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Instagram is for stalking I dont wanna see your photo but I'm looking at it. Double tap and there's a heart Yeay.!

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#jollibee #iloilocity
Yesterday's sunset.  #chasingsunsets
Today's diffused sunset. Like an end credit scene to a nostalgic movie.  #chasingsunsets  #november172018
Anu nga ba sabi ni oppa Jose Rizal? 🤔😂 #anyeongoppa #joserizal #ifyousawthememe
It was real.
Today's sunset.  #chasingsunsets #november162018
But ships are not meant to idle in the bay. They're meant to cut the waves deep and race headlong toward the horizon. They're meant to sail. To catch the winds. To swim with the whales by blue day and follow the stars by dark night.  Leave a ship in harbor too long, and it'll start to rust. Errant debris will clog the systems. Barnacles will latch onto its underbelly. It'll be eaten away by algae and oxidation and sloth and neglect. It'll become a boat no longer suited to its very purpose.  We set sail today. Figuratively speaking. We lift our anchor and raise our sail and let the cool ocean breeze pull us from the safety of the familiar shore. We sail toward adventure, maybe; discomfort, definitely. We sail toward storms and uncertainty and rough waters and fear. We sail toward what will be some of our most challenging days. But, too, some of the very best.  #jayaustin #boat
When i wake up and go down the stairs... I shouldn't say 'kamahaw ka na nay'  anymore.. But i say it anyway..
Been a hectic few weeks.. Life had been real  There is  life and there is death, The cycle came full circle... Life begins when fear ends.. You got nothing to loose.. And everything to gain.🌺
Airports and Hospitals. I swear they're the same.  #3airportsinaweek #hugthemtight #endofanera #causenothingwillbethesameagain.
Mood. A friend that would sing me to sleep? Yes pls.
Bug eyes @erikahauzel
Vacay @erikahauzel
Along the yellow brick road
'' Good morning rainy Sunday. Hope you slept well and had a great breakfast. :) '' #sundays #parrotdaily #reminders #toself
One caramel macchiato with rainbow on top please.  #chasingrainbows #coffebreak #idontreallydrinkatstarbucksbutwhenido #betterthanstarbucks #coffee #coffeecup #sandseasalt
My psych 101 teacher: 'Is your glass half empty or half full?' #midnightthoughts #momentsofmadness