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David Shuler


Automotive photographer from the cheap seats 1988 Supercharged MR2 1986 Mazda RX7 GXL 2004 WRX wagon

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Winter hasn't even started, and I'm already getting looks from people trying to figure how this thing gets around.
Happy Friday!
Did some wiring tonight on the FC
The photoshop looks so good, but I'll never do it.
Did some curb rash repair, and now I'm trying to think of what color to go with next
I'm honestly surprised there aren't more 350Z's in drifting; they're getting to be pretty cheap now, an parts are everywhere
It's been nice enough this week to actually wash the daily and have it stay clean
Has anyone built a hotboy style foxbody yet?
All in the details
One if my favorite things to do at any event, is just walking around the parking lot and seeing cool cars that aren't on the track
Done sorting through the first memory card for the most part, gonna start working on the second one tomorrow
The Super-D album is steadily starting to grow
First batch of photos have been uploaded to the Facebook page, with a link to the high quality pics in the description
Can't believe I've had this car for 5 years already. It was supposed to be a credit builder, but now it's a forever car.
A batch of pics should be uploaded to an online album tonight
So many pictures, so little time