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Sarah Jakes Roberts


Devoted to Him. Wife to an epic king, mom to incredible children, daughter of remarkable parents, & sis to talented sibs. @womanevolve

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Issa a whole queen’s birthday!  _ You’ve never met anyone like Cora, of this I’m sure. When God made her He decided nothing before her or after her could ever compare.  _ She is ferocious in all that she does and will war until victory surrenders. As amazing as she is, she is just skimming the surface. There is so much more this world needs from you.  _ I love you and I’m in your corner. Happiest of birthdays sis! ❤️
I wasn’t going to post about my birthday but then @teyaahunter @jaymerri @carina_gilford @kaleighraemusic @rosemeregini @naomiraine @itsreallyren @iamjakia  @rooselvelt_stewart_ii @yofaunte  came through with a tune I couldn’t just let go.  _  Thank y’all for the birthday love. Do a little shuffle for me wherever you are. ❤️
Now that I preached to my sisters at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility, Woman Evolve 2019 has officially come to an end.  _ I told them there’s a society of us starting businesses, pursuing our mental health, healing our hearts, writing books, creating music, and waiting on them to get out so we can all do it together.  _ If you’re one of them comment: #bruisedheelsociety 👇🏾 _ How fitting that I wore my dress from @shopfinallyfree
Woman Evolve 2019.  _ #bruisedheelsociety #womanevolve19 #womanevolve
A few of my friends came together because....well....we refuse to lose. #bruisedheelsociety  _ _ @womanevolve - - - - - - Issa ‘skin in the game’ kinda summer for every member of the Bruised Heel Society!  Tag a sister and let her know it’s time to SHOW UP and BREAK CURSES! . . . #womanevolve19 #totalvictory #forthewin #refusetolose #womanevolve #sarahjakesroberts #sisterhood #faith #fun #fashion #bruisedheelsociety
This. Is. Happening!!! Tonight I got to meet a few of my favorite girls tomorrow the rest of the gang will all be in!  _ #womanevolve19 we’re ready for you!
We not doing any FOMO around these parts! If you’re not coming to Denver then we will just have to bring as much as we can to you.  _ Download our app: Woman Evolve TV and come to conference with us. Session starts Friday 10am MST. Let’s make a weekend of it. ❤️
As we landed in Denver we were greeted by a double rainbow. I’ve been praying that God’s glory would show up  for this week’s @womanevolve conference in such a fresh way. Seeing this 🌈 reminded me of the consistency of God in fulfilling his promises. From Abraham down through the generations even until now God’s promises still stand.  _ I can’t wait to meet you in Denver this week. God is here and he’s waiting on us! ❤️🙏🏾🌈
21 years old trying to discover the gold that existed within her own soul. Not so that she could feel good within, but rather so she could defy the fear and doubt that ran through her frame like an infectious disease.  _ You’re not good enough. No one will ever want you. You’ve gone too far. You’re the black sheep. You’re an embarrassment.  _ Too afraid to deal with the pain I plastered a smile on my face and chose to masquerade. Until one day it all fell apart....what felt like another reason to shame became a blessing that I gained.  _ With the shattered pieces of my life out of my incapable hands I asked God for the strength to only pick up what He could bless and wipe my tears while I grieved the rest.  _ When the tears completed their descent I lifted my head and asked God, “What do I do with what’s left?” I heard His voice as distant as a whisper and all He said was so simple, yet profound: Woman, Evolve.  _ And evolve I did...I woke up the next day committed to becoming the best version of scarred, beautiful, broken me that I could be. Now I’m blessed to whisper those two words to women all over the world:  _ Woman, Evolve! There’s life after this. #wcw #womanevolve
Can we have testimony service real quick? First giving honor to God who is the head and not the tail of my life, to my pastor (with his fine self) @toureroberts, the deacons, elders, and all of you blessed folks... _  Check it... I used to pride myself on how I could cut a person with my words and then secretly feel like I was hemorrhaging insecurities, fear, and bitterness inside. When I elevated my words to myself and others I no longer battled with jealousy, anger, or frustration. I guess you can say I stopped out trashing people committed to hurting me and instead believed I could soar above.  _ What traits have you had to lay down that hurt you and others so that you could become the best version of you?  _ #womanevolve conference moment with @seritajakes ❤️
Top of the morning to you, Monday.  _ Woke up tired, started dragging, and then it dawned on me that there’s no time to lose steam now.  _ So this morning I’m breathing in all of the possibilities that today posses and exhaling all of the doubts and fears that keep me bound.  _ My prayer is that everything you do will be from a place of peace and wholeness. Today holds a lesson that will guarantee you ace tomorrow’s test. Pay attention, my friend, this world is your classroom.
Woop! Woop!! _ #repostplus @bishopjakes - - - - - - #repost @womanevolve @get_reposter  Remember when you dared to dream? When insecurities didn’t stop you. When fear couldn’t keep you. Well, why should it be such a distant memory? We’re reconnecting to those fearless parts of ourselves at the Woman Evolve Conference 2019 and Sarah Jakes Roberts is extending a personal invitation to YOU… YES, YOU!!! Join SJR and thousands of women who are on a journey of becoming their best selves and refuse to lose! __  Now that you have been personally invited, what you gonna do Chile? We need you to HIT THAT LINK! Register today!!! . . . #womanevolve19 #totalvictory #forthewin #refusetolose #womanevolve #sarahjakesroberts #sisterhood #faith #fun #fashion