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Atlanta, Michigan

Instagram photos and videos at Atlanta, Michigan

Д-р Thierry Francey, специалист по вътрешни болести на дребни животни и нефрология. Истински преподавател и лектор! 🤗🐕🐈📚 #royalcanin #nephrology #vetfest2019
Hard to imagine a nicer day for testing at Sno*Drift National Rally!  We’re here today with Rob Sanders in his Fiesta ST and Morris Motorsports in a Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart.  All was great and the roads couldn’t be better.  Both cars happy and healthy!
Congratulations to @therealtravisn on his 3rd place overall finish at @snodriftrally this past weekend! Not a bad way for him to start the season! 📸: @emotiveimage  #dirtfish #snodrift #subaru #ararally
as soon as i get a new bathing suit it’s over for you guys 😩💦💯
Through the finish boards. 📸: @mat2p #usrally #ararally #usrally #stagerally #snodriftrally #snodrift19
Stroooong Girlsss😂❤️
Legend says that if two Michiganders bump into one another , and both say "ope," a random lake appears somewhere within the state.
@ashelnick09 thanks for showin me the lake life🤩
Lake Valentine is lit. 🔥
Looking forward to some powder turns next week at @snodriftrally Don’t mind that dent...we may have taken a quick tree run the night before. #dentsbeforedishonor #snodrift #rally #pitcrew #listentoheavymetal
Have a good quality time to share about EVERYTHING! 👄👂 #klyes  #afseffect  #exchangeourworld  #binaantarbudaya  #jelajahwarnajiwa
Solid day of recce for @keannaechang and I today at the @snodriftrally. The team has been working really hard this year to make the car as light as possible. Looking forward to the start of the rally!
Throw back to Snow drift 2017. @AnthonyVohs & I won most of the stages on day 2, but we were “super rallying” because of a fuel issue on day one. It might take a few more try’s to win @snodriftrally overall national but it’s gonna happen. #keepdreaming #thatsrally #thatllhappen
a getaway.
I promised yhu the moon🌙 and the stars⭐ up above but all I seem to get is rain😞
First look at official Legacies cast photos. (Last slide is a video). . 📍Go to my story highlights for: 👉Legac: Vlog = Trailers/Promos; 👉Legac: BTS = Season 1 behind the scenes. . (©️redits: tagged)
#properwheels @snodriftrally #braidwheelsusa
2017 SEL Mitsubishi Outlander + Premium Pckg #mitsubishi #mitsubishioutlander
A boat.
I miss summer:((
my up north post is going to have to wait till monday... only because it’s #seniorsunday ;)
Sno Drift 2k17
Crownline ❣️
4th year at Clear Lake...Celebrating Merica's birthday in Altlanta MI ya'll
Best socks of the game goes to @posenvikingsathletics @wyattromel. #supermario #sockselfie
"Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it really is." ❤️
The brown trout may not have been giving us the time of day, but the smelt sure were on fire 🔥🎣❄️ #girlsfishtoo #strikerice #whatgetsyououtdoors #itsinmynature #doingsomethinggreat
I missed her so much..good luck in Texas. Till next year❤️😌
happy birthday blake and molly!! blake, your birthday was 19th but thank you for always being there for me (on the occasion we talk) and letting me rant to you n stuff.  molly, you are such a HUGE inspiration to me. thank you so much for always letting me talk to you, and giving me tips on life. p.s. thank you for always making sure you bring something ellie friendly to our dinners.
Let it SNOW!
Just hanging around🌲
The butterfly originally landed on my middle finger but I thought that pic was too edgy for insta
Me, instantly regretting my decision to choose my cross country Airport that’s in the middle of nowhere, with the longest displaced threshold in the entire state of Michigan. Poor 150 kept rolling around without chocks so we just stuck a wheel in the grass so no I didn’t blow a tire.
You’re my favorite person to get dirty with.😝#YamahaGuy #eventhoughwehaveapolaris #trailriding
rain on a tin roof and kittens r always my favorite. 🐈
Sno*Drift was perfect ❄️ #snodrift2019 #snodrift #ara #rallyrallyrally
I promise we were this nice to each other all weekend 😉