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Marta Tomasini // Surfragette


🍕 Italian living in Biarritz, France 🌊 Ocean lover 📷 Both sides of the lens ✉️ surfragette@gmail.com ** Go out and see the world **

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Winter days in Biarritz 💙
Dance dance baby  Ph @remibedora
In my happy place. How crazy for a girl living by the ocean, right? 🙄 Maybe it's because it feels like home, or  to be at the top of the world. I'm super happy to live on the coast, but mountains give me goosebumps every time. Anyone else feeling like this?
If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito. - The Dalai Lama
Someday you will find me Caught beneath the landslide In a champagne supernova in the sky --- Ph @jo_savagephotography
Monday be like 🌊 Unfortunately I'm still off from surfing because of my shoulder's injury. Hope I can be in the water soon again 🤞 Ph @remibedora
Welcome back ♥️
This year I want more adventures!  Ph @jo_savagephotography
Sorry if I'm a little offline these days. I'm very busy playing cars, tickling and starting pillow fights at any time of the day. To be auntie is such a dirty job, but someone has to do it 😉  I hope you guys are having wonderful holidays!
Merry Christmas friends! Remember this is the moment for sharing. But not on social media. This is the moment for sharing a smile, a meal, a hug, a dance with your loved ones. Take some time off today to fully enjoy all this. And if Christmas just isn't your holiday or you can't celebrate for some reason, try to do something that makes you feel happy and appreciate life!  A big hug from me and my little Santa buddy ♥️🎅
Whip you hair 'cos it's Christmas season 🎉🎉🎉 Ph @jo_savagephotography
One late summer night a couple of years ago by @bubblerock 💙 We had been shooting the whole day and stayed at the beach for a sunset surf until dark. Then headed to the Mexican for some well deserved nachos and burritos 😀 What a day!  Today I'm off to Italy for some quality time with my family and friends during the holidays. What are you up to for Christmas? 🎉
Pathway to the best playground 🌊
My last session before stopping to let my shoulder's injury heal, in late October 💙 Waves were pretty darn fun and I was still wearing a 3.2 mm wetsuit 🙈 Ph @remibedora
For better or worst ♥️ Ps: for those who are asking, we didn't get engaged Ph @luciefrancini
Some time ago a guy contacted me on Instagram telling me he would like to offer his girlfriend a photoshooting with me. He told me she was so beautiful, but she didn't know it and he wanted to help her gain some confidence. I was so honoured to be part of this project. Louise really is beautiful and I am so happy I showed her what she couldn't realize by herself.  After the shooting I could see the sparkles in her eyes and a new confidence was reflecting in her gestures and talking. She simply was happy.  It's crazy how insecure and unconfident social media can make us feel. Even the most beautiful girls can get upset at their flaws when confronted with the "perfect" lives behind the screen.  Well, I say those "flaws" are what makes us unique and yes, we are all beautiful. Sometimes we just forget about it.  Thank you @surfer_engineer for offering this moment to your girlfriend. There should be more men like you 🙏
Good evening to you too 😘