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Artist 📸 | 🎀 Mom | From ABQ, NM Business @reneeromerophotography Polaroids @aphysicalmemory Pets @theboxersamsonandtank San Diego,CA

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My little lady is 1 week old today. This week I’ve slept less than I ever have before, cried over everything, and somehow laughed ten times more than I usually do. The idea of being a parent scared me so much but now that she’s here, I’m so excited for this chapter of our lives.  Also, her first portrait isn’t perfect. I took it myself, and recovering while also photographing a newborn is a huge challenge. And yes, that is a Silverstein onesie 😂
After so much waiting, we finally welcomed our baby girl to the world on Monday 😍 she wanted to be an October baby after all.
Samson follows me everywhere I go. Including when I attempt self portraits. From my daily Polaroid work @aphysicalmemory  Other film portraits are being sent off to be developed tomorrow.  I also have an update on Patreon. Check out the link in my bio!
Want a one of a kind instant print from me? I’ve finally put some effort into launching my Patreon account and have lots of perks for my patrons from first looks at new work, to monthly prints & more. To start,the first 25 Patrons at any level will get a small print from me, and at the $5 level will get one monthly instant print! Click the link in my bio for more info.
This beautiful girl went to her first homecoming dance yesterday. I wish I could be there more. Can she stop growing up, and can I stop too? 😭
I wonder how Samson’s gonna take not being the “baby” anymore. I have a feeling he’ll be just as attached to the baby as he is us.  From a roll of film shot this summer.
I wanted to take a picture of my feet in the ocean. And realized I couldn’t see them...today’s adventure was beautiful. And really tiring...hiking right now isn’t easy. I’m also really glad we get to live here now 😍
Developed some film and doing some scanning this week. I took this photo last month so my belly is a little bigger now 😅 I’ve carried this tiny human for 9 months, and there’s probably only a few weeks left until we meet her. I’m completely terrified cause I don’t know how taking care of little people works, but I’m sure excited to see what she looks like 😍
Meant to get so much more done today but I am exhausted this week.  Looking through old film scans and organizing instant images when I found this. Will forever be one of my favorite NJ adventures, I just wish I had gone back more.
Today’s adventure. Driving up Palomar Mountain, attempting to use my Mamiya again, a walk up to the Observatory which was a bit of a struggle 35 weeks pregnant 😂 and the cutest post office I’ve ever seen.
Wishing I had last summers motivation to make self portraits. This was taken with my Mamiya that I never quite got the hang of, maybe I should try again. I did send off a couple rolls of film from this summer today that will hopefully have some decent work on them.  Hoping to continue my other body of work here as well, but first I have to get out of the house and introduce myself to people.
My favorite part of our house is usually my work space. But I think this is going to be my favorite yet 😍 still a few things to organize in here, but I can’t wait to start creating in this space... oh and the rest of our house is still a mess with unpacking 😅
Today I spent a few hours of my life in complete panic cause my parents couldn’t find Tank. He had lots of people searching the town... He was in the yard the whole time 🤦🏻‍♀️ I added this image to my website recently from when he was much smaller last summer. I can’t wait until he’s here in San Diego with us, making me cry in person and not states away.
Newer film work is on my website! Including this self portrait. Link in bio! Even more coming soon. Also, be sure to check out my newly updated patreon! My goals this year is to dedicate more time to my practice, and I could really use your help. (This move forced me to leave my main job that funded everything). There’s still a few rolls that need to be developed but I’m excited to get back to work once we get our house next week ☺️
Two more polaroids are being uploaded on my daily Polaroid project @aphysicalmemory right now!  I shared this one in a post with multiples, but it is my favorite from our drive to California. Want a one of a kind Polaroid I’ve taken? Visit the link in my bio for info on how you can support my practice & get some secret content & the occasional print 😱.
We’ve already been here two weeks. Just one more until we can start moving into our house. Today I spent some time updating my business website including my bio and a blog on what’s been going on in our lives both personally & professionally. Head over to @reneeromerophotography for those details ☺️
#nationalsisterday is a thing? Well mine is freakin gorgeous, somehow sweet and thoughtful while also being the biggest brat, and 300% more put together than I ever was at 14. Yesterday she also told me she’s been trying to teach my cat how to sit in Spanish 😂 Hopefully that’s working out for her.
10 days left in this room. I can’t wait til we get to move into our house.  I’ve taken over half the room with cameras, scanners, and hard dives in an attempt to keep working while we’re stuck here. Daily polaroids @aphysicalmemory