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The Den Theatre

Instagram photos and videos at The Den Theatre

I’m not going to spend my time trying to make the shadows that make us look like we are wearing turtlenecks and have no eyes go away. But this happened.
Warming up for the second show
i am busting at the seems with pride!! you simply MUST get down to The Den and check out @jacarandacollective’s MY NAME IS RACHEL CORRIE. prepare to be moved. runs through April 6, $10 industry tickets Mon, March 25! #rachelcorriechi #chicagotheatre
New on #glitterguts dot com - portraits from the #flyhoneyshow! #flyhoney9
It's a perfect night to check out steamy burlesque performance The Fly Honey Show🍑 🐝which premieres tonight at the Den Theatre 📷: @erika_dufour Tap bio to see why no two performances are the same.
Best comedy-ing of life so far!! Thank you to the nicest, funniest, most inspirational damn comic in the biz @mariabamfordcomedy for bringing me to open at the beautiful (and brand freakin new!) space at @thedentheatre this weekend. Ryan and Daryl for life 🙌🙌 And special thanks to @alex.kumin for hosting the heck out of every show, and somehow finding the strength to be my official merch hype man afterwards (PS thx to everyone who came out and bought ALL my merch what the heck!!) 🥰 swipe to the end to see Alex’s greatest admirer
Still spinning from the best comedy weekend I’ve ever had.  From Thursday to Sunday I got to watch Maria spin pure gold on stage, and deliver a fearless hour of standup that reshaped the way I think about writing.  Her fans were some of the best I’ve performed in front of in Chicago and made my job as a host so, so easy.  Off the stage, I was blown away by Maria.  She chatted with Paige and I so openly about her career, gave advice and was completely transparent with finances, which made me personally rethink how to handle my money moving forward in this business.  She’s a real model of excellence in comedy on all levels and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her so closely this weekend!  Hanging with Paige was a godamn blast as well.  She absolutely destroyed every set and was a dynamite backstage partner, such genuine and fun conversation all weekend.  And that MERCH! LADIES AND GENTS SHE DRAWS HER OWN MERCH (I will continue to be your hype woman till the day I die.) The Den Theater was absolutely gorgeous and I’m so happy that we were the first comedians to break it in! Thank you so much to Ryan and Daryl for being so attentive and wonderful all weekend, and to the staff for making everything seamless from start to finish!  The last thing I’ll say is that comedy is hard. Really hard.  A lot of the time.  It requires constant work and constant failure with no guarantee of any specific output.  It can grind you down and make you doubt yourself and your abilities on a regular basis, but it’s weekends like this that put that all on hold for a while.  That remind you that all the work you’ve put in mean something, and that this is truly the best job imaginable.  So thank you again to Maria, Paige, Ryan, Daryl and everyone else who made this an absolute knockout weekend!!
@jcampionpark and I went to go see @bethstelling tonight and she was hilarious! Go find her special on @netflix ! #comedy #standup
What a terrible week!?! But look at these @glittergutsy leftovers from @theflyhoneys that have been making me smile 🖤 We’re doing okay 💪🏻😅
Mamas bringin the spice this holiday season 🔥
At the agency’s holiday party with my future red carpet partner and it turned into an ISU theatre reunion 😂 (had to add to the swag with my new SAG pin 😏)
Most people did sexy poses and I suggested a pyramid. My fly honeys were game. @theflyhoneys 📸 @glittergutsy
Opening weekend. #theatrethirsty #hoodedfft
Tonight I teched my piece for @theflyhoneys and afterward someone said "Thank you for writing this piece for me." It's a privilege to ever receive that kind of feedback as a performer and it's particularly gratifying to feel like I can offer something back to a show that for the past two years has engendered a similar feeling in me. There is a lot to say about this show, much of it complicated, but one of the simpler things to say about it is that it is worth seeing and you should get your tickets now.  5 WEEKENDS THIS YEAR HOLY SHIT Aug 9 - Sept 8 Thur - Sat each weekend 10pm each night (doors at 9:30) IT WILL SELL OUT Ticket link in bio  Ya boy is FEATURED PERFORMER Weekend 2, Aug 16-18 (If you saw Small Boobs at @linkshall you'll catch some familiar dancing and some new jokes)  Then I'll be shaking it with my beloved Hive all the remaining nights through the end  Also full disclosure there is not a single night you could go when it wouldn't be worth it. There are so many wildly badass featured and core performers every weekend of this wildly badass show  Finally, here are a bunch of photos from the astoundingly talented and supportive @theobsessiveeye that speak to the piece I'm doing Weekend 2. Tbh posting photos of myself always feels mildly embarrassing but don't worry I'm unpacking those feels and also I'm def not sorry to be sharing Matthew's wonderful work.
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better. - Samuel Beckett  My first show at Columbia I met some beautiful people, and we did some really beautiful things. I wouldn't want to have it any other way.
calm before the storm — check out Small World, 32nd world premiere of @thenewcolony starting 3/27 #worldpremiere #newwork #disneyworld #nightmare
#parttwo of the #stewartholislay spectacular!!!!
OH NO BIG DEAL JUST MEETING MY FAVORITE COMEDIAN and now I’m NOT obsessing over every incredibly clumsy sentence I said to her. A big THANK YOU to @mariabamfordcomedy @alex.kumin @paigeweldon for that 🤯 electric show, I really don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.
Day 81: Happy opening to @jacarandacollective on their inaugural production of My Name is Rachel Corrie! Setting expectations and tones high for future productions. An intense, rippling experience of an activist’s journey to battle injustice in Palestinian territories. Review forthcoming ✨ #chicagotheatretriathlon #chitheatre #jacarandacollective #rachelcorrie #mynameisrachelcorrie
Always bringing the quiet, subtle choices to the stage (📸: our beloved @iamzeked) #chitownsings
1.6.19 🦓🦓🦓
#tbt to kissing this beauty every night @paigealexis5
doin what I love with some people that I love. @thediegosol is working on an incredible story about recovery, love, and discovering your best self and I am honored to be part of it. #thepack #cmon #newwork #chicagotheatre
Don’t you just love my new notebook? #playwright #newplays
The making of The Fly Honey Show!  #fhs9 #theflyhoneyshow9 #flyhoney2018
It is in our nature to be fly🐝🍯✨so grateful that this show came into my life, it has reinforced to me that the work I do within myself and my acceptance of others has purpose and makes a change in this world🌈 special thank you to @shewolfmama I love you so much❤️ #flyhoneyshow9 #flyhoneyshow #chicago #flyhoneys #forgivenessissexy
All stairs should be painted yellow #commonsense
My number “All I Wanna Do (Is Hold You Through The Night)” at @theflyhoneys wouldn’t be possible without the brilliant nenas @bookbeccabrown @branmoorhead — two artists of immense talent, thank you for elevating my artistry, I loved singing with you!! Here’s us looking adorable —the last three truly illustrate the real me haha. HUGE thanks to @cicoramusic for creating a monster chart including 5 horns for this song, you kick my music into the high gear stratosphere every time and it is SUCH a gift!! (And who else would discuss many possible Whitney Houston-type key changes and Beyoncé-style multiple modulations w me??) Special thanks also to Sarah, @sarajeanstevens and @raysanchezhair who gave me fierce hair looks each night and to Honey @nealabarron who very graciously put my false eyelashes on every night (and assisted many others with this) I would have been LOST without you (also everyone who I asked, “are my brows even?”) And to the rest of the featured artists this weekend @jlesliemonique #norasharp @imirregulargirl ✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️. My weekend is over but catch The Fly Honey Show the next three weekends @thedentheatre for the best in Chicago performance! (And a ton of butts.)
The days go by too fast. It’s been a blessing to work with such talented and dedicated artists. You guys amaze me every time we work this thing! Here’s to three more. Happy opening ❤️ A BIG and special thank you to our production team, designers, choreographers, stage managers, and director. You created a world for this story to live in and that is such a gift. • Where We’re Born by Lucy Thurber • The Den Theatre • 11.15-17 •  First image by @only1crystalclear
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! @theflyhoneys are BACK and opening next weekend. If you’re smart, you’ll go to their page (link in bio) and get tickets before they sell out. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience! #chicago #thickthighssavelives #church #buzzbuzz #flyhoneyseason
Another #stewartparty for the books!!!!
I have never known joy like I know it in The Fly Honey Show. I cannot even begin to thank all the people who make this show possible every single year. I am my happiest when I am with you all. Thank you from the bottom of my honey heart. Now, for one last time, until next year. #thebigfinish 🐝❤️🍑 (🎥 : @yandolopez )
Wow the light really caught my dead tooth just right in this pic. @celine_neon's performance at @sofarchicago is up on YouTube! Cruise on over to the CN Insta and check the link in our bio. 😁
My next adventure opens to the public this week!! I have never been so overcome with emotions. I am proud, terrified and most importantly excited for this moving piece to open on Wednesday, June 13th. It is simply an honor to play Lucy Parsons. Please come and see the beautiful work and people I have had the pleasure and honor to work with these last few months! Link for tickets in the bio. We run June 13th-July 22nd I truly hope to see you all there. This is a special one!  ps it will never not be super crazy and weird to have my face on a poster!!! #haymarket2018
MIDWEST 2018 #beatbox
So excited to be a part of the Din at the Den anniversary show tonight! Here's a bit of the ending to Stephanie Berg's Trio for oboe, horn, and harp that I'll be playing with @5thwavecollective! And we will share the stage with the lovely Akenya. Big big shoutout to @rebaruc for organizing, and for a spectacular year of music.  8pm, the Den Theatre! • • • #chicagomusic #practicalharpist #hearhernow #5thwavecollective
Walk into #theflyhoneyshow like... | walk out of #theflyhoneys like... @theinconvenience's #flyhoney8 runs until Sept 2 at @thedentheatre. Come be(e) transformed. #getyouamanwhocandoboth
Wow what an honor to get listed in this group of amazing plays in Chicago Tribune as "one of the most thought-provoking and disturbing shows of the year" for this extra spooky two person show The Displaced with @haventheatre  #horrortheatre #chicagotheatre
Friends make my world go round. Bless all the magical humans who make me smile so big. 🖤 // 📸: @serenavalentiphotography // #chosenfamily