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Medicine || Health || Happiness 3rd Yr Resident 💗 OBGYN, DO 💉 Newly Wed 💫 Food Enthusiast 🍕 Daily Sweat 💦 SmilesandScrubs@gmail 📩 #ChooseYou

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Today I got splashed in the face as a fibroid uterus was delivered.  Today I got to sit at the robot console again and learn slowly and steadily how each move is made.  Today I got to welcome new third and fourth year students onto our service and watch two of them grown and glove for the first time.  There are countless days when getting up and going to the hospital is the hardest thing I do and yet there are these really good days where you laugh so hard with your OR team, you feel so unbelievably enthralled with something you’ve seen someone else do hundreds of times, and you feel the magic in the air as someone new joins the world of medicine. || #chooseyou #whoknewgynwasmessierthanob
Low quality picture for a super high energy morning.  40 minutes of strength and balance training tackled.  And now believe it or not it’s now 10am and I haven’t even sipped coffee.  Plus I got a wonderful surprise at work and am having the best day despite plans changing and one of our team being on vacation meaning we’re super spread thin and kinda stressed.  Choosing to smile, sweat, and make jokes to make Monday the best day of the week ( so far ) || #chooseyou
He loves sports and I love tv dramas. They’re our guilty pleasures. On Sundays we compromise and set one TV up with football and another with Hulu or Netflix. Currently we’ve got football streaming on a computer and Parenthood on the big screen. I’m meal prepping in the kitchen and he’s helping clean and put away the final products. We’re always finding new ways to compromise and make each other happy. How do you and your significant other compromise? || #chooseyou
Reward for a solid morning & afternoon of studying - new booties from TJ maxx. Plus a lovely 40 minute stroll through the city with my audio book. Now time for some weekly meal prep || #chooseyou
Sunday morning vibes 👍🏻 I’m both a visual and environmental learner meaning I love to color code my notes (ie- practice bulletins are highlighted in green, prologues are highlighted in yellow, important topics are in pink), close my eyes to try and picture my notes when trying to remember certain topics, and need a calm, inviting, and quiet place to work or study. I also don’t usually listen to music unless it’s repetitions of the same song, usually t Swift, get distracted easily, and hate interruptions. I’ve always loved libraries and quiet nooks of my house but don’t do so great in group or coffee shop settings. There are all types of learners out there, figure out what makes you tick then embrace it. Determined to make progress on GYN onc this morning/afternoon. Also, totally planning a reward for myself when my goals are hit! || #chooseyou
Date Night 💕 || #chooseyou
This morning I slept in, jumped outta bed and hit play on a lifting workout then booked it across Philly to help my sister move into her new place. Ironically it’s a block away from our old apartment 😂 and right around the corner from my favorite grocery store ever. Thus meals are planned and ready to prep tomorrow. Also ran into one of my followers getting her shopping on too and it made my day to hear how me sharing my life has been helpful through her journey in Pre Med and now public health! Love meeting and inspiring and being equally motivated by others on this platform. Now back to putting together lamps and unpacking kitchen supplies. || #chooseyou
It’s a crazy busy Friday here and I knew if I didn’t get up and do something just for me first thing that I’d lose it with how sick and emotionally heart wrenching some of our patients are right now. It’s impossible not to become invested in your patients care and GYN onc is especially taxing in that regard. In fact, yesterday I got hit that perfect trifecta of tired, overwhelmed, and pulled in too many directions that before 10am the tears had welled up and some chocolate needed to be consumed. Usually that means I need a break, I need to breath, I need to do something just for me. So while this photo displays me in my Nikes and sports bra and a smile what you can’t see is the thirty minutes of self care I so desperately needed. And with that deeply personal share, I’m off to update charts, scrub surgeries, and run literally all around until signout. Happy Friday 🙌🏻 Thankfully I’m off this weekend || #chooseyou
Morning workout.  Rounds.  Six minor cases and a major still pending.  Phone calls.  Updates.  Admits.  Med student good bye hugs.  Dinner.  Quick check in with hubby.  About to go back for the last case.  Def forgot to feed my cat dinner.  Ice cream later?  Haven’t sat down alllll day it feels.  Busy doesn’t describe it. Tired doesn’t cover it. Fulfilled feels right.  And let’s just say I’m thankful my sleepy self remembered to wear compression socks today! || #chooseyou
When your awesome CRNA snaps a photo of you operating (aka coagulates one vessel, throws 2 stitches) 🙌🏻 all the feels. Even better when the fellow reminds you it’s okay it was the slowest throw ever, they were there not too long ago themselves. 🙌🏻 cue more feels. Moments like these make me love medicine all over again. || #chooseyou
Guess what I finally got back?! Can’t believe these are the final photos and proofs I’ll look back on for years and years to come.  Brides and wifes/husbands - how did you decide which photos to get printed and put in an album?! We have over 1,400! Not that I’m complaining, I love looking at each and every one. || #chooseyou
Be humble enough to google “coagulation cascade” for a review and confident enough to ace some GYN onc prologue questions on the couch with your cat.  Be humble enough to ask for help when you aren’t sure and confident enough to fail a few times while looking for answers on your own two feet.  Be humble enough to know you’re not above disease or sickness or burnout and confident enough to know you’re stronger than you feel and you’ll make it through anything life throws your way.  It’s a delicate line to walk in medicine but for me humble confidence seems to describe it perfectly || #chooseyou
Homemade chili 🌶 Recipe below!  This week it’s finally cold enough to crave some hot deliciousness in my belly, something that’s nutritious, filling, and hearty.  While I love my Tupperware and it saves me literally every day at work my true happy place is eating out of these beautiful bowls cuz let’s be honest eating is half taste and half visual. Treat yourself when ya can and enjoy convenience when ya can too.  Ingredients - 1 can kidney beans  1 can black beans  1 can corn  1 can green chili’s  1 can diced tomatoes  1 can salsa  1 lb ground turkey  1 packet taco seasoning  Combine ingredients in crock pot and cook on low for 4-6 hours. Enjoy all week long || #chooseyou
Jump outta bed and hit play on a Monday 🙌🏻 LOL I wish I felt this way today but truth is I wanted so badly to hit snooze on my alarm but instead I forced the covers off and made it happen. Sitting here in clinic I’m so grateful myself that I made it happen. Lesson learned - your 830 am self will always thank you your 5am self || #chooseyou
Six weeks ago today and a lifetime more to come. While there is no cake to be had this Sunday we spent the morning & afternoon grocery shopping n’ meal prepping n’ relaxing enjoying all the beautiful dishes and pots and pans that we were gifted planning to share chili and homemade chicken noodle soup. Taste tests were already had 😉  Right here, right now, this adulting thing feels pretty darn good.  Comment below what you’re making for meals this week! || #chooseyou
Spent this beautiful fall Saturday in philly doing all things I love 💕  Sleeping in and coffee  Gym with the Hubby  Shopping with my sister  And now fancy dinner and happy hour for Penn State  No better way to recharge  Also, all the feels for sweater weather || #chooseyou
You always want to be further ahead than where you are it’s not until you get there that you realize how good you had it in the moment. • Case in point — • Today in the OR we did an open hysterectomy. I was the second assist - aka a retractor and excellent knot cutter (in my mind)  During certain parts of the case I was in shear admiration of my fellow and my attending. The ease with which they operated together, as a team yet also as a teacher and student was impressive. I wanted to be in their shoes and in that moment I envied them so much it made my heart hurt.  And yet again as I’m wishing I was them I know from an equally aching vantage point that my Med students, observing the case and helping with OR intricacies, probably wished they had the ease and confidence I am sure I was exuding -simply from being able to be scrubbed in and involved in the patients care (in my mind)  And even funnier is that anytime I tell my newer attendings that I can’t wait to be in their shoes they tell me to stop wishing my time as a resident away. • The thoughts are all the same ... When I a MS4 I couldn’t wait to be an intern.  When I was a third year resident I couldn’t wait to be an attending . And when I’m an attending where will I want to be? An MS4 again? Retired? How about *finally* happy? I don’t know. • For now I’m going to try and live in the moment, realize that everyone has the same insecurities, and appreciate we only have one life right now in this time of which to make the most. || #chooseyou #fridayfeels
Yesterday was rough  Today was better  Every single day I’m thankful that even if my body aches and I feel stressed or overwhelmed ... I am healthy I am able I am alive  A bad day doesn’t equal a bad life. We only get so many days, some of us more than others. Make the ones you have count. Yesterday was tough  Today was better  Both were good and beautifully lived || #chooseyou