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We love books Rent a book today!! Surulere,Lagos πŸ“ž 08056630673 WhatsApp 07089690922

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This is a good book, We see the character Esi grow from a little girl who is very much aware of the happenings around her to a grown woman who has discovered herself. We are not sure Esi should have asked so many questions as a child but this is a good book and best of all it’s available for RENT!! N1000 500 back upon return!! We love to share our books and our stories!! #booksarelove #rentandread #bookstagram
#booksarelove #bookstagram #surulere
We are giving this book to someone who wants to read it for free!! Why? We couldn’t get past the few pages😩😩 so if you would want to read this book let’s see your handsπŸ–πŸΎπŸ–πŸΎπŸ–πŸΎπŸ–πŸΎ #bookstagram #naijabrandchick #booksarelove
We’ve been on a break looking for exciting books you can rent, read and learn from!! Buying books may not be in the budget but renting them for a fraction should!! We are rent_and_read and we are here to make your bookie dreams come true!! #bookstagram #rentandread #booksarelove
As women we experience alot of things, most women have similar experiences but are too scared or unable to share. This book shows us similarities in experiences of two strong women and how they forged ahead. AVAILABLE FOR RENT N1500 500 BACK WHEN OUR BOOKS ARE RETURNED!!. #bookstoread #bookstagrammer #booksarelove #rentabook
This is a book that will make you laugh and make you understand the importance of working hard. Some say this is a love letter to the authors mother, we say this is that and more. This book is filled with a lot of imagery, we have seen South Africa, the author's life and we say this was an amazing experience!. For RENT FOR 1500 ONLY. REMEMBER N500 ON THE RETURN OF OUR BOOKS!! #bookstoread #bookstagrammer #booksarelove #bookish #booksforrent
Where are we going to today!! Books take us anywhere and everywhere!! Call us #bookstagrammer #booksarelove #naijabrandchick #bookstoread #booksforrent
This book!! Short and straight forward and relatable, the author tells a story of two sisters, one creates the mess and one cleans it up( sounds familiar 😁)... Book for rent. #instablog #bookstagrammer #booksarelove #naijabrandchick #booksforlife #nigerianbooklovers
Books make you feel alive!!! The magic of turning the pages, the images formed, you can literally hear the voices of the characters, feel their despair. Ooooo la-la. Magic!!
Our first book for rent is this beautiful book by yaa Gyasi. In our opinion this was the best book of 2018, yaa tells a story of slavery, love, determination. This is a must read!! A book to be passed down it's on rent for 1500 . You get 500 back when you return the book!! Awesome!! Now let's read πŸ“—πŸ“— #booksarelove #rentabook #lagos #lekki
Books are the way, books are the way, we cannot say that enough. Books expose you to places, people, learning things you would never learn in a classroom. Rent a book is here to bring you magical books for a fraction of the price!!. Send us a message or give us a call πŸ“žπŸ“žπŸ˜
Welcome to rent a book!! We are your foremost book rental, we love books and understand the cost of most books, we are here to bring you reading pleasure at lowest cost possible!! Welcome!! #bookstagram #naijabrandchick #lagos #bookstagrammer