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I want to Create the Life that I was Meant For 💟Uber-creator of Shalavee.com 💟Mom of a 13 and 5 yr old at 52 yrs 💟#Soul_Selfie & #OurCreativeSelves

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Today was our chance to see our kids classroom at the elementary school. Fiona and I made hand turkeys! She colored then in and I made her turkey face and she mine. The hats were hers. My turkey is a hip hop DJ apparently. .  Co-art yourself something with your kids and see what fun it can be! .  #colors #navigatingthroughnovember #taleswithfriends #createeveryday #ourcreativeselves #creativityfound #creativemama #storyofmyday #handturkey
This is my friend Annie @annielivingstone She is the most amazing friend. She shows up for me and remembers me when I forget myself. She also takes the best picture ever. This was her attending of my workshop last weekend after which I had the most wicked attack of Imposter syndrome. (Read prior posts.) .  Thank you to Annie and all of the people who show up in my life for me when I vanish from my own sight. I love you and need you and appreciate your witness more than I may ever say. To everyone who supported me recently, I'm OK and always a work in progress. There are ways to hedge my bets on happiness I previously didn't give myself permission to use. .  #taleswithfriends #navigatingthroughnovember #friends #mywisdomlessons #selfdevelopment #emotionalmaturity
I very strongly believe that every day is an opportunity to start over. Begin where you are and draw a path to hope. You are the only one whose permission you need to have hope. .  My post today is short and sweet one about what actually happened to me that put me into that doubt storm. A link to my blog at Shalavee.com in my profile. .  #navigatingthroughnovember #arthealsthesoul #taleswithfriends #storyofmyday #ontheblog #writersofig #selfdevelopment #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie
I felt defenseless against my own fear brain.  I felt mad that the way I wanted things to work out after some big hard earned events, was not the way things turned out.  I felt grief.  I felt angry at myself for putting me in a place where I felt vulnerable.  I felt angry that after all the work I've done, hard long work in therapy and on my own, suddenly it would seem that I had done nothing.  I felt like I needed to shake things up.  So yesterday I publically admitted to some not so good mental stuff, not all.  I want to say yes and lay back and allow all the helping hands to support to hold me up. I feel joyful that I have a community and mad that I can't see me the way you see me.  I feel a bit overwhelmed and burdened by all the offers of support.  I feel the need to clarify, to say I'm good now, I'm on my way to my professional peoples to figure this out. I just need a boost over the edge. It was a spell not an attack.  But in the end, it is how I feel that I paid attention to and brought me to make a next step decision. It's a two steps forward, one step back kinda life.  I had some pretty bad post partum with Eamon 13 years ago and not so bad with Fiona. But it's their mental health that I want to add and model my positive self-esteem to. So I keep on keepin' on. .  #navigatingthroughnovember #taleswithfriends #anxietydoesntgettodrive #beherenow #fionamariepeach #eamonspancerpeach #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie
Struggling this week. Wanted to cry many times. The more I tried to tell myself it was OK, the more I heard the opposite. Shame and worthlessness. Why am I here again? I have done so so much work! .  Could be slightly hormonal but other symptoms (lip biting and stomach aches) are asking me to perhaps concede that I may need to get a little more help beyond therapy. I will be seeing my doctor this week for anxiety meds.  Because, although I have come so very far, and so could have used the help a long time ago, I can only speak to my now. I feel stalled. Maybe I'm addicted to anxiety itself. .  Motion for #navigatingthroughnovember.  Taking down my Halloween decorations today. Doing whatever makes me feel better until I do. #mentalhealthmatters #anxiety #soul_selfie #mywisdomlessons #selfdevelopment #beherenow #alifeofintention
Our ban on flour and sugar went on hold this morning as I just needed a biscuit and gravy fix. The biscuits were so so yummy in my tummy. And somehow, I feel reset and ready for the day and week. Comfort should not be denied. It fixes a bruised soul. .  Homemade for #navigatingthroughnovember #taleswithfriends #buttermilkbiscuits #fromscratch #sundayvibes #beherenow #gratitude #mywisdomlessons #creativemamas #gratitudeweek2018
Flat lay in action. I taught a Creativity Workshop this morning and the last activity was to make creativity badges. Purposeful validation of our creative selves. I love how people happily rifle through my boxes of stuff and find themselves. My badge says 'Truth Maker'. .  #navigatingthroughnovember #ourcreativeselves #createeveryday #creativemamas# #taleswithfriends #collageartists #cutandpaste #creativityfound #creativeworkshop
A shadow shot from Tina @tinalecountmyers and my meet-up in Baltimore last weekend. On the bricks in  the corner of the shot, an enscription reads, Happy Evermore. I believe that truth wholeheartedly today. I am abundantly grateful for the love of all the people I have never met and have yet to meet. .  #taleswithfriends #navigatingthroughnovember #sillouette #shadowselves #gratitude #soul_selfie #fellspoint
Heat seeking furballs. The late morning brings hot puddles of light into the house and the cats seek their own private Rivieras to lounge and lick within. .  The beams of light are spot lights to this moment. I See them and think, what is it about now that I want to remember. Besides my journal, that's what Instagram receives so well. The mindfulness that Autumnal light brings. .  #catsofinstagram #chessinator #tortiesofig #taleswithfriends #beherenow #navigatingthroughnovember
"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live" ---Flora Whittmore--- .  It is the projects that we entertain, the ideas we fiddle with, the people we draw closer, and the whispered yeses that we live tomorrow. .  I keep thinking of the song Love is an Open Door from the movie Frozen. Without self-love and compassion, there are no open doors. We can not love others or be of any help to our world until we establish this within ourselves. .  I highly recommend listening to Sas Pethrick's recent chat with Jane Reeves @radiantjane on episode 30 of her amazing podcast Courage and Spice . Loving Kindness is perpetually the key . .  On the blog, a chat about forgiving my body and living with it as it is now. Link in my profile to Shalavee.com. .  #entrance #navigatingthroughnovember #soul_selfie #mywisdomlessons #ontheblog #taleswithfriends #selfcompassion #selfdevelopment #emotionalmaturity
Working on the 2.0 version of 100 days project installation . I had forgotten how much fun this all was and how much I enjoy seeing what devotion to myself looks like. .  I am leading another Creativity Workshop this coming weekend and I really wanted to be able to display this project as proof of what an impact creativity is capable of making. .  If you're local to me, there's still time to sign up. DM me on IG and I'll send you the link. Or check prior posts on Facebook. .  #navigatingthroughnovember #createdaily #taleswithfriends #ourcreativeourselves  #creativityfound #innerartist #createeveryday #creativemamas #creativepractice #alifeofintention #theartofslowliving #bepresent #collectivelycreate #the100daysproject #arthealsthesoul #creativechallenge #happyartistmovement
Flying, that feeling of unstoppable superness. Or sinking, hopelessness taking me down to darker depths. On any given day, these feelings are dependent on what I think I am worth today. . "Feeling good and esteeming oneself brings hope. Berating and hating oneself brings dread. " .  On my blog today, a brief contemplation on this subject. Link in my profile to the post on Shalavee.com titled Will You Face the Day with Hope or Dread ? How do you feel most days? . (The only shot I got from my plane trip to and from Nevada.) .  #taleswithfriends #navigatingthroughnovember  #ontheblog #selfdevelopment #writersofig #upupupinthe#upupupintheair #mywisdomlessons
One of the most amazing gifts I've ever given to myself is the friendships I've made on Instagram. Tina Meyers @tinalecountmyers is one of My People and today I was gifted with the opportunity to Meet Her! She was at a convention in Baltimore and I drove like a mad women to pick her up and take her out to a diner for breakfast. We are such Kindred sisters and both were infinitely grateful to have had the chance to meet in real life as we live on opposite coasts. I adore you lady! Thank you ! .  #taleswithfriends #navigatingthroughnovember #fellspoint #gratitude  #reverence #storyofmyday #community #writersofig
New to Me for #navigatingthroughnovember .  The last act in the Vegas production we saw, Le Rêve , as these amazing silk flowers bloomed in the ceiling. 🌹💜💜!!!WOW!!!💜💜🌹 #taleswithfriends #myvegasvacation  #lerêve #myunicornlife
#inbetween ... We saw Le Rêve , the Dream, when we were in Las Vegas. The show was one of the most amazing masterpieces of production and talent I will ever see. Water ballet, acrobatics, dance, gymnastics, a live singer, and a stage that rose and sank underwater in circular sections. Plus lights, water fountains, and flames. .  I came home from my vacation and felt numb. Wasn't sure how to re-engage in my life. I felt suddenly stuck in between all that I'd done before I'd left and all that I still have to do. Unsettling. .  But I kept moving, kept my eyes and ears open to hopeful helpful thoughts. And I seem to be rising again. I'm removing walls, listening to my intuition, and telling myself the truth. I think there needs to be some daily creativity now or else!  #navigatingthroughnovember #createeveryday #lereve #thewynn #lasvegasnevada #ourcreativeselves #mywisdomlessons #
Just like my kid, I couldn't help but scoop up these sexy little #autumnal tokens of love on my walk yesterday. .  Sneaky India @Earthandstars started her #navigatingnovember challenge without me. I'll happily join in as I decided my NaNoWriMo adventure was just not happening this year. The one hundred day challenge was truly enough for one year. Biting and chewing my friends. .  #taleswithfriends #community #igchallenge #fallcolors #ourcreativeselves #magic #colorjunkie #createeveryday
Ah Halloween! I am a devotee to your fanfare and ritual.  A costume parade at school, pumpkin carving, her dark princess costume (so lovely), our traditional first trick or treat to our neighbors house, and an hour's worth of trick or treating to fill the pumpkin bucket up. We ended the night by watching second Night at the Museum movie. So fun! Swipe right to left to see them all. .  #trickortreat #halloween #fionamariepeach #kidsofinstagram #sassafras #taleswithfriends #midlifemama #creativemamas #storyofmyday #gingershavemorefun
On my blog today, I ponder Belonging to Myself. "Not belonging to you means that you look for all your comfort and sense of identity from others." But... "Imagine the kind of love and acceptance we could give ourselves and then to the world if we belonged to ourselves, inside the bodies we have, with the compassion of angels." Imagine... Link to my blog at Shalavee.com in my profile. .  #mywisdomlessons #soul_selfie #writersofig #selfdevelopment #selfawareness #taleswithfriends #emotionalintegrity #selfie