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I dream of doing impossible things, of saving mountain air in my pockets for later and stuffing my ears with the roar of waterfalls. 💕WW

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all dreams are real
I never had much of a choice in the matter.  I did not choose these wide hungry eyes for mine. I did not place this wild heart in my chest. I did not pick out these bones, the ones that ache for places like this.
we could escape to the great sunshine
by the stars above I knew we were in love
You could build castles out of air Kingdoms of incredible light •
let me tell you something about women who run with wolves. • • photo by adventure queen @laurelstreed ✨
So many golden memories with this wild adventurous soul. Lucky to know someone who is as smitten with the vastness of the land as me✨ Wishing you a happy birthday, safe travels through Asia, and a Scorpio season full of good vibes from the other end of the planet! Can't wait for our next adventure ✌🏼
what a beautiful love these two cute lil engaged friends of mine share.  feels like just yesterday @3ipka7 and I were running around in the woods at elementary school science camp and we're still running around in the woods but now she's getting MARRIED!!!! Wishing you both lots of love and happiness✨
this just in: outdoorsy millennial girl can't think of any better way to spend birthday than to walk 7 miles in rain & mud ✌🏼
23 years spinning around on this big beautiful planet. Wow honestly just really stoked to be here ✌🏼
i used to never feel at home anywhere until i realized i am my own damn home
follow the emerald star
and I wish I could wrap up the glitter star of this moment like a gift
Had to work when @lordhuron was in Minneapolis and I was bummed so drove all the way to Nebraska to see him instead🤷🏻‍♀️Also we found all the greenhouses and tried all the sour beers while we were there (there weren't that many lol)🌿🍻 Thanks Omaha for your underpriced gin & tonics and your unexpected jungles! And thanks to my love @trom_b_billy for actually doing most of the driving. @lordhuron was just too incredible✌🏻
happy October from ur fave gothic princess/Halloween baby/Scorpio/haunted house enthusiast  tbh didn't even have to decorate cause we keep our Halloween decorations up all year 👻🎃
got that summertime sadness
mountain drives and cliff-edge sits and bruce springsteen and crying because it's more beautiful than you could have ever imagined, it always is
more like garden of the oh my godddd😍