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#Journalist #Vegan Enthuaist #BeautyQueen #Curator of @GoodinEnglewood via WKKC 89.3 Fm Tues 10:15am c.s.t

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"He said, There are only two days in the year that can be undone. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to #love, believe and mostly live. (#DalaiLama)
These are the days I’ll remember and be happy to know I put in the work. I chose 2 hours in the gym. Working out in an empty gym on a 50 degree day on this Valentines day. #thegrind #thegrindneverstops #valentinesworkout #vegan beast mode 😀
Spent time today at @girlscouts  @girlscoutsgcnwi picking up cookies and making sure my troop is all good. #troopleader #girlscouts
Fellowshipping with the 6th Ward Seniors on this beautiful warm Valentines Day. A Valentines Day lunch hosted by Alderman @roderickt.sawyer #valentinesday2019
On this Happy Valentines Day, look who I see? Former U.S. Senator Roland Burris, enjoying the 6th Ward Senior Valentines Day lunch
My Sunday brunch situation is situated on this snowy day.... #workout Sunday
My current Alderman of the 6th Ward @roderickt.sawyer on the campaign trail
16th Ward Alderman Toni Foulkes out on the campaign trail.
Trying to be a whole #snack #meal and #mood by March. #vegan #beatmode I just had #cardioforbreakfast and ran miles for fun.
A behind the scenes look at the latest web series that Brendan Greeley and I are filming.... Find out why #tonylossano had us filming outside in 21 degrees in #humboldtpark and learn about “What’s Good In Chicago”...... Coming soon #goodinchicago #webseries #tvhost
Happy Hour with Mayoral Candidate #amaraenyia
Fridays are for happy hour....
Always humble, grateful, and thankful for life lessons.... Grinding for all my sh$!..... #glowup is in session.  #fbf 2018 #mademavens leadership summit.
6th Wards Young Dems, working to re-elect 6th Ward Alderman on @roderickt.sawyer @6wardchicago on February 26, 2019
Did you know homeownership is increasing on the South Side of Chicago? Did you know there are programs, resources, affordable financing, and grant dollars available for individuals looking to achieve the American Dream of homeownership? I talked with @crainschicago about this and how we are sharing the knowledge with residents in #englewood and across #chicago “Financial assistance to buyers from such sources  the city's Micro-Market Recovery Program, the Marquette Bank Affordable Housing Foundation, the Illinois Housing Development Authority, "is creating a lot of momentum to lift these neighborhoods back up, starting with people buying homes, putting their investment down in the neighborhood," said Rashanah Baldwin, the Englewood neighborhood coordinator~ https://www.chicagobusiness.com/residential-real-estate/chicago-housing-market-was-most-dynamic-south-side-2018
Humping around on this Hump Day. 2019 is being executed well thus far.......
Find out what else was discussed on the latest episode of the #podcast #lossanoandfriends– with #tonylossano and #brendangreeley On Ep110: by heading over to @lossanofriends
What’s soooo funny? Listen to the latest episode of #lossanoandfriends @lossanofriends #podcast by #tonylossano “Brendan Greeley & I of the new web series “Good in Chicago” chat about best burritos & turkey sandwiches, the #goodinenglewood, the brilliance of taping a talk show outside during the Chicago winter, and lots more, only on Lossano and Friends! “ Listen in at https://radiomisfits.com/laf110/ link in bio