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You can fight it... or you can release it... but all things eventually return to the Giver of all things. . . #7lastsayings #sevenlastsayings #holyweek2019 #visualprayers #spiritualdirection #goodfriday #spiritualpractice
they did it. . they murdered him. . he’s dying. . there’s no turning back. . it is finished. . Deaths like this are rarely just. . . . #7lastsayings #sevenlastsayings #goodfriday #holyweek #crucifixion
This is my body and blood. . . Initially, it’s weird. What are we? Zombies and Vampires? And may I add… I didn’t sign up to be a part of cannibal cult. But as in all spirituality, this is making the invisible visible. It’s the thing behind the thing. . . I love pizza.  Sure it’s a cheese and dough cake… so what’s not to like! But I don’t love pizza because it’s carb prozac. I love pizza because it reminds me of dinner with my brother and parents growing up. It reminds me of us at Round Table Pizza. Yes playing video games in the arcade (the greatest thing ever!), but also the feeling of togetherness and belonging. The sense of Love that is cemented in the consistent practice of eating together. A cement made more poignant by layers and layers of cheeeeeeeeeesssssssse…… . . Which side note… if I could go back in time, I would bring brie to the Last Supper. Bread for the Body. Wine for the Blood. Cheese for the Paradise to come. Communion would be so much more rad if we had bread, cheese, and wine! What a feast. I’d have communion every night. or AKA… I’d be French. . . Communion is not THE thing. It helps us remember the thing behind the thing. That we are called friends. And we can remember that friendship even if He’s not here. . . #stationsofthecross #holyweek #communion
If you stop drinking, you die. . . If you stop healing, you die. . . If you stop desiring, you die. . .  If you stop loving, you die. . . If you stop caring, you die. . . If you stop being, you die. . . The thirst is there for a reason. . . #sevenlastsayings #7lastsayings #jesus #goodfriday #holyweek #holyweek2019 #spiritualdirection #visiodivina #visualprayers
Being human feels like being forsaken. . . This is the only one out of the seven sayings where Jesus is quoting somebody else. He’s quoting David in Psalm 22. And a psalm is a song. It’s like Jesus is singing our truest song. . . You want to know what it’s like being you? It feels like you’ve been forsaken. That God has turned It’s very back on you in your miserable state. That we are left all on our own. We are held by a curse we cannot shake loose... . . But what we see here is the Divine participating in that cry. Actually singing our song. . . And by doing that, we are being offered a new song. It takes awhile to get through all the shame to receive it. But it’s there. Waiting to be sung. . . That song is “you belong to Me.” . . #sevensayings #spiritualdirection #visualprayers #7sayings #7lastsayingsofchrist #forsaken #spiritualpractice #spiritualformation #visiodivina #holyweek #lent #lent2019
I would never entrust my mother, whom I love, with anyone other than a trusted friend. . . And I would never entrust a friend, whom I love, with anyone other than the care equal to a mothers care. . . At the end, even while dying, what you proclaim is the treasure of loving others and the invitation to do the same. . . . #7lastsayings #lastsayingsofjesus #jesus #lovewins #loveothers #holyweek #jesus #sevenlastsayings
We lost a teacher today. . . Religious folks in America don’t really understand this…. because we build religious buildings FOR a teacher. We don’t build buildings to BE a teacher. . . Cathedrals of Europe are teachers. To a mostly illiterate culture they helped teach the concepts, wisdom, and stories of the scriptures through imagery, sculpture, and architecture. . . I’ve been to Paris around 30 times. I’ve spent hours at Notre Dame. Sketched her. Sat in silence. Received her teaching. . . I know she will be renovated and rebuilt… which has happened many times before. But what was lost in the fire is irreplaceable. As all beautiful things are. . . Mourning with you Paris. . . #paris #notredame #visiodivina
LIMITED EDITION PRINT! . . Ok friends. Just got these beauties from @fairweatherpress and they look amazing. I made this set of prints for my merch table at upcoming @sayyesshow shows. But many of you begged me to make prints available for shipping. So I am making 30 prints available on my site for a premium price. The rest you can find at a show near you. . . Shipwreck Lighthouse - 16x20 black and gold on museum quality paper . . Click link in profile
“Remember me....” . . Look. You can make this transcribed interaction between two crucified humans about the mechanics of salvation, or the implications of Greek translation for “paradise”, or how punctuation marks aren’t in the original language so when does “today” actually happened in the time space continuum... . . But what is unavoidably true is this man’s request to be remembered. . . Isn’t that our deepest request? To not be forgotten? . . “God. I know you have lots going on. Big important things. Cosmic works with eternal implications. But my life has unfolded in a way I didn’t expect. I’ve done many things I’m ashamed of... and I very well am receiving what I deserve. But even in this moment where I have been abandoned by everyone... would you... you the Giver of my Existence... would you remember me? My dying hope is that Your Love is greater than anything I experienced in this world. Surely it is. If not... why are YOU here? Why are You in the same place I am? Is it not because that kind of Love threatens to overthrow everything? . . If that is the Kingdom you are inaugurating into this kingdom... would you please remember me as you hand out invitations?” . . “Truly I say to you today you will be with Me in paradise.” . . #sevensayings #spiritualdirection #visualprayers #7sayingsofjesus #holyweek #spiritualpractice #spiritualformation #visiodivina #jesus . . . * the building in this is the New Jerusalem describes in Revelation 21
THIS WEEK! @sayyesshow . . Can’t wait to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones in ATL and BHAM... two of my favorite cities. And a performance at @georgiatech during a series on mental health? So pumped! . . Tag your friends. Bring your dark. Let’s create something together. . . See you soon!
Today is a joke. . . We call it Palm Sunday.... where we celebrate Jesus’ “Triumphal Entry” into Jerusalem. Then in under a week, the same people ask for his murder. . . I mean... Jesus lets us in on the joke. Have you seen a grown man ride a small donkey? It’s hilarious. And yet we still titled this moment as triumphal in the Bible. . . Here’s the joke:  those who follow God will always kill God because God usurps their quest for power. . .  We believe in God because we believe God is a solution to our problems. Sure... death, sin, shame.... and we talk about those a lot. But we also have secret conversations about saving us from mediocrity, financial simplicity, lack of fame, sexual desire, more stuff, powerlessness, fear of foreigners, being number one, control of safety, a simple quiet way. . . I know this because God followers quote scripture to continue biased policies to maintain power, burn crosses on other God followers lawns, love their weapons designed to kill other humans in the name of God given freedom, waste millions on platforms that build fame for God teachers, make God a cosmic janitor for their human responsibilities of waste and use of resources, etc etc... . . “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!” . . Unless that King decides not to gain power. Then, get Him out of the way. . . “Father. Forgive them... for they don’t know what they are doing.” . . #palmsunday #holyweek #jesus #triumphalentry #7sayingsofjesus #sevensayings
Need some artwork for Holy Week social media posting? I have a little package for you. Click link in profile for more info.
Jesus is nailed to the cross. . . Crucifixion was utilized as a public execution device for around 1000 years. It was used by ruling forces to squelch rebellions and to punish criminals. A cross meant you lose. You’ll never defeat this. You’re powerless. . . The early church didn’t even begin to use the cross as it’s symbol til around 300 years after Jesus’ death. The symbol was so strongly related to death that they didn’t dare touch it. It’s a brilliant co-opting design move though. To take an imperial symbol of death and make it your symbol of hope. . . On every church is a cross. On every church is an execution device. . . #stationsofthecross #stationsinthestreet
Jesus is stripped of his clothes. . . I think if any of us have imagined how we were going to die... I’m pretty sure we don’t imagine being naked publicly. . .  They crucified people naked. Not just Jesus. Everyone. Boobs. Bush. Dicks. Testicles. Full nudity mixed with slow public torture. . . It would be really distracting to see all this on a statue during a church service. So we grew up seeing the loin clothe.... and that gave us some hope of decency. . . But nope. There was none. . . #stationsofthecross #stationsinthestreet
Jesus is mocked and beaten. . . Have you ever hated your life so much that your anger was released on other people? Maybe you’re angry about how your life is turning out. It’s not what you had planned and you find yourself in a situation that you loathe. And if anybody asks how you are doing, it takes all your patience to not lash out in anger. . . Or maybe you’re in a dead end job. Or a job that is really stressful. And you work with others who don’t appreciate you. And maybe even dislike you. And all you get all day every day is disdain and passive aggressive hate. . . Those situations can wear you down. And have you ever been so worn down that in a completely different context, something someone says is a release valve for all that pent-up anger. Maybe it’s a hard conversation that becomes way more intense then needs to be. Maybe a child is disobedient and you yell at them more than necessary. Often we release our anger in the places that are embarrassingly inappropriate. . . I bet those Roman soldiers beat the shit out of that Jew. . . #stationsofthecross #stationsinthestreet
Jesus is condemned to die. . . You know... when they shouted “crucify him!”... that meant in a few hours they all got to watch him die right in front of them. Not on screens. Not from stadium stands. Just on the side of the road as they ran some errands. . . I believe in our capacity for kindness and goodness. But I also know that hiding in the shadows is our immense capacity for cold bloody murder. . . #stationsofthecross #stationsinthestreet
Jesus is Betrayed. . . At a dinner, a woman walks in, pours expensive perfume on Jesus’ head… and everyone loves it and celebrates the beautiful moment. . . Wrong! They all think it’s a huge waste! In fact, after that dinner, one of the disciples of Good News has had enough of the B.S. and goes to the authorities and asks how much money they’ll give him if he turns over this disappointing Son of Man. . . It’s disheartening when the thing you’re following shows itself to not be the thing you thought you were following. When you’re ready to die for the revolution! and you’re ready to take back the Power!… and then your leader let’s resources wasted away in sentimental pageantry. . . I thought this was about winning? Winning involves power. Power comes with wealth. You’re telling me if I follow this thing it doesn’t end up in Power? It doesn’t end up in looking like what Wealth gives to everyone who has it? (See @preachersnsneakers ) . . How quick I am at selling out any Way that leads me away from the Power of Wealth. . . It’s been said I can’t have two masters... but Jesus, I don’t think you know how all of this actually works. . . . #stationsofthecross #stationsinthestreet #holyweek #spiritualdirection #visualprayers #spiritualpractice #spiritualformation #twomasters #judas #prosperitygospel
Jesus is Tempted. . I get tempted. But not like this.  Personally I’m wary of teachings that compare some crazy Biblical story to the normalcy of human life. Example: “Jesus calmed the storm on the sea. Can He calm the “storms” in our lives?” A literal storm vs. hard seasons in my life? WTF. That’s no comparison. I can imagine if was in an ACTUAL storm that was so bad I was afraid of drowning, and I ACTUALLY saw Jesus calm the literal storm to silence… I’m pretty sure that would mellow out all other intense situations for me. Like the next time I had no work booked for three months (later this year), I’m fairly sure when the anxiety crept up, I’d recall seeing storms literally dissipate and think to myself “He got this” and I’d go on my way. . . I’ve never had a future in front of me where I knew if I kept going I’d suffer horrible torture at the hands of imperial powers and I would slowly die on one of the worst execution devices ever created by human beings. . . That said. I get tempted. Not in the vein of shoplifting and hating annoying people in society. I’m talking about Incarnation. . . I get tempted all the time to not say yes to the life that is right in front of me. The relational commitments I’ve made to family and a spouse. The psychological commitments I’ve made to perspective and choice. The faith commitments that I’ve made to the Ground of Being. The incarnation commitments I've made to being my truest manifestation of being… instead of constant longing to being fulfilled by being something other than me. . . The road ahead of me is not an execution device. Thank God. But constantly on all of our roads is the death that comes from saying yes to our particular incarnation. Your body. Your family. Your capabilities. Your limitations. Your time. Your place. Your short breath of life in the absurd and beautiful universe. . . Because to say yes to your life is to say no to all the other incarnational possibilities