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Karen A


Knitter, wife, mother, photographing my days and writing my thoughts in journals. I'm Swanski on ravelry.

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Frodo and the scrap blanket πŸ’•
And a first snow photo ❄️❄️❄️ #tinytinymoments
Hello! Fresh haircut and growing out bangs is looking mighty fine. I have some new followers so here’s a few facts about me: - I knit a lot - I’m a mom to two grown children - I babysit a 2 1/2 year old part time - I love being home - I have a 9 yo mini schnauzer and a 1 yo cat - I love winter (and fall) - I count gratitudes daily and believe life is good!!
Four deer watching me watching them, they tend to huddle in my yard as hunting season approaches - my yard is a safety zone πŸ’›#tinytinymoments
Knitting AND reading, my favorite multitasking past time πŸ’• #knitting #reading
Look at these two being ‘friends’ 🐢 🐱 πŸ’•
Ears and tail attached, now for some eyes for the piggy mitts 🐷 πŸ– 🐽 #knitting #piggymitts #mittens #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #wool #toddlermitts
Gratitudes: oak leaves - rustling crunching oak leaves - wearing wool - peace and contentment I feel - my small town and the smiles that go around #gratitudeweek2018 #justfivethings #tinytinymoments
I’m grateful for my furry pets. Frodo’s devotion is unlimited. Holly the cat has given us smiles with her inquisitiveness.  Their SLOW friendship (sloth like slow) is heartwarming.  #gratitudeweek2018 #catrescue #minischnauzer
Knitting with soft wool in my hands soothes a busy mind and brings contentment πŸ’š #knitting #gratitudeweek2018
Just a deer existing peacefully and  vexing Mr Frodo. (Lots of barking to alert me). Happy Friday!
Blue skies this morning and all the fall colors πŸ™Œ #gratitude
Just a little knitting and Frodo cuddles ❀️ #knitting #knitstagram #wool #shawl #spindriftshawlkal
We were up visiting my husband’s family this weekend - we had a great time! #family #weekends #tinytinymoments
Four deer but only three can be seen πŸ™Œ happy Monday!!
Returning home from a lunch out with our son - knitting another hat (number three!) - a lovely relaxing Saturday #knitting #wool #hat #knittersofinstagram
How’s your day so far? Mine is fantastic! I’m knitting another gift hat and relaxing this afternoon. #knitting #hat #wool #whatimdoing
Off work early - on a walk with Frodo - wearing a woolen hat #tinytinymoments #wurmhat #knitting