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Tara Voshell•A girl who left the 9 to 5 🌎 to do the podcast things 🎧•Editor to badass podcasters & launching consultant•Half of @3spookedgirls 🎙

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“The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline and accountability.” -Dr Phil. Roll your eyes 🤣 but it’s true! My cohost & I did some goal setting & made a time line with DEADLINES last night for some VERY exciting things and I am so pumped! If you haven’t done this for your show, set some time aside and DO IT! Set deadlines. And grind.
Yesterday we made a late afternoon/evening trip to a town called Seward. On our way back we found this spot. While we’re all on our grind for podcasting don’t forget to take some time for you🖤🖤
Just living my best life🖤 some days ya need a ridiculous milkshake.
This is a mood on this Monday😂😂
“How do I edit faster?” Work up to getting used to listening at 1.5 speed •••• It is weird as HELL as first😂😂 but if you can deal with chipmunk voices it can be a time saver that doesn’t mess with your quality of work •••• Happy Friday🖤🖤
Let’s talk affiliate marketing ••• There’s TONS of companies to partner with & it’ll help monetize your show. YAY! ••• But is every company really right for you? ••• Hell no ••• Pick things that you believe in and enjoy. If you stay true to that, chances are these things will resonate or be enjoyed by your audience too. ••• It will absolutely be easy for your audience to see if you’re genuine & mindful vs trying to pitch any & every item you can🖤🖤
I welcomed the hilarious & spooky ladies of @hellboundpod to my client list recently! If you need laughs & spooks go give them a try🖤
There’s no Monday dread here. Do what ya love or hustle til you can. It’s actually possible. If I can do it, anyone can. Shout out to @paraboxmonthly for the spooktacular shirt. I. Love. It. 🖤🖤
Spent the day at the lake with my family yesterday. I 🖤 being outdoors during the summertime. What’s your favorite Sunday Funday activity?
‪I guest hosted on @sipshinepod this week & we talked about some spooky places. It was fun! Thank you!🖤🖤‬
When it comes to podcasting you HAVE to find your squad, your tribe, your community! Even if your a solo podcaster you still need support! & trust me you’ve chosen the right platform of content creation to find those people. ••••••• I have met some of the best people online that are now part of my pod squad. Some of which I’ll get to meet in the Fall at #shepodcastslive I can’t wait! ••••••• Where have you met your pod squad?
Happy 4th🇺🇸 What are your plans for the day? We’ve got the smoker going, enjoying family time, and relaxing today over here❤️❤️ Stay safe & enjoy!
New mic who dis🎙🖤
I guest hosted on @confessionspod for a game of Fake or Florida. Such a blast. Thanks so much for having me on!
HOW is it JULY?! Pod fam what goals do you have for this month? ••• I am already booked completely for this month on editing clients. *like WHAT!* ••• So I am working on my new adjusted schedule & getting to know my new clients! ••• I’ve also got some projects on the creative side of things with @3spookedgirls so that’s exciting!!! ••• Happy Monday!!!🖤🖤
As a creator, especially an indie creator, mindset is EVERYTHING. ••• Maybe you had someone leave a troll comment here on IG ••• Maybe you had a 1 or 2 star review roll in ••• I’m here to tell you SO WHAT ••• If you’re doing what you love & putting out the content that you resonate with. KEEP GOING ••• You’re not going to be everyone’s favorite and that’s okay ••• Your people are out there & cheering you on ••• Keep going. And if you feel alone, friend, my inbox is always  open ••• Plus it’s Saturday. Ain’t nobody got time for negative vibes🖤✌🏻
This quote is something we as podcasters always say, which is great. We want those listeners to come back, right? But what about those potential listeners who don’t know how to or what this means? ••• Make a quick video on how to & let them know IT’S FREE! Chances are if they’re not a regular podcast listener, they may not know that! ••• Extra tip - if you’re an iPhone user you can just screen record the process on how to subscribe to your podcast & post it🙌🏻🖤
This is for the newbies 🖤 ••• It’s okay to be awkward. No one is born a star podcaster. I’ll be honest & didn’t know what I was doing either 🤷🏻‍♀️ ••• You know what I did know though? I knew I was excited to jump behind the mic & bring my message to the airwaves. So I swallowed those fears and hit that record button. ••• Just with everything else you get better with practice.