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Rene Redzepi


Chef/co-owner: @nomacph • Our non profit dedicated to a better food world: @themadfeed • Our new book on fermentation now available for purchase 👇👇

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Yes, my wife and I ate 125 grams of caviar in economy class on our flight, but the truth is neither of us could wait to replace those fish eggs with a freshly prepared quesadilla. Mexico, we are sooo happy to be back in you :)
Queen clam rainbow — nature does it best
Reservations for our upcoming vegetable season (June - September) will be released next week, on Tuesday, the 12th of February at 4PM (CET – local Copenhagen time), via our online booking system. We hope to see you here in the summer season for our new vegetable menu!
Here are a few items for coffee after dinner. On top it’s a starfish made out of gooey fudge flavored with saffron and cardamom. Below is cod skin cooked until crisp and then dipped in dark chocolate with sweet spices on top.
This is a serving of cod swim bladder with wild quince. (See my stories to learn more about how we use quince in our menu!)
An army of “shrimp” that are made out of rose hips and gooseberries. We stuff them with raw shrimp from Skagen marinated with seaweed and Arctic thyme. Eaten in one delicious bite.
Preserved fruits from summer that we pair with sheep’s milk yoghurt and seaweed for dessert. (From the top: Green gooseberries, mirabelle plums, green strawberries, red gooseberries, cherries, strawberries and tiny pine young cones that are rendered edible by simmering them for hours in sirup)
Fresh seafood for our menu (top to bottom: carpet clam, queen clam, blue mussel, sea urchin, mahogany clam, Norwegian cockle, Venus clam)
Seafood platter: Venus clam with purslane - Norwegian sweet cockle with fresh cream - razor clam with preserved hazelnuts - carpet clams with sorrel and quince
Razor clams
This is our cod tongue schnitzel (you can swipe to see a video on how it’s cleaned). The bits most people don’t get to taste on a daily basis are often, in fact, the most delicious parts. It’s the cuts of fish that nature hides, ones typically on the inside, that offer the biggest rewards. In this case, the tongue of the cod yields a texture like lobster knuckles crossed with pork belly; incredibly juicy, incredibly flavorful, and totally worth the extra effort.
This is our seafood menu