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I always prefer when people upload random pictures taken on their phone compared to posey pictures taken on a fancy camera. So here’s a picture Zoe snapped this morning at Sean’s Birthday breakfast. I think I’ve become too fussy about uploading on Instagram and therefore result in not uploading as much which is a shame! Let’s change that! Which style of pictures do you prefer on Instagram? Chilled phone photos or arty photography images?
AD | Big love to @boohoomanofficial for sending me some of their new activewear collection! Been wearing it whilst playing squash and bouldering recently 👌 They’ve given me a 40% off discount code for you guys. Just use ALFIE40 at checkout! Let me know what you order, I wanna see x
Episode 4 of @thesecretsout is now live on my YouTube channel! Here’s a little teaser for you so you know what to expect 👌🏻
Green juice 👌🏻 Have you seen the new vlog that went up tonight?
2019 is the year of content! I’m putting such a focus on uploading more on Insta / YouTube & Twitter. Just finished filming a new episode of @thesecretsout today & I’ve got a new daily vlog going up tomorrow! If you’re not following me on both my YouTube Channels & Twitter be sure to go and do that! 👌
I can’t wait for these cold dark evenings to fade away. What’s the first thing you’re going to do when the evenings are looong?! I’m exited to start playing golf again, hitting the beach with friends and filming videos when it’s not dark half of the day haha
AD | One of my 2019 goals is to make sure I eat a tasty breakfast every morning! (I know it’s simple, but in 2018 I rushed out the door and forgot to eat breakfast too often). This morning I managed to make my breakfast look like something my girlfriend or sister would make annnnd it tasted good too haha! Super simple: FAGE Total 5% yoghurt, cereals and honey! #fagetotal #yoghurt
I sat down and interviewed London’s #1 gang leader! The full video is up now on my YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/PointlessBlog
Sunset tonight 👌🏻
So hyped it’s finally 2019! Tag someone below who you want to spend more time with this year. Let them know!
What are you most looking forward to about tomorrow?
It’s out now! @thesecretsout episode 3 has just gone live > www.YouTube.com/PointlessBlog