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RSVP below to have your photo taken at @WestElm’s Holiday Event benefitting the @ASPCA ❤️🐱🐶❤️

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This holiday season, Pudge has partnered with @WestElm and the @ASPCA ❤️ Here she is posing with an ornament of herself that you can find in West Elm stores! This Thursday, November 29, you & your pets can pose for the camera at your local West Elm during their special ASPCA Holiday Event. For every photo posted & tagged #westelmxaspca on Thursday, West Elm will donate $1 to the ASPCA. ❤️🐱🐶❤️ Click the link in Pudge’s bio to RSVP. #sponsored
Pudge in a hotel room, 2 minutes after checking in: sunny couch spot located; just as relaxed as she is at home. 😌 #pudgetravels
Pudge in the airport: enjoys sitting in her carrier with the top unzipped so she can people watch 🔎👀 #pudgeonaplane
The folded-down part of the duvet is the most plush spot on the bed, so of course pudge chooses to lay here instead of on the blanket I put there for her. #princessandthep
Once upon a time, there was a round and fuzzy baby Pudge who loved laying on my lap. She’d fall asleep there as I worked on my computer. Then one day, it was like Pudge turned a year old and she decided she was a strong, independent, grown woman who didn’t need to sleep on my lap anymore. If I try to put her on my lap now, she usually tries to squirm away 😪 They grow up so fast. #babypudge
A spooky post-Halloween #pudgefanart Friday by @peppa_potter 🖤
Come cuddle with me? ❤️ #yespudgesleepsunderthecovers
Your royal highness: Queen P 👑 #pudgeyhalloween #queenp
My diet today: 99% treats, 1% real food = 100% Pudge 🎃 #pudgeyhalloween
Who’s dressing up as Pudge for Halloween?! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Pudge and @venustwofacecat make for the perfect couple costumes 👯‍♀️ as seen on @epiccosmicshit & @care1082
Ok, so sometimes Pudge likes to be rocked like a baby, but please note her crossed paws resting in her lap. And the back feet sticking straight out. And the snorts of relaxation. 😻😩⚰️ #babyp  Do you like to rock your sweet little baby kitty angels? 👼🏻💕
how Pudge sleeps at night knowing the fridge is stocked full of her favorite food 😌 - In case you missed Pudge’s stories this weekend — Pudge has been a long time lover of @radcatrawdiet, so when I heard they were stopping their production I drove all over the place, stocking up on as much as I could. When I explained this to the amazing people at @chuck_and_dons, they offered to ship stock from stores all across the state to the store nearest to me. Thank you so much to Candy and everyone else that helped us this weekend!