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Aisha Juice Carton


•05.10.2012 •Black Lives Matter •Writer الله كافي

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Growing up, I experienced racism based on my brownness. I was referred to as ‘dark’, ‘dirty’ and ‘disgusting’ and excluded from playing out with certain children because of mine and my family’s faith, how we looked and what we wore . The same people who criticised us for being Muslim, who saw us as ‘less than’ and referred to us through racist rhetoric were the same kind of people who wore and do wear bindi’s at festivals, who loved and do love drinking tea, who loved and do love eating rice and curry on a Friday night from ‘Indian restaurants’: restaurants that served and do serve indian cuisine but were and are run by Bengali owners who served and do serve halal meat. The same people who referred to us as ‘pakis’ and my father as ‘Osama bin laden’ were the same people who loved to wear a keffiyeh, and tasbeeh’s around their neck growing up, and now, do love going to South Asia and North Africa for their holidays, and love getting tattoos in Sanskrit or Arabic without realising the true meaning of what is being inked on their very skin. Cultural appropriation is when I am referred to as a ‘dirty paki’ and ‘curry muncher’ for eating my own cultural cuisine, but when other members of society do it, they are seen as simply enjoying a British dish or a distinct cultural cuisine embedded with exotic flavours. Cultural appropriation is an issue because whilst I as a Bengali brown Muslim female who looks visibly so, appreciates aspects of her cultural and religious identity, I am criticised and seen as other for simply doing so, have been and am both within my estate, amongst people whom I considered my friends in the past, as well at work within my current job occupation. This is a issue because it can, did and does lead to the subjugation of groups of people within society. People lack awareness and understanding and in turn, silence the voices of the very cultures which they criticise yet adopt and benefit from. // • •
Bust down, Thotiana// • • • • Grateful beyond words to have these gyals in my life. Gyals who understand me for me wholeheartedly. To another 6 years in sha Allah. // • • • #girls #girlsquad #girlsgeneration #women #womensupportwomen #womeninspiringwomen #friend #friends #friendship #insta #instagood #thotiana #thots #bussdownthotiana #thotsquad #halalsquad #deenoverdunya #idontevenlikethem #beauty #naturalbeauty #love #lovethem #selflove #selfcare #loveendlessly #memory #memorylane #herstory #ourstory #narrative
Jummah (Friday) is a sacred day. It is the day we join in congregation to pray. It also believed that the day of resurrection is on a Friday and that Adam A.S. was created on the last hour of Friday between Asr and Maghrib.// • • • There is so much I could say. There are so many thoughts buzzing in my mind but the words just won't come out. I am numb. My heart is soft. My eyes, teary.// • • • On this beautiful Friday, let us pray for those who have lost their lives in the fatal New Zealand shooting. Let us pray as a community, as a family for our brothers and sisters who have lost their lives, whom have been injured, regardless of what faith we may follow, let us pray.// • • • On this beautiful Friday, let's take heed, and educate ourselves. Educate our mind, body and souls to understand the world better. Read. Read, read, read, and read again.// • • • #newzealand #nzshooting #tragedy #muslim #muslimah #muslimahblog #friday #jummah #soul #rukh #prayer #salat #namaz #dua #supplicate #supplication
@akalamusic appreciation post:// • • • If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.// • • • - Malcolm X// • • • #writer #writerscommunity #blacklivesmatter #intersectional #identity #malcolmx #martinlutherkingjr #mlk #justice #principal #freedom #story #history #narrative #akala #grime
Abu Dhabi Grand Slam//📷:@arch_rach// • • • My father's arms were home to me. And for so long I have been trying to relive that feeling of comfort; of being so secure and sure of who I am. // • • • • This weekend was so beautiful Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to God). I saw Brazilian Juijutsu in a different light. I am so grateful and privileged to be part of such a wonderful community.// • • • I realised well and truly that I honestly do take my life for granted. I need to change the way I think, the way I act and the way I behave.// • • • #father #daughter #family #fatheranddaughter #feelings #emotions #nostalgia #childhood #childhoodmemories #community #life #living #instagram #insta #instagood #instawriter #writer #writing #ink #inkonapage #words #wordsonapage #writerscommunity #writeronig
In celebration of international women's day, I spoke to my dear friend and co-worker @lib_ss about what it means for her to be a woman. Below is her response: // • • • “As a British Somali Muslim woman who chooses to wear the hijab, I am proud of my identity, of my femininity”// • • • • -To be a woman means to be kind, to be nurturing.// -To be a woman in this day and age means to multi-task, to take on many different things, juggle different responsibilities.// -My mother is an immigrant. She raised us, cared for us, ensured she was and is a good role model for us, educated herself as well as us, and top of that, worked too.// -As a Muslim woman, it means to be able to define your own identity, having to navigate yourself irrespective of who you are ‘supposed’ to be.// -As a black woman, we have to reject a lot of negative stereotypes surrounding our bodies i.e. the sexualisation, over sexualisation, and fetishisation of ourselves.// -To be a Somali woman, a Somali mother specifically means to be strong, to be expected to be strong, to take on a lot of leadership roles both within the home, and outside of the home.// • • • #blackness #blackwomen #womanness #blacklivesmatter #blm #stereotypes #blackfeminism #melanin #melaninmagic #qotd #women #somali #somaliwomen #sexualisation #sex #sexuality
This was the response of the 16 year old boy who thought it was funny to throw bacon at me during my sixth form years. It was mid-May 2014. I was 16 years old myself. Anyone can be islamaphobic regardless of what skin colour they are, regardless of what faith their family belongs to, regardless of what faith they themselves belong to. The boy who threw bacon at me came from a Muslim family. That did not stop him however from thinking twice about his actions. He threw bacon at me. He knew exactly what he was doing and why.// • • • • “Regardless of whether you are a minority or not, from a Muslim background or not, you can still be islamaphobic and racist.” (extract from blog post: link in bio)// • • • •  #islamophobia #muslim #muslimblog #blogger #hijabi #hijabiblog #hijabiblogger #writer #writingcommunity #discrimination #prejudice #racism #tellmama #hatred #hate #thehateyougive #problematic #problematicsociety #britain #british
Feminism is about the social, economic and political equality of the sexes, the ability for men and women to have the same rights. I shape my feminism through an intersectional lense. Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw is a professor at UCLA, specialising in race and gender issues. She used the term 'intersectionality' first in the formal sense when discussing feminism. Intersectional feminism looks at the different components that form a woman's identity: race, ethnicity, gender, class, religion, faith, nationality, sociodemographic, location etc etc. As a brown visibly Muslim woman, feminism for me is the right for me to wear my hijab, without people questioning my integrity and my British values, without a person ripping it off my head or throwing acid in my face for choosing to do so. Feminism is the right for me to wear a hijab whilst competing in a @IBJJF tournament. Thank you to @Caroldelazzer, who worked extremely hard to lift the IBJJF hijab ban since 2011, which was only lifted off in 2014. Feminism is the right for my fellow black sister's and brother's both within Britain and abroad to be able to go to the shop to get groceries without being interrogated, grievously harmed, wrongfully imprisoned by the police for 'looking' 'aggressive, threatening' etc. It is the right for 6 year old Zainab Ansari to be able to walk the streets of Punjab without having to have been raped and killed by a man who felt entitled to her body. • • • ##justiceforzainab #hijabban #blm #ericgarner #sandrabland #trayvonmartin #emetttill #writer #writerscommunity
The feminism that we see in the media is mainstream feminism: A branch of feminism that places all women under one umbrella, that we should all be protesting for #freethenipple, a right to an orgasm, better pay than men, NOT equal pay, BETTER, that we should be wiping period blood on our faces to emphasise our womanly struggle. The media places the voices of white mediums as the subject of feminism whilst all other women are disregarded completely: The women whom are forgotten are the ones of colour, the ones who come from 'third world countries', the woman whom have FGM done to them, forced marriages, no access to clean water, no right to an education because not only, do they not have a penis, but they do not fit in line with society's idealised perception of whiteness and what that entails. I am the daughter of the 'traditional, backwards third world woman'. I like my mother wear the hijab and follow Islam, we are oppressed and shackled within our faith according to Katie Hopkins, our literacy levels according to David Cameron are low, our fellow Iraqi sister's during the Iraq War were told by American mainstream feminists that the lighting of the beautiful city of Baghdad into ashes was justified as a means of freeing the Iraqi women of their oppressed ways. Feminism for me is the equality of the female sex and male sex but specifically, equality of women of colour because to this day, we are seen as less than. The feminist movement has and is filled with racism, discrimination, prejudice and islamophobia as well as sexism to men. I speak for a feminism where my sister and I will have a choice in whom we marry. I speak for a feminism where I don't experience institutional racism and islamaphobia at work, where I am told I am not 'aggressive' simply because I stood up for my rights when a student made a terrorist comment at me and no one saw it as a big deal. I speak for a feminism that when I have a daughter and she asks me and her father if she can sign up
Dear Abba (father in bengali),// • • • I miss you. I miss the way you used to pick me up after school, take me to Marcus Garvey park, take me to the library, take me out for late night strolls to count how many stars there were in the night sky. Summer 2017 in Croatia was amazing. I was overwhelmed by how beautiful the night sky was in Sukosan. Isaac, Xalan and I counted so many stars, awaited minutes to see shooting stars, the way we used to when I was a child. I miss these memories of you and I. The way you used to hold me, hug me tightly, tell me that everything will be okay whilst running your gentle hands through my hair, reminding me that you are here to protect me from my childhood bullies. I miss the conversations you would have with me of your experiences of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Norfolk when you first came to this country as a young man. Because of your beautiful dark skin, your tall and broad physique, and your broad nose, and the friends you had when you came here, you experienced racism based on blackness in the political sense, but also, society's perceived construction of what blackness entailed racially. I remember you telling me about the Brixton riots, NottingHill riots and the New cross fire. I remember you telling me about your encounters of police brutality with your friends until mum would tell you to stop because I was just a child. I remember these fragmented stories which have now become fragmented memories. Everytime I go to an event looking at British history of the Black diaspora and South Asian community, I am overwhelmed because I learn more about you, who you were and what you experienced. I am overwhelmed because my adult self finally has a socially and politically analytical understanding of what you went through, and why you were the man you were. I am overwhelmed because I only learnt about you after I lost you, through my university degree and through what I feed my mind with now. If I can be at
We have complained to the police about  police and nothing has been done, we have complained to magistrates about magistrates and nothing has been done, we have complained to judges about judges and nothing has been done,  now it's time to do something ourselves./ • • • Beverely Bryan // Neil Kenlock is an affluent Jamaican born photographer who has been noted for being at the forefront of documenting the black British experience within the UK.// • • • #blackpanthers #britishblackpanthers #britishhistory #blackhistory #blm #windrushgeneration #strength #power #community #voice #writer #writerofig #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram
// I've got the children to tend  The clothes to mend  The floor to mop  The food to shop  Then the chicken to fry  The baby to dry  I got company to feed  The garden to weed  I've got shirts to press  The tots to dress  The can to be cut  I gotta clean up this hut  Then see about the sick  And the cotton to pick.// • • - Maya Angelou (Woman work)//
Support women whose identity constitutes different intersections. Support your sister's. • • • • • You may shoot me with your words,  You may cut me with your eyes,  You may kill me with your hatefulness,  But still, like air, I’ll rise. • • // - Maya Angelou // • • • #support #supportsystem #sisters #sisterhood #intersections #identity #intersectionality #woman #women #womanism #womanist #femme #feminist #womanhood #herstory #herwriting #writing #writers #mayaangelou  #poems #poetry #africanpoetry #americanpoetry #africanamericanpoetry #blackpoetry #amerikkka #help #behelpful #mindful #bemindful
Choose people who choose you @thegoodquote  #loveyourself #respectyourself #lovequotes #respectquotes #bemindful #breathe
Sister's of BJJ • • Last picture is me realising that strength doesn't work against my sister, and now after decades of beating her up, she beats me up. • • #bjj #brazilianjiujitsu #graciebarra #graciebarrafulham #graciebarrawestkensington #girlswhofight #womenwhofight #ufc #mma #bjj #jiujitsu #mma #ufc #brazilianjiujitsu #wrestling #martialarts #grappling #bjjlifestyle #fitness #oss #fight #jiujitsulifestyle #judo #gym #training #bjjlife #jiujitsulife #gi #bjjforlife #bjjgirls
My grandad was a lascar (a seaman) that's how he came to this country during WW1. My father was a bread maker in Birmingham and then a chef in London after WW2. My sister and I both went to university and now we work within academia, in the decades following 9/11 and the London Bombings. The generations prior to us, my father, his best friend, whom have passed on, worked within the domestic field:  factories, restaurants, tapestry, tailoring etc etc. The children of these immigrants, our generation, majority of us have completed further studies, higher education, it's a thing that's no longer accessible to just the most privileged of society. Whilst we have socially and economically progressed and have been 'accepted' within certain fields,  the racism that the previous generation experienced so overtly on a daily basis: Altab Ali, the Notting Hill Riots etc, have been shaped to form new meanings. The racism is still overt, not in the same way, in a different way, but it is very much covert too. Behind closed doors. Unreported on mass media. Viral on social media through popular meme pages.// // • • The door was closed. Our parents and our grandparents put their foot in the door. We are pushing for our whole leg to get into the door, and eventually our whole body. But forces that we have no control over in any way what so ever prevail and continue to push against us on the other side. • • • #windrush #windrushgeneration #ww1 #ww2 #indiansoldiers #bengalisoldiers #blacksoldiers #asianhistory #blackhistory #britishhistory #history #silencedvoices #newgeneration #younggeneration #intergeneration #lascar #domestics #domesticwork #blackness #politicalblackness #nottinghillriots #brixtonriots