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Macassar Dunes Conservation Area

Instagram photos and videos at Macassar Dunes Conservation Area

the sun and the mountains were really showing off this morning... so of course I shed a lil thug tear cuz that shit was beyond beautiful
I took a drive up to Somerset West yesterday and found this abandoned water park! 3/3
🎒 Sometimes the greatest treasures are found in what others leave behind. ~~~~~ Went exploring in an abandoned water park yesterday with @ashalangers and @rich_martin93 . Had the most eerie beauty about it, with somewhat post-apocalyptic character. Many more photos to come.
Reclaimed. Taken at the derelict Macassar Beach Pavilion, now slowly being reclaimed by the elements. #decay #ruins #beach #orange #teal
*Enthält Werbung* πŸ™πŸ» yoga am morgen.... #dunes #desert #chill #workout #meditation #love #sunshine #life #surfing #day #goodmorning #sunrise #startyourdayright πŸ’•
Maccasar, South Africa. Makam Shaykh Yusuf al Makasari, yang diasingkan VOC dr Batavia menuju Cape Town, abad 17 lalu. Shaykh Yusuf, mursyid yang melancarkan prrang mrlawan VOC bersama para fuqaranya. Dia bersedia di bawa ke Cape Town, bersama seluruh fuqara dan keluarganya. Kini para keturunannya menetap di sekitar makam Shaykh Yusuf dan brrkembang mrnjadi prrkampungan tersendiri yanh dinamai: Maccasar. Jadi Makasar tak hanya ada di Sulawesi Selatan. Melainkan nun jauh di Afrika Selatan. Kedatangan Shaykh Yusuf tentu brrsama dgn mrmbawa Islam ke Afrika Selatan. Kini Islam makin brrkembang disini. Tak hanya dari keturunan Melayu, Pakistan, Afrika semata. Tapi berbondong2 kaum kulit putih di bawa Shaykh Abdalqadir as sufi, memeluk Islam. Inilah tanda2 Deen Islam akan bangkit kembali. Insha Allah.
🌍 live.  venture. explore.  create.  remember.  #liveunscripted