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Pyper ❤️


New start new me ❤️ 05-1-2018 💏 My baby Richie ❤️

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Blurry but I love you! ❤️
Such a fun three days! 💜❄️
Wet cold days! 💜💧❄️
“If it is real it will never be over” ❤️✌️
I love you! ❤️
@amber.sayerrr thanks for the photo 📸❤️
Missing you so much @daynahhhhxo 😢💜
Bullying isn’t the answer! I’m over how people think it’s okay just to go and randomly attack someone for something they have done or what they look like how they act or what they do and say. I’ve been bullied through out my hole life and I know what it feels like and it’s not okay I sat there thinking was I worth it what could I do to chance myself but I new it was only what they bully was saying that I was thinking I wasn’t good enough to be here. But I new that I couldn’t let the bullies get it me because I didn’t want them to know they had won something and would be happy about. I figured that I had to not let the bully get to me and think they can just say and do whatever they wanted to do towards me. So to everyone out there that gets bullied I’m here even If we haven’t talked or don’t know each other I know what you are going through so I’m only just a message away if you ever wanna talk about anything that goes on in your life  #dontletthebullygettoyou #bullyingisneverokay ❤️❤️❤️
Need another night like this again 💖 miss you heaps! Xx
I am the luckiest girl, I love you! ❤️💏 @the_cuzzy_richie
💕 Everything is better with you 💕
My love! X
Happy 5 months homie! ❤️
Love you! Xx
I just want to say a big thank you for everything  you do for me and have done for me, everyday im with you gets better and better you make me smile when I am sad and what not I wouldn't change you for the world  the last almost 5 months has been the best yet and I can't wait to see what the future has for us. love you 😘
I already love my new family! I miss you guys heaps already. Xx