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My daughter is my numero uno. I ❤️ a good deal. Just trying to survive one day at a time by laughing. Justin Timberlake. Not a foodie...I just ❤ food.

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I’ll take ✌🏻. One with coffee and the other with Red Bull. I’ve been up all night long. 😫😩😣
When your friend is MIA but she’s posting on IG.  I see you 👀
How does Stan Lee get more acknowledgement on my posts than my mom who’s been unresponsive in ICU for 2 months? Just a thought.....
What a legend.
Hey everyone. It’s been about a week since I last talked to you all.  My mom had some improvements which of a course is a huge plus. She’s still in critical condition and it’s hard that I’m so far away but I’m glad I was able to go to NY for a few days to see her. I’m not sure if she even knows I was there but I like to think so.  If I have any other updates I’ll be sure to let you all know.  In the mean time, I’m keeping myself busy and I’m about to go into JCPenney because while I was gone I got a $10/$10 in the mail! Free outfit for my daughter is what I’m about to get lol I hate that you can’t use it on Disney items!
@couponing @couponandcupcakegirl @lifecouponz @im_a_hotmess_jess  I see you 👀 lol
Home. ❤️
Well this is a boring picture. Anyway, let me follow up to my last post... Last week I got a call saying my mother has been in the hospital since September 12. I had NO idea. My mother and I haven’t spoken in almost 3 years.  She went in for back surgery and that went well but everything else after was a disaster. Everything started getting worse and worse from there. I was supposed to leave next Thursday to see her even though she probably won’t know it’s me. Last night at 9 pm I was told I need to get to NY ASAP.  So here I am. On a flight. If it’s true what the drs are saying...that to prepare for the worse...I need her to wait for me.  Ok no more typing that out because my eyes are now burning.  If you’re bored, tag me in some funny memes. They make me laugh lol
Taking off now. Haven’t really been around much as you probably noticed...(or didn’t, it’s ok lol) I’m on my way to say goodbye to my mom. ....and that’s all I can type out before I start crying again. I’ll be back soon.
Ohhhhhh tis the season.
Dollar Tree! So cute!
I guess she wanted to go for a serious look lol #gerberphotosearch2018
She said, “No more pics mommy!” So cute though lol #gerberphotosearch2018
I love my baby girl. (I also love the way iPhone takes pictures lol) #halloween #gerberphotosearch2018
Anyone listening to this podcast? HOLY MACARONI 😱😱😱😱😱 I’m on episode 4. 😱😱😱 I can’t deal 😱😱😱😱😱 #podcast
#repost @maxesmommy1 with @get_repost ・・・ Unfortunately Leonard’s tumor markers have doubled in one month which is a bad sign his meds are not working and his disease is progressing. I can’t pay for everything by myself, I’m having a hard enough time keeping a roof over our head and food in our bellies. Just $1 from 600 of you would make all the difference and help us make up for what we don’t have. If you can’t donate I understand, please just share that would mean the world. I put my cash app in the comments and my bio, I know a lot of ppl don’t like GoFundMe, I’ve almost given up on that. We are already $70,000.00 in debt to Mayo. I swear I feel like life will never be the same and I hate to ask for money but I am desperate. I’m working my butt off and feel like a Hamster on a wheel. Yes I have exhausted every resource available to us. Thanks for reading. Cash app is: $ELG1969 Thank you again. #cancersucks #cancerstealseverything #cancerawareness #cancerbroke #cancerstolemylife #watchingyourlovedonesuffer
My spunky little girl❤️ #gerberphotosearch2018 #bouncepatrol
Who broke the Payless site lol