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venmo is the only thing that helps any more @scariestbugever is me venmo thank u v much

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it’s snowing, don’t be a dick
timehop reminded me that pisces season is here to ruin you
everybody try to be nice to each other today maybe we can make it through today with no crying it has been 0 days since our last crying incident
tag your friend who you secretly have feelings for to irreparably ruin your relationship for good
i’ve been given three warnings for posting ryan adams cell number but it’s ok
the kids really miss you
this is the best news ever
me @ yall
ahh!!! i’m so excited to tell you all about this thing that @unboundbabes has been working on!!! Area 69 is womxn-run sex toy company @unboundbabes’ newly launched community program where you can get points for your purchases, get merch and bonuses and (the coolest part i think) share info / sex toys / rad info with people you care about.  For so long, society has gone out of its way to limit authentic convos about pleasure and sexual wellbeing. @unboundbabes established Area 69 to create a new world where the pursuit of pleasure & sex is welcomed, encouraged, and CELEBRATED.  I really think this program is super special because I don’t think that sex/toys/tips should be something we are shy about. Info, reviews, and reasonably priced high quality gear and toys can rly make a difference imo. My recs for first-timers are def Unbound’s Ollie vibe (the blue guy in the pic lol) and their Cuffies silicone handcuffs. u can use my code ‘binny69’ to get $10 off ur next purchase... it works for $50 and up so basically u can get ur own ollie and we can be twins or whatever. It’ll also give u automatic access to Area 69 so you can start to earn points, explore the program & get $$ off future purchases for sharing the love with your friends too :) i love @unboundbabes and they have a rly special place in my heart because of everything they do to promote sex positivity and accessible info. so throw them a follow and i will make sure to let you know my recs and reviews of their products because I have quite the collection going. ❤️ #unarea69
i got an app to block robo calls but then immediately felt lonely and deleted it
huge shoutout to @coconut_lacroix / @sam_garner_hair for giving me this bomb cut. i was kinda nervous but omg j rly rly rly like it. 💇🏻‍♀️if ur in around baltimore, i fully endorse getting cut by this babe 💃
a fun old classic for the real ones