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Scott Kelly


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Saddened to learn the passing of former Astronaut Owen Garriott who pioneered long-duration spaceflight aboard #skylab. My thoughts are with Richard Garriott and family. #rip
A heartbreaking day for Paris and for the world. #notredamedeparis
#otd 58 years ago, human spaceflight began. Happy #cosmonauticsday!
Here I am in 2015 saying peace out to my twin brother @ShuttleCDRKelly before my #yearinspace. During that year we were studied and gave a lot of blood to see how my body changed compared to his on Earth. Today, @NASA is releasing the results of what they learned.
Incredible first-ever image of a black hole from a galaxy far, far away. Check out my Story, and swipe up to read more about it! #ehtblackhole #blackhole #science #space
#otd Four years ago, I launched to space for the fourth, last and longest time on a #yearinspace. Grateful for every opportunity and challenge to push the limits of endurance. #endurancememoir #infinitewonder
Planet water. Let's do our part to conserve it and keep it clean. #worldwaterday
#repost @shuttlecdrkelly: .................... Most of my ancestors came to the United States during the Irish Potato Famine. Like so many immigrants, they came here seeking a better life. They worked hard, and many of them became public servants: cops, firefighters, veterans. I'm proud of my heritage. ...................... Proud of my heritage too. I’m the one with the better hair, standing in front of our mom - Scott ☘️ #stpatricksday
There is no place on Earth for this kind of violence against innocent people. Standing with #newzealand.
Congrats to rookie @astro_christina, sort-of rookie @astrohague and Alexey Ovchinin on your successful launch. May your flight be long and prosperous! #nasa #rocket #launch #soyuz #exp59
#therightstuff by Tom Wolfe gave me a wildly unrealistic dream as an 18 year old boy and the spark I needed to realize it. 18 years later, I was getting ready to fly into space for the 1st time. Never underestimate the power of a book or the dream it launches. #worldbookday
Three years ago on Day 340 of my #yearinspace, I captured this sunrise before returning to Earth. ———————————- In space, I had the privilege of seeing 16 sunrises a day. On this last mission, I saw a total 5,440 sunrises. #yearinspace ——————————— There was never one more glorious than the other. But my last sunrise on my #yearinspace will always be a bittersweet memory. ———————————- One of my 14 crewmates who flew with me over the course of my #yearinspace Gennady Padalka said, “When you’re in space, you miss Earth. When you’re on Earth, you miss space.” ——————————— It’s true. Three years after a #yearinspace, I’m on Earth missing space. While I don’t see as many sunrises in a day, I don’t take a single one for granted. Nor will I ever forget this one. Thankful I can share it with you all again today!