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Shalagh Hogan


I want to Create the Life that I was Meant For 💟Uber-creator of Shalavee.com 💟Mom of a 13 and 5 yr old at 52 yrs 💟#Soul_Selfie & #OurCreativeSelves

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BINGO!!! Fun fundraiser at church. I hope he wins me that African violet so I can take it home and kill it.  #eamonspencerpeach #saturdaynightfun #bingo #didyounoticethegoodluckearring  #taleswithfriends #kidsofinstagram
I used to be a Bunny but now I'm a Turtle. In my blog post today, I divulge how my Energizer Bunny tendencies kept me from even entering the race for all my busyness. And now I am the turtle, attempting to recognize and be present for the process I am in today right now.  Master Oogway said , "The past is history, the future is a mystery but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present." .  Link to my blog at Shalavee.com in my profile.  #vintagebook #storyofmylife #taleswithfriends #selfdiscovery #mywisdomlessons #presence
A fuzzy bunny book and two bopping headed turtles. A visual for tomorrow's blog post.  Lunch with a lovely friend.  Another hour walk in the sunshine.  Dinner and grace with ma familia. .  #storyofmyday #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #mommymoments #midlifemama #creativemamas #gratitude #feelslikespring
On my blog today, a post titled, Reserve the Right to Make Bad Decisions. You have a 50% chance of doing well with your choice. "So instead of undermining ourselves with doubt over whichever choice we make, we would be better off to just concede that we do the best we can with the information we have at a given time and go with our guts. Trust in ourselves is a muscle we build every time we choose. "  And self trust is the key to happiness, I'm sure of it.  Link to my blog at Shalavee.com in my profile.  #ontheblog #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #taleswithfriends #selfdiscovery #selfawareness #selfcompassion #easternshoreofmaryland #kentislandtrail
I took myself on an adventure today. Walked over an hour on the Kent Island trail, a train track turned trail. It was very cold but very serene. Saw maybe 5 other people. .  I had a few thoughts on how I'd like to tweak my routines and break some habits and had a big aha driving home. It's OK if life is easy. I fought so hard for so long against my anxiety. And then a monthly pill has done what I couldn't. It seemed too easy. But I so deserve easy after the life I've had. It doesn't always have to be cooked from scratch. .  #takeawalk #kentislandtrail #kentislandmaryland #storyofmyday #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #easypeasy .
Story of my day... we all saw the Lego Movie : The Second Part. The first Lego Movie is one of our favorites. This follow up was quite the production, multiple musical numbers and so many adult references. I laughed a lot and Fiona didn't know why. Family fun day Monday! .  At home, Eamon was suddenly inspired to begin building his Lego Hogwarts castle given to him by Santa. .  On my blog this morning, I whipped up a post late morning titled It's Monday, Be Here Now . There's just no where else you could truly be even on a Tuesday. Link to my blog at Shalavee.com in my bio. .  #legos #storyofmyday #taleswithfriends #ontheblog #blogger #bloggersofig #writersofig #feelslikeasundaybutitsamonday
Thank you oh gracious and generous Universe for the opportunity to see how blessed we are. .  Fiona's depiction of our family wearing our favorite colors. It's so primal on so many levels. Family! I love this so much ! .  #family #createeveryday #ourcreativeselves #creativemama #artyourheartout #gratitude #taleswithfriends
Today was a hard day. We attended a service for a member of our community whom we lost senselessly and too early. Horrific and tragic, it was hard. I am here and she isn't. So I steal a kiss from my child during bath time and we're watching the Jack Black Gulliver's Travels movie. .  Take what you get and be thrilled you are here to receive it. Every living day. .  #taleswithfriends #downtowndentonmd #gratitude #mywisdomlessons #gaystreet #communityrocks
I get to play with and arrange my own flowers every Valentine's day. Yippee ! Happy Lovely Day to you all ! .  Fiona's school party was today. She dressed up in her sparkly gold heels. How'd I end up with Fancy Nancy? .  On my blog, I muse if I was, in ways, more messed up and less messed up than I thought in so many ways. But it comes down to us taking care of ourselves in the end. And it's up to us to decide what that looks like. Link in my bio to my blog at Shalavee.com. .  #flowers #florals #flowerarrangement #fionamariepeach #taleswithfriends #storyofmyday #ontheblog
May all your wishes of Love and friendship come true. A co-created Valentine's for you from me and Fiona! .  I wrote a blog post yesterday on all the ways I show myself self-love. I hope you do the same for yourself today! Link in my bio if you hadn't read it yet. .  #papercrafts #selflove #mywisdomlessons #creativemamas #taleswithfriends
Today I've chosen to ponder self-love on my blog. "Self-love is part care-taking and part self-compassion. It’s being a good parent and a gracious host." Because if you think about it, how are you going to give anything to anyone else if you don't know how to give to yourself?  I've listed many moments in the blog post that I consider self-loving moments. One of them is eating well and enjoying what is going into my face. Homemade pho pictured here fits the bill.  Link to my blog at Shalavee.com in my profile. .  #shalavee #mywisdomlessons #taleswithfriend #goodfood #icookandieat #creativemamas  #createeveryday
It's Love week again. My dear daughter drew a mailbox and envelope and balloons on Valentine's day block on the wall calendar. Love love love. .  I'm thinking about Self-love this week. Such a loaded subject. You truly can not love anyone if you don't have some positive regard for yourself. But what does self-love look like?  Time spent laughing with my good friend this weekend. Going to the YMCA for an exercise class this morning. And eating good for me /tastes good food for breakfast and lunch. More tomorrow! .  #selfcare #selfcompassion #selflove #mywisdomlessons #creativemamas #taleswithfriends #soul_selfie #writersofig
The Mudane and Marvelous Life We Live is the title of the post on my blog today at Shalavee.com. How beautiful the realization that you are purposefully existing. That the Universe has supported your existence so far is miraculous. And then there's doing laundry. .  We picked up a new hipster version of the Game of Life : Quarter Life Crisis with Crippling Debt. So so funny. .  Link to my blog in my profile ! Read a few posts and feel your soul sigh. .  #shalavee #ontheblog #mywisdomlessons #writersofig #creativemamas #taleswithfriends #writeeveryday #fionamariepeach #eamonspencerpeach @whipped_peach
Had lunch today with Lisa (Lili), one of my best friends since 8th grade. We met up in my old hood Hampden in my hometown of Baltimore. We talked and walked and talked and coffeed and shopped and caught up. And posed for this selfie in front of my last apartment in the big city. Old dear friends mean so much to me and I am so grateful for her. Thanks for an amazing day sister! .  #taleswithfriends #lifelongfriendships #hampden #charmcity #gratitude #soul_selfie #mywisdomlessons #ladieslunching
We took a trip to Target today. Capitalism was booming there per usual. But how happy was I to see real size relatable Barbies ! I made sure I showed my son too.  Fiona ended up with the chocolate colored pediatrician Barbie with two brown babies ! .  #storyofmyday #sizedoesnotmatter #taleswithfriends #barbie #bodyimage #progress #selfawareness
At 10:30 last night, Fiona's flu siege began. All over the bedding, herself, and many a towel and bathroom rug. Both ends. Glad to report that it was only a 12 hour bug. Did laundry all night long and finally put the bed back together, not an easy task with a 5 year old and cats. Bathroom floors mopped for good measure. .  On the blog this morning, the Truth of a Lie,  a lesson for my kid on owning our mistakes. Link in my profile to my blog at Shalavee.com. . 😺Happy Weekend everyone!😺 .  #taleswithfriends #wombroom #fionamariepeach #storyofmyday #midlifemama
Imbolg and Groundhog's day mark the halfway point for winter. But you didn't have to tell the birds and the weather, they were already telling us what's coming. .  In these warmer two days, Fiona has mastered the balance of her scooter and tied her pink high tops unassisted. That's 55 pounds of solid sassiness right there. I can do it myself! In less than a month, she'll be 6. I just turned 52 thank you. .  #pinkhightops #fionamariepeach #taleswithfriends #kidsofinstagram #sassafras #midlifemama #easternshoreofmaryland
Wednesday afternoon. I've taken my walk. Showered and dyed my gray roots. Filled my belly with healthy food. And answered comments on my blog. Today's post is titled Spread Your Humanity. We are all unique and weird and because of this, we are the same. Reach out to someone and let them know this when you have a chance. Compassion is a powerful force.Link in my bio to my blog at Shalavee.com. .  #shoefie #keds #ontheblog #storyofmyday #taleswithfriends #shalavee #mywisdomlessons #compassion #selfdevelopment