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▲ words that make you feel something. ▲ DM us for credit/removal. △ follow @poets for more poetry.

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never get defensive about something until you've been provided with the facts
which one of these is the most important to you?
tag your best friends ❤️
this really did hit home for me... 💖 - if you want more relatable poems then go grab your copy of HER on Amazon!
things in your life can change in an instant so why not be positive about the future?
am I the only one that thinks like this?
we have good days and we have bad but there's seven billion people on the planet and they are the same as you
to whoever you are, thank you
I couldn't have put it in better words
Hearts break and heal and break and heal. But there’s gotta be a point when they stop breaking. —What to do with love thoughts #4 by @rhiannonjohanna
these things are out of your control, accept them
nothing in life ever comes easy, you have to work at it first
this is so so important
repost from @garyvee. tag someone ❤️ - #1 try something new today  #2 tell someone you admire or love that you admire or love them, many never say it out loud.  #3 post something on social that’s authentic to you but you’ve never actually said it to the world!
everyday you wake up is a new day so make it count
reminders for today:
Being alone and happy. What a fucking challenge that is. Well, kinda. I want to share my life with someone. Don’t we all? But I gotta keep tellig myself that I have so much more time to live. With someone. But maybe I don’t have so much more time to just live with me, just me. —What to do with love thoughts #3 by @rhiannonjohanna
if only we could go back to that time
it takes time but good things will come
you have to make the first move and stop worrying about what people think
think about this for a second
stop being so hard on yourself