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Olympia Athletic Club

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me: glitter, faeries, flowers, lovey things also me: ———————— knowing that you don’t have to categorize yourself with any specific labels / traits / whatever is the most liberating....be strong! be kind! be all of the things, baby!!!!
35 yrs ago a husband and wife asked if I would show them how to workout and said, "We'll pay you." I thought it was such a novel concept #personaltraining  I had never heard of personal training and I don't think it really existed back then. There were definitely no certification organizations.  # So that's where it all started.  # Occasionally I'll be doing a movement and someone will come up to me and say that I'm doing it wrong. For example, I like doing the preacher curl backwards...it makes so much more sense. I usually keep my mouth shut and just smile, but today I told the 20 something year old kid that Arnold showed me that move at World's Gym in 1986. If it is good enough for him it is good enough for me.  # Many years ago I made a promise to myself to not use age as an excuse. To not think like an old person. I always try to keep an open and fresh mind. I always guard my thoughts. I NEVER allow the thought, "I am too old for that". #  I believe the most dangerous ones are the curmudgeon thoughts. As I age I see others my age, and older, fall into the 'grumpy old man/woman' syndrome. Maybe they have failed so many times they can't get back up, maybe they are unhappy about their lot in life.  # Every day is a new day. A day I have never seen before.  Who knows what door will open and change my course. Like the couple who offered to pay me to open a new world for them. By the way, they are still at it today.  #ilovemyjob
Just Keep Swimming 🏊🏾‍♀️ Real Life heroes 🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🏻‍♀️🦸🏼‍♂️ TRUE WARRIORS!!! #glorytogod 💯 #reallifeheroes #warriors #justkeepswimming
Check out some of the new equipment downstairs! Squat racks, Standup bench press, incline bench, Ab Blaster. #fitness #olympia #yourhometowngym
Trying out @officialslystallone move today. Rocky on! I bet @css88 could do these skull crushers in the total horizontal position. Everyone...show me yours! #challenge @olympiaathleticclub
Plank to handstand for reps. How many can you do? When was the last time you tried to go upside down? Playing around for shoulder workout today. #neversurrender #neverstoptrying
405 without straps or a belt
Yoga too easy it put chris to sleep
Only happy gains at Olympia
200 like it's nothing.
Daily gains
Flexing on um  @olympiaathleticclub #saturdaynightlift #zr1 #lift #parkinthefront
I have no idea what this is called but I like it
Let's get real honest here. This morning was my first am (5:30am) work out in a loonnngg time. Actually, I'm not sure if I've ever been in the gym before 6am before today.  And, this first picture is not recent. Its from about 2 years ago, along with the second. The third picture IS from this morning. With a smile on my face I accomplished my first new goal of an AM workout. Finding motivation again has been like searching for a lost treasure, but I'm slowly getting closer. . . . . . . #juststrong #juststrongclothing #juststrongteam #workhard #gym #gymhard #maryvilletn #easttennessee #ashleyhorner #charliemike #backtothegrindstone #liftheavy #hiitworkout #progress #workout #focus #motivation #ificandoitsocanyou #lynyrdskynyrd #cutoffs #fitlife #staypositive #positivevibes #olympiahealthclub #goals #donotdropthedumbbells
Nora's first swim lesson was great... until she actually got in the water. 🙄 #noramac #firstswimlesson #screamedforthirtyminutes
Get it Girls!! 🔥🔥💪🏼
UPDATE: OAC shall remain OPEN. More details will be provided in time, just know that the Olympia Torch shall burn forever. Thank you all for your patience, understanding, and support throughout this ordeal. #oacforever #weareolympia #oacgang
Black Friday Deadlifts!  @coach7x gave me infinity deadlifts to do today while out of town. I had to go chalk-less, which was not fun (see the second pic). 245lb shown, at the end of the workout. #powerlifting #girlswhopowerlift #deadlift #nochalk #blackfridaydeadlifts
#namastefitandfresh2  DAY 4 OF  #namastefitandfresh2  #goddesswheel  This is about the only way you'll see me using the treadmill. #gymjunkie #namaste_ninjapanda #yoga THANK YOU HOSTS: (And posting order) 1) Jamie @elmejm09  2) Ashleigh @smashletics  3) Cher @yogi_cher  4) Zaneh @yogizee_  5) Teri @dowteri  6) Kate @yogamom.journey  7) Brenna @brenna.nico1e .
Olympia Athletic Club  #yogafriends #yogatwins #yogafun #yogahairdontcare  Photo creds  @css88  @wander.lust7
See anything strange about this photo? I forgot my lock. Three hours later it's still there. This wouldn't have happened in Florida.  #nolock #didntgetstolen #lovemaryvilletn #local #greenwaygrinder
Ha! I don’t do selfies but it is a rainy day and I’m bored and I’m feeling GOOD! . My n=1 experiment is to see how long I can hold onto my strength, movement, health, telomeres, without giving in to the social norm of taking drugs, hormones, facelifts... . The pressure is enormous for an aging female. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I won’t have tight skin as I age, but I’ll be damned if I lose my hard earned muscle. . Watch me age the way nature intended. It may not be pretty but I will be strong AF . #pumpnfe #100pullups #200pushups #5minutehandstandhold #11%bodyfat #oldisntdead #nodrugs #59 #sarcopeniasucks #ancestralhealth #huntress
The goal is to look like a cooked turkey
@olympiaathleticclub new spin room! #ilovemakingvideos #packedhouse
Work in progress  #humanflag #coreyslaglepersonaltraining
As I brave the elements to shovel snow and sling salt in order to protect my fellow Olympians from this frozen hellscape, I notice that I’m still as warm and comfortable as a summer’s breeze. The reason? My CSPT branded hoodie. Order yours today! #coreyslaglepersonaltraining 📷: @charlottearichardson
I promise you'll live to see your 40th birthday, you dusty old bastard.
Friday Fun Flow Yoga  Join me at Olympia Athletic Club for yoga this evening. Class time 5:15 pm - 6:15 pm All level fun , flow class! See you on the mat🙏
255 after several months of highly inconsistent chest work + no warm up + no spotter? This can’t possibly go wrong
So it’s official. I’m the go-to for local senior fitness quotes. FYI...I still train the young AND the young at heart.
I have forgotten to take many pictures lately! But great job today Stacey, Eiren & Carlee!!! It was a KILLER day!! 😬💪🏼🦵🏼
Tonight at 5:30 Olympia: Core & Stretch!  This is my first installment of this class, so come join me to help workout all the bugs!  My aim for this class is to present y’all with a good mix of balance and mobility work, combined with exercises and stretches to help strengthen the core while also relaxing the body.  Then stay over for Core & Strength at 6:30!  Expand with the #brand going into 2018.  #coreyslaglepersonaltraining 💪🏽🦁
Where amazing happens
Find your stillness in the storms.  ___  This is our shelter from the storms. Our place of refuse. Our santucary. Our home. Some can't seem to fully comprehend that.  ___  But sometimes, even the strongest shelters fall due to the mighty storms that burden us all.  ___  The silver lining? Those same storms blow forth the seeds of new growth. Change.  ___  This place has protected me for 8 years of my existence, allowing me to grow into who I am today. This is the tree to my lowly acorn. But this particular acorn plans to grow more than a thousand trees.  ___  After every dark storm, there's always a bright day ahead. Just keep your head up. We got this.  ___  #thankyouoac
I’ve lost a lot of motivation for this. Even with the things I’ve worked up to it’s just not the same anymore
First time to yoga in several months and it’s just as hard as I remember
The real purpose for this piece of equipment.  In lieu of something ridiculous someone suggest i try with battle ropes. Maybe next time @css88  #yogaatthegym
This is gonna look so good when it’s done