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Wife + mama 🦄🦖🦖 Multi business owner🤓 Empowering women💥 Faith, family, fitness, food✌🏻 Healthy mind + body🌱 Confidence + self-love☀️ • join me🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧

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My husband carved this out the other night—first attempt 😍 i fell in love all over again! 🎅🏻 now I want my whole tree handmade ornaments 😬 do you have a themed tree or a little bit of everything? We have a little bit of everything on our tree and I love it, so maybe I need two trees!? 🎄🎄
I’ve been thinking a lot how life is never easy. It is good, but there is always work to do. A friend talked the other day about choosing our hard, and it really hit home! - Getting up early and working out is not easy for me—I live for that post-workout high 🤩 #endorphins 🤩 but it was HARDER for me to be 15-20 pounds heavier and uncomfortable in my skin. - Showing up daily in my side gig takes legit effort but the financial/physical/emotional/mental freedoms that come with that discipline have done so much good for myself & our family! We are days away from opening a restaurant 🙌🏻 I know we wouldn’t have the extra money to invest if it weren’t for me showing up everyday! I have also been able to handle some wicked curveballs that life has thrown us over the last few months because part of my “job” is to take care of myself mentally & physically. - Every single day we have to show up and do work. It’s not going to be easy but disciplining myself to do my crap no matter if it’s a good or bad day has changed the game for myself & for our family. - We all have a choice! Put it the work! 💥
“Never let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved.” Thomas S. Monson ❤️ - This is the first thought I had this morning when I woke up and I can’t get it off my mind ❤️ Happy Sunday!
We have experienced some legitimate miracles this week that has made this Christmas season so much sweeter for our family ❤️🎄 we are grateful for our health, the blessing of family & friends, the power of prayer, and most of all—our Savior, Jesus Christ ❤️
Just finished a 20 min live workout with friends from around the world! Y’all, we had girls from the east to the west coast, UK, and mamas newly prego to 34 weeks! 💕 ladies that are just starting their journey, and women who have been at it a while! 20 min sweat sesh so we can tackle the rest of the day/weekend 🔥 - The best thing I’ve done is set myself up for success—surrounding myself with women who have the same goals as me: to be the happiest & healthiest version of myself! We help each other show up on the hard days. We celebrate all the things! Fitness is more fun with friends! Set yourself for success in 2019! You can always sit with us! 💕
The last few months, especially the last 6 weeks, have been scary. I’ve felt uneasy as I’ve dealt with doctors & been counting down the minutes until today’s appointments & scans. - By the time I got to my last appointment today, I knew the results of my scans and that things are ok! 😭❤️ - I never really understood it when people thanked you for praying for them because they could feel it—now I understand. I have felt the prayers & love sent our way as we went into the day. - Also, ladies! Know your body. Listen to your gut if things don’t feel right. Do breast exams regularly! And find a freaking tribe to be with you every step of the way 💕 - Thank you all for your prayers & love!
✨ MARK YOUR CALENDAR ✨ I am hosting a free virtual 20 min workout THIS Saturday at 11am EST/9am MST! No equipment necessary, all fitness levels welcome! - Come hang out & get an idea of the workout we will be doing in my January accountability fit group! Plus there will be  some chances to earn free swag! 💥 comment or message me for the link! 😘 SEE YOU SATURDAY 💕
Workin with Big Mike today 😍 we are doing allllll the things to get our restaurant opened up next week 😆
I heard this riddle today and LOVED IT:  5 frogs were sitting on a log, 3 decided to jump—how many were left?? The answer seems obvious but this is a riddle, remember?! 🐸 - The answer: ALL were still on the log because none of them actually followed through! - This got me to thinking about how often we make a decision or feel inspired but don’t actually put forth the effort to follow through 😬 there is a big difference between deciding & doing! - The new year is quickly approaching & people are making their plans for “next month” or “next year” but really, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!? Are you a decider or a doer? - Yesterday I opened 15 spots for women who are ready to take their game to the next level in 2019 by taking 20 min a day to better themselves! (Check out my stories for a preview of our workouts 🔥) 👇🏻 snag your spot 🐸💥
Dino obsessed over here 🦖🦕 - These boys 😍 having little boys has done a special number on this mama’s heart! - They are the sweetest & wildest little fellas ❤️ obviously I knew I would love having a little girl/BFF👯‍♀️ but I wasn’t prepared for how much I was going to love being a #boymom 😍 these kids keep me on my toes, man! Feeling extra grateful to be their mama! 🦄🦖🦖
Knocked out a 20 min prep workout for the program I’m starting on January 🔥 (check out my stories to get a preview OR let me know if you want the link to try it out for FREE 🤩) - I used to think the only way I’d see legit results was to spend hours at the gym or run 10+ miles a day. I also used to think that I had to eat very little to or super bland food in order to “be healthy” 🤷🏼‍♀️ not the case! - I spent a lot of time at the gym & a lot of money on my membership but didn’t see real results. (Probably because I ate like crap or starved myself, then went too hard on my “cheat days” 😆) - I love that I am not restricted when it comes to my diet and I eat allllllll the things! I also love that I can get a solid workout IN MY LIVING ROOM with minimal to no equipment 🙌🏻 - I’m opening 15 more spots for women who are ready to make this a lifestyle! You can be healthy & happy without spending hours at the gym or depriving yourself from your favorite foods! 🙌🏻 - Don’t let “too busy” be an excuse anymore! 💥
Today my boy is TWO! 🎉 Not sure where the last two years have gone but this boy has done a number on my heart! 🦖 - He loves to cuddle with mama, wrestle with his daddy, play every game with Emma & Sam, and will always eat goldfish, milk, or fruit snacks 🤘🏻 - He says the sweetest things, and knows exactly how to make everyone smile! He is sweet, strong, funny, loves dinosaurs, dogs & sharks, and is my favorite 2 year old! 🦖🐶🦈 - Love you forever, Mikey boy! Happy birthday! 🎉
My all time FAVORITE FITNESS FREE GROUP of the year is baaaaaaaack🎄🎉❤️ ⁣- I am so excited to announce my annual FREE 12 Days of Fitmas & Giveaways group that’s kicking off TOMORROW 🥳 ⁣- This group is completely FREE for EVERYONE - and a fun way to stay active through the holiday season/get some of my all time favorite holiday weight loss tips and tricks/surround yourself with a positive and incredible community, AND of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without some GIFTS of some of my favorite things!!⁣ ⁣- We will be sharing one move every day compounding throughout to bring you a killer circuit by day 12! 💥 I’ll be sharing my favorite holiday recipes and BEST tips for staying on track during the busy times the holiday season🎄 - You’ll ALSO get access to my bonus workout calendar to use if you wanna take your FITmas Challenge up a notch! Most of all, it's an encouraging place for community and fun!⁣ ⁣- This truly is my favorite time of the year🎄🎅🏼and while it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle - I always feel so much better when I make just a little time to take care of ME❤️ I know that you will too!⁣ ⁣- It’s time!! ✨ JOIN ME and feel AMAZING for the holidays! Tag two friends you think would enjoy doing this with you and jump in there together.👯‍♀️⁣ ⁣. Let's make THIS Christmas season the best yet for 12 days of festive holiday workouts and giveaways, shall we?!⁣ ⁣. Comment below and tag your TWO friends  you want to do this with you!🎄❤️
Marriage & motherhood: the best sleepovers & parties every.single.day. ✨ (I’m also the one who has to clean up after said parties every.single.day. #worthit 😆)
Never in my wildest dreams did I think this is where I’d be at 30. - Mom of 3. Confident. Happy. At peace. In love with my life. In love with my husband in every aspect of the word! Grateful. Healthy. Surrounded by love & support. Determined & disciplined. - I wish I could go back 10 years and share this confidence, and happiness, and joy with young Anna who was going through the motions of life and NEEDED that love & joy & confidence. - It comes with life experience. It comes with putting yourself out there & being vulnerable. I am forever grateful 2.5 years ago I took a chance on myself because it has paid off in more ways than I ever imagined 💕 take a peek at my stories that shares some details of my story! Maybe it’s time to make a change and make 2019 your best year ✨ you deserve all the things, girlfriend!
Motherhood ✨ I talk a lot about how motherhood isn’t what I expected it to be. It is harder than I thought (because you don’t quite understand what a 24/7 job is until you’ve got it and there’s no turning back😆) - Motherhood is also sweeter than I ever imagined. The love that fills my soul is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before! There is joy & happiness in every single day. (There are tears & frustrations, too!) but everything is way more fun (and takes 100000x longer to do 😆) - I love watching them grow. I love watching them participate in class activities. I love movie nights in our bed! I love that I get to choose if we do dessert before dinner sometimes! I love that these little people teach me daily about the most important things in life! I love that I see their daddy in each of them—that guy still gets me 😍 - Most of all, I love that they are mine & I am theirs 💕
There is sunshine in my soul today ☀️ - I have spent the last 2.5 years really focusing and making the time to take care of myself every single day! Taking 2% of the day to better myself has brought more joy, patience, mental clarity, and a new form of consistency that I crave! - We are creatures of habit! I believe it was no coincidence that this coaching opportunity was presented to me when it was. I know that God has a hand in our lives but He also gives us the ability to make choices for ourselves. I am grateful that I said yes and surrounded myself with a community of happiness and joy and sunshine. - Who knew 2.5 years in that I would NEED it more than ever? ☀️ when an opportunity presents itself to you, you might not need it right that second but your future self might thank you for it! #foodforthought
This girl ❤️ did a video chat in the middle of the night as we sent out links to all our new girls signing up today 💥 - It’s crazy that we would’ve NEVER met if it weren’t for coaching! We talk/laugh/cry daily & we get to see each other over Christmas AND are going on a free trip to LA together in Feb 🤩 - I am {always} feeling so blessed that I get to build a business from home AND I get to do it with my best friends 💕 don’t be scared to try something new—be scared of not making progress ✌🏻love you @jerricavaughnfit 😘