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Pieter & Etienne Jordaan-Botha


Two guys and a dog getting ready to for life on the ocean. A long time to get ready, and lots of hard work heading our way. ⛵Jeanneau 43 DS

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We passed Ouessant in France we started making our way across the English channel. We had amazing weather but no wind... With a very gentle but large swell roling in from the atlantic we had  a quick crossing. We reached UK waters and decided we deserve a celebratory beer.  We were joined by numurours pods of dolphins as well.  Negotiating the busy shipping was interesting too, some looked more like apartment blocks than ships.  #sailing #saillife #jeanneau #jeanneau43ds #sailingcouples #dolphins #englishchannel #shipping #sunshine #celebration
The pilot whales in Biscay.  It was do special to see them!  #pilotwhales #saillife
Its been a while since i updated on here.  Most of you probably know that we made it safely to Chichester.  So here is a break down of the 5 days from A Caruna to chichester accross the nautorious biscay.... After leaving A Caruńa around 12:00 we had an amazing first 36hrs.  It felt strange leaving behind the land, knowing it will be at the very least 3.5 days before we see it again.  We had a lovely moon and saw a pod of pilot whales.  The next 24hrs was the scariest 24 of our entire journey.  The weather forecast got it slightly wrong and we were caught in a force 8 gale (62-74km/hr)just over halfway across the bay. We had waves between 5 and 7m. After been knocked down 3times with deeply reefed sails (that's when your mast nearly touch the water and the boat leans over 90°  for our non sailing friends) we decided to heave to and wait it out)  One feels very small when mother nature runs her course... #biscay #sailingcouples #saillife #storm #whales #jeanneau #jeanneau43ds #acaruna #sailing
So we made it over half way from Gibraltar. Currently in the amazing city of A Caruña. We are super impressed with how clean it is, no rubbish on the streets and people take pride in keeping it that way.  The tower is called "Torre de Herculese" or tower of Herculese.  It was built in the 1st century by the romans. It was rebuilt later but with the exact same footprint and dimensions. It is the oldest working lighthouse in the world and part of the UNESCO world heritage.  We are heading into the big bay tomorrow...the weather looks ok for now so fingers crossed it's still like this tomorrow.... #sailingcouples #saillife #spain #acaruna #torredehercules #jeanneau #43ds #biscay #lastleg #chichester
Ensalada de pulpo. Yum yum!!
After 2days of nonstop rain and wind we got a chance to do a little exploring. Still windy as you might tell from the hair... Of course the fun came after the boat, this morning fixed the port nav light, carried 300liters of diesel in containers, filled up the main tank and refilled the containers.  Now we are enjoying a drink in the cockpit waiting for the next thunderstorm to move in.  Looks like we are set to depart Wednesday at the crack of dawn for old blighty (weather permitting) Keep your fingers crossed..... #jeanneau #jeanneau43ds #sailing #saillife #boatworks #bayona #couples #windy #biscay
Hello from Bayona in Galicia, Spain.  We are here for n few days waiting for a weather window. Already been shown how amazing the sailing community can be. We arrived yesterday evening totally drenched from a heavy rain storm and got invited today to have lunch with Gait on her lovely boat.  Her Father built the boat and fitted it out till 1990. She took it over in 2013 and is now making her way down to the Canaries from where she will cross the Atlantic. Eventually going to Costa Rica (Pacific side) and up to Seattle where her grand children is.  Such huge respect for this lady doing it all by herself!! She also inspired us so much by just listening to her story.  For us its a few days of relaxation, visiting the markets and enjoying the quicine of Galicia!! Much love to you all and thank you so much for the love and care  you have shown so far. We appreciate it immensely! X
After 3.5 days from Gib we encountered severe weather in the straights, then no wind.  Currently docked in Porto due to weather and in need of diesel... Was very challenging!! We also have a new hatred for lobster pots, there are so so many around the Portuguese coast.  Leaving tomorrow at 06:00 for Baiona in Spain then wait to cross Biscay..... #sailing #sailinglife #roughweather #staystrong #jeanneau #43ds #love #couples
After a very scary and bumpy landing in 40 knots of wind this morning (I might just say well done to the pilot as yesterday no planes landed in the same wind) I am so happy to be with Et and back on our our beautiful boat.  We are doing last minute checks, sorting out escape routes and harbours from Gib to A Caruña.  And now....a well deserved glass of Rioja.... This wind is not showing any signs of dying down till Sunday but our departure time is set for Saturday @ 06:00.... #happy #sailinglife #jeanneau #jeanneau43ds #windy #laninea
Another day, another job. But this was a rather s#*ty one... Etienne discovered that our loo didn't flush at all, just out of the blue I might add.  It was up to him to figure out how Jobsco lite flush marine loos work. After some research on forums we realised it might be the driving belt, driving the macerator and pump that failed.  Now I think we can all agree that a toilet dismantle is NOT fun at all, but after walking a few miles into Gibraltar to get the spare part, several hrs later and the loo is fixed!! Owning a boat certainly pushes us to expand our comfort zones at an exponential rate. I am a teacher and Et an interior designer but we are rapidly morphing into handy men, electricians and plumbers. (Etienne more than me as I could only give moral support this time)  The word patience gets a whole new meaning when working on a boat. The struggle is SO real!!! #sailing #patience #jeanneau #boatwork #43ds #sailingcouples #plumbing
Yesterday was a day of stress...both for me here in London and more so for Etienne in Algeciras. After getting her in the sligns, questions like, are the seacocks still good and will the engine start after 8months was running through our minds.  On top of that, for Etienne to move her single handedly for the first time across the bay and mooring on the other side was a huge challenge!! But all went very well and both are now safely waiting for me in Alcaidesa marina! #jeanneau #saillife #43ds #proud #alcaidesa #rockofgibraltar
Etienne arrived this morning in Algeciras, Southern Spain, to do a few last minute jobs on our girl. I still have 10 days work left here in London... Doesn't she look stunning with her bottom turning 50 shades of grey and Navy?? Tomorrow is splash day then over to Laninea marina where Et will wait for me to arrive.  #sailingcouples #excited  #jeanneau #jeanneau43ds #algeciras #boatwork #antifouling
17 days till I fly out to Gibraltar... Etienne is going on the 18th to supervise the splash after months 8 months in the boatyard, keep work completed, rudder repair and various other small bits done. He will also install a new water pump, put up a new clock and Barometer amongst other things.  We are exited yet nervous about the journey back to the UK.  We are hoping the weather will be kind and the seas calm.  #sailingdream #jeanneau #jeanneau43ds #sailingcouples #excited #logbook
In the Solent, busy with our ICC (International Certificate of Competence) Having a great time with a wonderful brisk day of sailing today.  #sailingdream #jeanneau #solent  #couples #sailing
Hurrah! Episode 2 is out now! See how we got on going back home to visit family and enjoying the wonderful heat of great South Africa!! #travel #holiday #southafrica #virgin #summer #family #couples #sailng #sailingikhalana #jeanneau #jeanneau43ds
Think these are going to be needed for our practical course in February... especially if temperatures stay the way they are now ❄️❄️❄️❄️ They are the Southern Ocean boots from Musto.  Tried them on last night and they feel great! But what a mission to get them on and off hehe.  #musto #sailingboots #sailingdream #wintersailing
Forgot to mention this little guy needs replacing too.... Any advice on PSS seal or shall we stick to this type??
Some of the bits that Etienne did this week includes: 1. fitting a new bildge pump switch 2. Getting rid of manky old netting in the forward cabin and aft lockers in our cabin  3. Removing broken click and barometer 4. Moving the charger for the hand held GPS  We still have more to do before we take on the trip from Algeciras to Chichester at end of march but all getting together slowly but surely!  #excited #sailing #saillife #jeanneau #jeanneau43ds #boatwork #biatmaintance