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Patty Barba [ Las Vegas 🌵]


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The holidays don't just bring  beautiful decor, they bring  sore throats and colds too.... So, I keep #1 doctor  recommended brand  Chloraseptic spray in the house  to ensure the holidays go  off without a hitch,especially  since we've used it since we  were kids! @chlorasepticusa . . . . #chloraseptic #sponsored
You guys know that I've been a skincare obsessed lunatic recently, I was able to try out the @trophyskin red Led lamp these past few weeks and I loved it! It definitely reduced my dark spots, and made some visible lines diminish quite a bit, I was excited when my own aesthetician said it was great, and totally recommended I use it! I think tools such as this lamp helps maintain healthy looking skin, it's like a diet...if you exercise but eat crap.....you still won't feel or look your absolute best, so if you have a great daily skincare routine, regular aesthetician visits and a @trophyskin LED lamp....your skin will have the chance to look its best! Make sure to click link in bio to shop and use Coupon Code STILETTOS15 for 15% off! 💥💥💥💥💥SWIPE TO SEE VIDEO💥💥💥💥 #sponsored
Hola everyone! Happy Thanksgiving week! Whoo hoo we made it! I can't believe it's here! So 3 things, 1. I have 2 videos up in my IGTV the first is the Nordstrom Blogger Holiday event and the next is my winter village DIY 2. This whole look was from yesterday at the #nordstromlv event, Its all thrifted, including the @sam_edelman booties...I was drooling over the @rebeccaminkoff #feminista waist bag cute right? 3. Last but not least I'm about to post my #thrift finds, so join me in my stories!
If rugged, natural masculine unisex scents are your deal......I've got one for you, @abbottnyc has basically found a way to bottle the essence of spectacular destinations in their fragrances...I chose #telluride suede, sandalwood and tonka bean, its rich and manly.... needless to say my hubs stole it from my vanity. It makes a perfect gift for the holidays! . . . #scentexploration #thegiftofascent #beauty #unisexfragrance #lasvegasbeauty #skin #mexicana #blogger #lifestyleinfluencer #pr #beautyblogger #abbottnyc #lifestyleblogger #vegasblogger #vegasinfluencer #fragrance #beyou #beautiful #skincare #beautyblogs #maquillage #cosmetics #flatlay #belleza #makeupflatlay #makeupstash #selfie #pattysvanity
Ooh~la~la Holiday shopping in full sesh! ❤ hung out at @fashionshowlv today touring the newly renovated #nordstromlv it turned out so chic and modern, they have a new event space, 28 new cosmetic brands, some of which are exclusively at @nordstrom Can't wait to show you everything we saw, catch my stories for a sneak peek at all the goodies we went home with! Thanks to @christiemoeller for the fab time! #abloggerholiday ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ My sweater & skirt are #thrifted Necklace: #vintage @goodwillvegas lippie: @rimmellondonus  Foundation @osmosis_skincare  Hat: @sheinofficial  Lashes: @brilliancebeautylounge
I miss cartoon Saturday mornings with a little Robbie, Bob the builder, Elmo, Teletubbies, hell...I hated Barney, But If it meant he'd go back to be a baby again, I'd watch the crap out of that Dino in a heartbeat. I'm thankful for the young man he's become....but mornings like today I miss him as a baby.💭 excited to decorate this weekend, thrifting some and holiday shopping with some awesome friends today! Hug your tots today, one day you'll wish for Saturday cartoons again. #momforever
This was last years holiday set up, which will much remain the same, I keep my decor similar for 2-3 yrs. Then start shopping after the holiday for the next year,.....my budget friendly tip, if I want to switch color schemes next year, I keep at least one of the colors I have currently and that way I only have to buy half of the decor not all of it, I'm getting my decor up this weekend, so I'll be full of tips in my stories....if you care, if not...enjoy your weekend anyway.💥 PS my chairs are thrifted and redone by me, hand me Downs from our stores!
I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for following me, watching my stories, buying my #thriftfinds and just simply caring about what I have to offer, I've had so many newbies and I'm so thankful and grateful for you guys! Don't forget I have teamed up for a Target GC giveaway with other amazing ladies, annnnddd I wanted to also tell you how amazing @osmosis_skincare  makeup has been for me, the foundation, and concealer are my Faves of all time, seriously...it's light, and natural but cover flawlessly! Swipe to see the products I'm wearing golden medium in the foundation and light in the concealer. Tap for details on top & earrings!💓 . . . #prsample #osmosisskincare
Hola Hermosas! Hello Gorgeous! I could write something cliche like, almost Friday or how is it Thanksgiving already, but you already read that somewhere today......SO, more pressing news, im posting more new items in my stories today, and question, I am decorating my buffet console with a little village  or holiday scene on a BUDGET! Would you like to see the process? Or Nah? When are you decorating? Or did you get ahead of the game already? Anyway, my  Sweater is thrifted, earrings are @sheinofficial and my cute specs from @zennioptical got lots of love! Don't forget to get yourself a pair at zennioptical.com ❤ #ad
Made an amazing dinner last night, thanks to @successrice did you know they now carry #successquinoa I know, right? Even if you're not great at cooking, #successrice makes you a pro in the kitchen, it's quick and easy to make without sacrificing quality. You wanna Make 10min Quinoa tostadas? Yes please, link to recipe video in my bio!🍴 #successcangotoyourhead #sponsored
For me accessories have always been the perfect way to re-invent my looks through out the year, @zennioptical is the place to accessorize your fall/winter wardrobe! I've been a customer for quite sometime now, so I was thrilled when I was able to partner up with Zenni to let you in on my affordable fashionable eyewear secret! I picked this style from their new Fall collection, something different than what I normally go for, and I love them! Do you wear glasses? Click the link in my bio to shop these frames, or head over to zennioptical.com to shop the others!❤ #justgitmyzennis #ad
I told you all in my stories that I've always been more star struck with #latin entertainers for some reason, and I've come to the conclusion it's Because we grew up watching novelas, cleaning our house to up beat Latin music and singing in Spanish at the most memorable moments of our lives, I've also noticed that my parents generation is WAY more star struck, since the celebs were way less attainable back then, so I think in a way meeting any Latin entertainer is kinda exciting, because I get to go tell my mom all about it and she'll be just as excited......That's the type of culture/family we have, the one that celebrates or engages in each others experiences, Thank you #neilsenknows for an amazing afternoon of great convos and beautiful company....the #latinleadingladiesofentertainment luncheon was beautiful once again, so proud to be #latina💓 PS I met honoree @iambeckyg today and she's is ALL that and a bag of takis! Just a beautiful person. SWIPE TO SEE MORE . . . #latingrammy2018 @iambeckyg
I love a good product, but what I love more is a company that gives back when it's needed the most, thank you @dermae for the sweet package! #dermae is donating up to $3000 to those affected by the CA wildfires please take a moment and follow their page, learn how you can help! #sponsored . . . . #sprouts
Real life vibes....❤ The one thing you should know, is that for every amazing picture you see on social media there is at least 100 crappy takes... eyes closed, double chins, wrinkles, muffin tops, goofy grins, too dark, too bright...you get the point. The truth is life isn't perfect, but it does have it's perfect moments...and 9 times out of 10, those moments are part of the outtakes. Its Monday, so dust yourself off and make it happen!❤💚💙💛❤ Wearing a vintage top from my  SHOP highlight, @gap skirt and @goodwillvegas booties
Sunday's are for Golden girls and organizing at our house💕 #givenchygiftedme  I'm excited to decorate for xmas and put together winter looks! Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday! 💓💓•💓💓•💓💓•💓💓•💓💓 Handbag: @abbottlyon Perfume:@givenchybeauty Body products: @lalicious_la Ring dish:@hobbylobby Earrings:@f21lasvegas Flowers:@theglamorousroses Scarf:@savers_thrift 💓💓•💓💓•💓💓•💓💓•💓💓 #givenchybeauty #octolyfamily #beauty #beautyflatlay #lasvegasbeauty #skin #mexicana #blogger #lifestyleinfluencer #pr #beautyblogger #lifestyleblogger #vegasblogger #vegasinfluencer #beyou #beautyblogs #maquillage #cosmetics #flatlay #belleza #makeupflatlay #makeupstash #selfie #pattysvanity
Spent my morning with beautiful women, talking about Holiday shopping, what could be better? Thanks to #neimanmarcus and @christiemoeller for the invite, I have a quick little video on my IGTV, showing you insight on what we saw, link in bio....... PS: my top and vintage #dooneyandbourke are thrifted of course, I'll be posting new thrifted finds tonight in my stories, so be on the look out! . . . #neimanmarcus #crazygoodgifts
Happy Friday gorgeous people!♡ #organicallymegiftedme .............................................................. ♡ I'm excited for up coming events, I'll be going to the Latin Recording artists lunch this next week, Neiman Marcus Blogger Brunch, and setting up our holiday decor, BTW I'm digging this backless @wearpact cream sweater! Its soft and goes with everything! Perfect for layering! . . . .  #organicallyme #wearpact #octolyfamily
#lancomegiftedme #yvessaintlaurentbeautygiftedme #nclabeautygiftedme  You all gave me so much love on my stories yesterday, from cramp remedies, Robbie compliments to lash questions and office decor comments, It reminds me that you watch and actually care about what's crackin at the Barba  household😂 if you didn't watch, this is one of the pics I found at @hobbylobby and some cute new things, I'm also excited to have partnered up with @zennioptical for their new Fall/Holiday collection, it's where we get our RX glasses including Robbies! Tap for other items pictured....PS its thrifting day! Feel free to send me messages or comments about anything you might be looking for!💙 . . . @LancomeOfficial #lancomeofficial @nclabeauty #ncla #nclabeauty @yslbeauty #yslbeauty  #octolyfamily