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Marta Tomasini // Surfragette


🍕 Italian living in Biarritz, France 🌊 Ocean lover 🌴 Creating content 📷 Both sides of the lens // surfragette@gmail.com

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When we try to stay serious 🙄 Ph @takeawave
Not today, but almost 😍 Oh I love Autumn in Basque Country
Good night Biarritz 💙
This is me in Paris. Happy, with a smile, rich in culture and soul food and good food too. I know you prefer to see waves and my surf life in the Atlantic coast, but I've always had a crush for big cities. The movement, the chaos, the heterogeneity and that feeling that we're all in the same shit, so let's be kind to each other and have fun. That feeling that keeps you connected yet completely free. So, once in a while I have to run away and get my batteries recharged by the electricity and the noise you only feel there.  Have a good Sunday night friends.
When you see the set coming and start paddling your ass off 😮
Happy Monday 💙 This past weekend I went on a day trip in San Sebastian, at around 30 km far from Biarritz. Believe it or not, this was the first time in five years I went seeing the city from this point of view.  Have you ever been there?
Weekend nap 🌼
Got tendinitis in my left shoulder, so it means rest for a little while until it's healed - unless the waves are amazing obvs 😉 Missing these summer springsuit sessions 💙 Ph @kevinlebesson
I've never celebrated Halloween. My last memories of Halloween's celebrations are from when I was still a kid. It's not that I don't like it, on the contrary! 🎃 It's just in Italy it's not such a big thing, like in the US for example. It's more about remembering those who passed away and celebrating their memory.  So, it's not like you want to throw a party in disguise for that eheh 😅 Anyway, what is the meaning of Halloween in your own culture? I want to hear more 😀 --------- Ps: I love surfboards' still life, don't you?
Lonely surfer.
Not today, but who cares. Good evening Biarritz ♥️
It's beanie time guys ❄️ I don't know you, but I didn't remember fall was this cold...🐧
Wonderful fall morning logging and shooting with @remibedora for @billabongwomenseurope 💙 Had so much fun with the girls . . . . . . . . . . #oceangirl #oceanchild #surfsession #waves #ocean #swell #love #happy #surfer #surfergirl #surfgirl #ladyslider #surfphotos #surfphotography #photography #sealovers #surf #surfers #beachlife #liveauthentic #surfing #longboard #outdoorlife #livefolk #endlesssummer #retrosurf  #singlefin
I guess sometimes postcards are not that far from reality 💙
I love this picture so so much. And I love this surfer as well 😅
Yesterday was the first real chilly day of the season. I can't believe I was dipping my toes in the shorebreak just a few days ago 😅
When grey days are good days. Madame Belza honoured the right way.