💪 #adamspeak #rafting #kitulgala #pinnawala #srilanka #vacaciones #viaje #viajar #naturaleza #picoftheday
Adams peak var en rutsjebanetur, har aldrig været fyldt med så mange blandede følelser❤️ men smukt var det! #adamspeak #smuk #tidligtop