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I DID NOT want to workout after work, but I knew if I didn’t I wouldn’t get anything done today. So, I took my @1stphorm MegaWatt V2 pre-workout and busted out an extremely sweaty, and much needed, leg/glutes day. . . No one is always motivated. It’s just not realistic. Discipline is more important than motivation in that we have to be disciplined in our nutrition and workouts to reach goals. You have to keep up and do it even when you don’t want to. . . I’m super good at being disciplined in exercise. I struggle still with nutrition, especially when I’ve had a super bad day or stressful week. I’m working on it, though. I refuse to let my daily stresses stop me from achieving my goals. . . So know this, once you get that motivation... the next step and most important thing is to build discipline to back it up. . . Leg day !!!! 4 sets each exercise  Superset 1: 1. Side lunges into squat x10 2. Sumo DB Goblet squats x10 3. Surrenders x10 Superset 2: 1. DB Bulgarian split squat x10 each leg  2. DB single legged deadlift x10 each leg 3. Step ups with jump x10 each leg  Superset 3: 1. Cable pull-throughs x10 2. Decline Ham curls x10 Superset 4:  1. Single leg hip thrusts x10 each leg  2. Plate pulsing reverse lunges x10 each side _ _ Finale Hiit: 5x30 sec. rowing machine (10 sec. rest between sets) . . #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #preworkout #megawattv2 #legionofboom
Y’all said to go for it. So I did... . . Did both these workouts in the same session. Took about 2 hours hauling butt, sweatin’ bullets. But I got it done! . . Needless to say, I’ll be sore af tomorrow. 😁💪🏽 . . Booty Work 🍑🔥 4 sets per exercise  1. BB squats 4x15 2. Hamstring curls 4x10 3. Goblet squats 4x15 4. Leg extensions 4x10 5. Kettle bell deadlifts 4x15 6. Leg press 4x10 7. Smith machine squat to calf raise  4x10 8. KB RDL into squat pulse jump 4x10 9. Smith machine side squats 3x10 per side  10. DB glute bridges 3x10 . . Glute Cardio Sequence-  30 seconds/exercise, 3 sets  1. Quick side to side jumps 2. Elevated jumping lunges into box jump 3. Box kick overs  4. Sumo squat box jumps  5. Burpee into squat box walk 6. Squat jump overs  7. Fast feet on 2 benches  Finale: stairmaster 10 minutes . . #1stphorm  #iam1stphorm  #legdayworkout  #bootyworkout  #quadsquad
Everyone wants to have fun and drink and eat on a Saturday... but are you working for it? I know I did. . . It won’t come overnight. You have to work for it. You have to be dedicated... even on the weekends. . . Chest/triceps day:  Superset: 4 sets 1. Bench press x10 2. Incline bench press x10 Superset: 4 sets 1. Chest flyes machine x10 2. DB hex press x10 3. BB OHD press x10 Superset: 4 sets 1. Cable tricep pushdown w/rope x10 2. Assisted pull-up machine tricep pressdown x10 Finale: tricep dip assist machine to failure . . #saturdayworkout  #girlswholift  #doitbigger  #doitbetter  #iam1stphorm  #1stphorm  #fallgear
Is working out on two legs becoming too easy? Then give these One Leg RDLs a try! ___ One Leg/Arm exercises are a great way to target every aspect of a given muscle on one limb, while also helping to strengthen the core and improve overall balance by challenging the body to stay still and stable. ___ This version of a Romanian Deadlift (RDL for short) is a perfect way to target your "weak" side by making you focus on only the working leg. The exercise targets the hamstrings and glutes, while also strengthening the calves, erectors (low back), and core.  ___ To perform the One Leg RDL, start with enough of a bend in your knee in order to hip hinge forward without causing your back to round. While leaning forward, begin to extend your opposite leg back behind you to help with your balance. The dumbbell can be held in either or both hands, and you can also lightly hold onto a fixed object if you're struggling to find your balance. While going through this motion, be sure to keep your hips square (meaning don't lift the hip of the elevated leg up into the air. Keep those hips parallel to the ground!). I prefer to hold the dumbbell in the hand opposite of the leg in working, as it helps me to maintain my balance and keep my hips and shoulders square, but your results may vary. ___ As always, give it a shot and see what you think! Y'all got this! ___ #doitforbutch #coreyslaglepersonaltraining #exercise #weighttraining #weightlifting #gym #workoutideas #bodybuilding #fitness #health #dumbbells #personaltrainer #personaltraining #onlinetrainer #onlinecoach #resistancetraining #suspensiontraining #trx #bodyweight #bodyweightexercise #yoga #yogachallenge #physicaltherapy #mobility #flexibility
Typically, I lift at night. However, I knew I had to do it early today because of my night class... So here’s my back day. 💪🏽Doing cardio based workout late tonight! . . . 1. Cable lat pulldowns 4x10 2. Single arm row 4x10 each side  3. Lat pushdown w/ rope 4x8  4. Lat pulldowns 4x8 5. Seated cable row 4x8-10 6. T bar row 4x10 7. Pull-ups 3x5-8 . . . Prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance. 👌🏽 . . . #backworkout #planningahead #humpday🐫 #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #croptopseason #lovinglife #fitnessjourney #badasschick #youcantstopme #imfeelingmyself
Is that shoulder still feeling wonky? Mine is too! Hopefully this gives you some relief with enough practice. ___ Last time we focused on external rotation of the shoulder and stretching out the SUBSCAPULARIS, whereas today we're focusing on internal rotation. This stretch actually hits the external rotators (suprasprinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor [didn't mean to say "external rotator cuff" in the video 😜] ) so it may help to alleviate any pain from the backs of the shoulders. What I want you to do is bring you palms together and begin to apply pressure to the back of your elbows with your knees and slowly begin to push them forward toward each other. If this is too intense, stand up and begin to press the elbows forward with hands behind the back, palms facing forward like so. As always, only apply as much pressure as feels comfortable. ___ Give it a shot and see what y'all think. ___ Y'all got this! ___ #doitforbutch #coreyslaglepersonaltraining #exercise #weighttraining #weightlifting #gym #workoutideas #bodybuilding #fitness #health #dumbbells #personaltrainer #personaltraining #onlinetrainer #onlinecoach #resistancetraining #mobility #suspensiontraining #trx #bodyweight #bodyweightexercise #yoga #yogachallenge #flexibility #physicaltherapy