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Zit zapper + CEO. Motorcycles + globetrotting. Nowhere to go but everywhere⚡️⚡️ [Austin, LA, NY] Skincare for 9 skin types ⬇️ @reneerouleauskincare

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While in Boston today, I took the journey to go to @crossfit_florian Years back, I had them send Florian a t-shirt (scroll through to see a pic of him wearing it) and he loved it. Being French living in the States, it was not often he heard his unique name. .... ... Saint Florian: Patron Saint of Firefighters: in honor of the men and women who put themselves in harm's way in order to keep us safe. 🔥💪 ... ... Miss you, Florian. Always honoring you 😇 #thisisflorian
Not my future...with help from @reneerouleauskincare 💪
Hey, hey...it’s a GIVEAWAY! Win full sizes of my brand new Rapid Response Detox Cleanser and Toner!! Seriously good ⚡️These products were inspired by my best-selling acne masque and work hard to stop the appearance of breakouts in their early stages 🚫To enter: •Go follow @reneerouleauskincare and look for the giveaway pic and enter there!
Got me some music running through the veins. @loveboxfestival #dollypartonvibes
Florian is on my mind a lot today, for this would have been his first-ever 4th of July as a U.S. citizen—a day he wanted to be able to celebrate. However, his wish of dying as a U.S. citizen did come true and this is so worthy of a celebration. 🎉  Since Florian loved to make people laugh, here’s how he got his citizenship last year. It’s a good one. ... .. After applying for his citizenship a year earlier, he finally got notified that he was eligible for an interview in San Antonio. How the process works is that once that is complete, they send him home and he waits a month or so for the final decision. If he passed, he would go back to take the Oath and get his citizenship. Sadly, Florian’s days were running out and he knew he might not have that kind of time to wait. So in true Florian fashion, his perseverance and smarts would find a way to make this happen faster.  The morning of the interview, I looked at his face and saw that he had missed a bunch of areas from his daily shave. His razor work was always perfection so this caught me by surprise. I said, “Florian, you have all these patches of hair that you missed?" He came up close to my face and in a soft, whispery, low voice (like Marlon Brando in the movie The Godfather), he said, “Renee…it’s all in the details...” Wink, wink. 😉 Florian had a grand plan which was to provide them not only the medical paperwork of his cancer diagnosis and the urgency of the situation, but pull out the “Awww…poor guy, he can’t even shave” card out of his bag of tricks.  Well, it worked. He passed everything and they took him in the back and allowed him to become a U.S. citizen right on the spot. 🇺🇸September 19, 2018 was a beautiful and emotional day...and tears were flowing. (I’m leaving that out of the video.) The kind people working in this government office actually made his dream come true. Yes. 🙏🏻 Florian died bravely as a proud U.S. citizen seven weeks later and was cremated
What am I doing in this pic?!? An oil migration test…all in the name of good skin. 🙌  I’m often asked, “What’s a good foundation for breakout-prone skin?” Well, with this oil-migration test, looking at ingredients, patch testing and getting recommendations from others, I’ve narrowed it down to three of my favorites that I will now recommend to my clients. Click the link in my profile to read the full post! And be sure to sign up for my emails to get my latest skincare blog posts! Comment below with what foundation is working well for you these days. Would love to hear! For all things skincare, follow @reneerouleauskincare  https://blog.reneerouleau.com/best-foundation-oily-acne-skin/
MY LOVE STORY❤️: I’ve shared a lot about life and loss, but allow me to share my love with Florian and how we made our 22-year relationship work:  ACCEPTANCE: Florian and I were very aware that we were opposites (see my 1/23/19 post). It’s a losing battle when you don’t accept someone for how they are inherently wired. We won in this area, but it took a lot of communication and understanding.  SAME PAGE: “How can we get on the same page?” was said often. We compromised when conflict presented itself; give a little, take a little, meet in the middle. Whatever we needed to do to get back on the same page to avoid resentment.  TIME AND SPACE: We had our own lives and interests that we allowed each other the time to pursue. I didn’t need him to be glued to my hip. However, our shared love of work, travel, adventure, and motorcycling were at the core of our relationship.  INTIMACY: The thing that separates a partner in love versus a roommate is intimacy. We flirted, were playful, held hands, whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears at work and left each other love notes. We always understood the power of physical touch. 💋 HUGS: Whenever we would fight, one of us would muster up the strength to shout “HUGS!” and force a hug, which would immediately break the tension. We’d soon be laughing because you can’t hang on to anger while in the midst of a hug. In fact, hugs played a big role during his cancer journey to ease his physical/emotional pain. We would fill up his “hug bank” and it would work magic. Hug harder and you’ll love better, I promise you this.🤗 ... ... Shortly after he was diagnosed with cancer I asked, “Florian, do you have any regrets in our marriage”? He said “no” and I agreed. We were faithful and fully committed to one another and conducted ourselves in a way that we were both extremely proud of. 🙏🏻 ... ... Seven months since his passing, I can now say that I fully welcome grief when it hits. I
Summer is when... Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. (For some!) Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better.  Great reunion with family and friends in Cape Cod. I am blessed.
Going places 🦋
Going places...on two wheels. ⚡️#girlswhoride
(Sound on)...Much to celebrate in LA with the opening of my fellow retinol-usin’, sunscreen-wearin’ #esthetician @shanidarden new skin studio. Being an entrepreneur, which I define as building something bigger than yourself, is no easy task. Bravo to you, #girlboss Shani.⚡️⚡️⚡️#shanidarden #shanidardenskincare
New blog post.😳Link in profile to read all nine. Let me know your experiences! ... . https://blog.reneerouleau.com/the-5-worst-skin-sins-ive-ever-heard/ #esthetician #estheticianlife #skincare
5 hot Portugal nights 🔥  14 monks singing Bohemian Rhapsody 🎶  10 fish caught 🎣  3 discotheques 💃  2 tattoos 🦋  1 tractor ride in the vineyard 🍷  Countless new friends 🎉 Endless laughs with @katiegray207 🤣  Obrigada, Portugal. You were perfectly magical✨#eoportugal2019
The butterfly represents transformation. They are delicate, yet strong. They thrive despite the rain. They illuminate in the sunlight. They are thought to be angels sent from above. 😇 Loving my new set of wings to fly me forward...and having @katiegray207 as my wing woman. 🦋
So fancy...⚡️⚡️⚡️ . . . Thanks @beautyby__lizz @britebarbeauty Color by @bigredtisa at @littlesistersalon and @overtonecolor
Almost daily, I’ll hear this. “Renée, Help! My skin has been breaking out lately. I don’t know what’s going on! What should I do?” Well…I’ve created the perfect solution and am so proud of this launch. Meet the new @reneerouleauskincare Rapid Response Detox Kit which is designed to get your skin back in the clear—without causing dryness or irritation. The idea is that you swap out your current cleanser and toner with these two and then use the mask and peel, too. In no time, regardless of the cause of your breakouts (which most of the time is hard to even know), it will turn things back around. Your skin will be reset.  Kit contains: -Rapid Response Detox Cleaner (new) -Rapid Response Detox Toner (new) -Rapid Response Detox Masque (a current best-seller in our line) -Triple Berry Smoothing Peel (a current best-seller in our line)  Link in my bio for all the details! Questions? Just ask. . . https://www.reneerouleau.com/products/skin-reset-kit #reneerouleau #reneerouleauglow #acne #hormonalbreakouts
Happy day. All things beauty with @katiejanehughes + @davidlopezzz Loved learning new makeup techniques at their master class 💄 💋⚡️⚡️⚡️#thetotalpictureclass
Berry beautiful 🍓🍓🍓 @ddlovato @reneerouleauskincare .... ... ... #demilovato https://www.reneerouleau.com/products/triple-berry-smoothing-peel