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Frankie Parker


Singer, Songwriter, Hostess

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I would change “difficult” to “unfamiliar”. It’s only difficult because you’ve never experienced it before. I have had the most beneficial and interesting encounters/ experiences come out of the oddest situations. The journey of the UNFAMILIAR path is where I always find my next adventure. The beautiful destination is just the icing on the cake! #makemoves #dontbeafraid
Have and drink and party with us tonight!
Vulnerability sucks on occasion, especially when it’s applied to the wrong situation/person. Everyone doesn’t deserve to see that side of you. When you know it’s a mistake, it’s best sometimes just to move on and charge it to the game. But, pat yourself on the back for having a heart and taking a chance because that courage you displayed will always prepare you for higher heights. #lifelessons
Choose your role, and “roll” with it! #imarockstar #knowyourrole #groupieseverywhere
Saw the “out of office” sign on the door!!! AND IT’S FOR A FEW DAYS???! YES! #officevacay #whatwork
Because I love my #gentlemen! #soulisticallyred #frankieparker
Tonight! 🙌🏿
That was sweet of @tillyspitandpub ! See ya tonight!
Tonight @tillyspitandpub!
Yep. Just like my t-shirt. #happilyeverafter🤷🏾‍♀️😂
I’ve decided to take some of my own advice and bring some vision to life. I slept all afternoon. Now, I have to catch up! #theysleepwegrind #computerglare #computerlove #letswrite #frankieparker
I could remember visiting this museum as a kid, and saying to myself, “I’m going to be in here one day.” Little did I know, that was a literal statement...I’m thrilled to perform at this event. Come, and watch a girl’s dream come true! Tickets on sale today! #soulisticallyred #worldaidsday #frankieparker #thegentlemen #comegetsome
Upcoming Frankie Parker & The Gentlemen Sightings:  11.17.18: The Bassment- Chicago, IL 9:30p-2:30a  11.24.18: Frankie w/ Kinetic Theory Redwood Luxe- Olympia Fields, IL 9:30p-12:00a  12.01.18: Soulistically Red AIDS Benefit  Concert- DuSable Museum- Chicago, IL 7:00p  12.08.18: The Bassment- Chicago, IL 9:30p-2:30a  12.31.18: The Bassment- Chicago, IL 9:30p- 2:30a #booked #comegetsome #frankieparker #thegentlemen #killingsetsalloverchicago
Why do you expect understanding? We all have our levels. #word