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Instagram photos and videos at Harajuku

🦔💕 so excited & I just can’t hide it!
🎶Harajuku Girls, you got the wicked style, I like the way that you are🎶 && the roar of GODZILLA 🦖⚠️ #harajuku #shinjuku #godzilla #a&gjapan2018@greg808hi
Day 5 (Harajuku to Akihabara). Met up with @brittanyforks and @rogerclark and made our way through the crowds and Sunday shoppers. After navigating the sea of people walking through Takeshita Street I asked them what their favorite ramen in Tokyo was and they responded with Kikanbo, so off we went to Akihabara for a slight change of pace.
Creme brûlée crepe ! So yum! 😋
Feels good to be back ✨ #tokyo
Harajuku crepes... #crepe #harayuku #sweets #japan #tokyo
Also, meerkats.
Mohon maap manteman it's ok to call me tacky or kamse or udik but i really really miss this place i mean, who doesn't love neon lights?!
Oh nothing, just holding a BABY CAPYBARA in my lap and feeding it. #capybara #harajuku #internetpointsplease
안깝치려고해봐도 웃김의 연속  샵 요구르트물 샵 존맛