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Hi, my name is Sarah & I'm a Kiwi πŸ‡³πŸ‡Ώ living in the Australia I love travelling πŸ›« and taking photos πŸ“Έ These are my stories #postcards_from_sarah

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Tonight I did something that I wouldn't ordinarily do.. I met a bunch of strangers, some of whom I only knew from Instagram.  @teamkaptainkenny is an awesome travel community started by the completely lovely @kaptain.kenny and because she was home from Europe, it seemed like a good idea for local QLD & Northern NSW team members to meet up with each other in person.  Why it is not something I'd normally do? Well contrary to popular belief, I actually find it really scary meeting new people. It's all very well & good to chat to people from the safety of behind the computer screen or mobile phone but to actually meet people in person is rather daunting.  I didn't need to worry, however, because everyone was friendly & welcoming and genuinely interested in each other. Special shout out to @whatkristacaptures who I actually saw once on the Kangaroo Point Cliffs & didn't realise until she had posted something on Instagram.  And @courtney_brisbaneblogger who weirdly enough, actually worked with my niece 15 years ago and we have followed each other on social media for a while now.  And of course @kaptain.kenny herself, who could not be more welcoming.. so nice to meet you all in person.
Oh hey A Block.. its been ages  Since having the car, I very rarely venture to this part of the campus anymore. I kind of miss it actually, so I'm taking advantage of a meeting in this area of the campus to snap a photo along the way.. as you do
And now for a non sunflower photo from the weekend.. I had gone past this farm on my hunt for sunflowers & knew that I would have to go back to snap a photo.  That sky though 😍😍😍
Hands up who wants to see more sunflowers? πŸ™‹‍β™€οΈπŸ™‹‍♂️ Well if you're seeing this post then you don't really have a choice 😁  How perfect is this.. gorgeous sunflowers, blue skies and a wee bit of wispy cloud. I think this photo accurately represents how my weekend was.. pretty darn sublime
Yeah alright Brisbane.. you are pretty good looking  I guess
Despite the heat (hottest point was 36C), the flies (omg sooo annoying), the long drive (actually discovered some pretty amazing scenery along the way) & my terrible singing voice.. my Saturday was pretty amazing.. hope yours is/was too 😁
Fair warning.. this could be the first of a few sunflower shots. I have found a couple of different fields on today's quest
Note to self: Those spontaneous detours can be a good thing
So after my disappointment yesterday with not finding any 🌻 .. I've seen a few posts where people were successful, including one of my colleagues messaging his photos and asking if I was jealous.. yes Kevin, yes I am.. here is a photo I took while on a detour through the cute town of Kalbar... you should have seen their Christmas Tree!  Anyhoo what I'm trying to say that while I didn't see any sunflowers, I did come across this pretty darn cute scene.. so all was not lost (really trying to sound positive despite my disappointment)
Well today was a monumental failure.. I went searching for sunflowers.. behold my success (if they had been in bloom, this would have been an amazing photo!) Six hour driving, half a tank of gas, 450+km & 34C+ degree heat I am back home with a stinking headache and about to have a nana nap but not before I found out other people had found some sunflowers about 116km north of where I was #nothappyjan
So here are my #topnine liked photos for 2018.  I am actually very surprised by the fact that 5 out of the 9 of the most liked photos are actually Brisbane photos.  The others featured are Lake Rotoiti in New Zealand; interesting architecture in Melbourne; an iconic view of London and the best photo I have ever taken at Church of the Good Shepherd in New Zealand.  Have you done your @topnine2018 yet? Were you surrpised by the results?
I am not sure why but I really like this photo I took in the Central Hall of Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen. It just really appeals to me
On my latest jaunt to Europe I ended up doing 4 day trips & I've just written a blog post about them  First up was Helsingør in Denmark - mainly because of the Shakespeare connection but came away loving this small Danish town.  Then Warnemünde in Northern Germany - because I recently found out one of my GG Grandfathers was actually born there.  Third was Strasbourg in France - I'd been wanting to go for sooooo long and it did not disappoint.  Lastly Heidelberg in Germany - honestly probably my least favourite destination on this trip but still got to see some amazing views over the city.  Do you take day trips on your travel? Do you think they are worth it or a waste of time?
One thing I noticed about Germany was all the pidgeons... they were everywhere.  Anyway.. I am at the 'regret' stage of the post travel hindsight tour. As always, there is heaps I regret not doing..like not exploring Stuttgart, depsite having a free transport card & plenty of time. Like not enjoying Würzburg more coz I was in a funk after the train incident. Like not getting off the hoho bus in Munich in pretty places like because it was too cold & I couldn't be bothered at the time.  Do you have 'hindsight moments' after travel when you are "in hindsight I should have..."? Or is it just me?
Since my last post  I have struggled a bit. I posted a photo of Strasbourg & then hours later a gunman ruined the lives of countess people. It hit me harder than a) I expected & b) I care to admit  Strasbourg was a massive highlight of my recent trip & it saddens me that there are people out there, for whatever reason, who decide one day to become a monster. There is no justification. There is no excuse. There is no understanding.  Here is another photo of Strasbourg because it is a beautiful city and the people of Strasbourg don't deserve the sadness that has happened to them.
Are you sick of these photos yet? Hope not coz I have thousands of the things!  This was from my day trip to Strasbourg, which to be honest I actually loved a heck of a lot more than I thought I would.  Such a gorgeous town with amazing canal views like this.  Have you visited a place that took you by surprise?
So a couple weeks ago I'm wandering around Würzburg, as you do, and I came across this amazing mural by Spanish artist @skountworks . Seeing it came about a week after I had been to Kronborg Castle in Denmark.. you know, just the home of Hamlet.  The piece is called 'To be or not to be', and was inspired by an old photograph of Sarah Bernhardt performing as Hamlet from around 1900.  I didn't actually see a heck of a lot of street art while I was away so it seemed pretty special that the main one I saw was from my favourite play and one of the main reasons for my trip.. well I think so anyway 😊
In the office I'm known as a bit of a grinch. It's not that I hate Christmas, it's just that it isn't my favourite time of year.  I use to love Christmas but then my dad passed away & it really hasn't been the same since so now I actually try and avoid it as much as possible.  This year I actually started to feel excited for the festive season after seeing the Christmas Market in Lindau but then I returned to Australia where it is summer time & temps of 30+..yeah not feeling it now.  Anyone else feeling less than Christmassy this year?