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This is what “magic” looks like . . Simple , basic, “quiet”... natural . . A beach , the sound of the waves , the wind blowing on your face, through your hair... The sun on your skin trying to warm up a winter day . The seagulls flying in the sky ... The world stands still for a moment , I try to play God , and control time . For a moment , I think it’s true : perfection .  Some moments it may seem like attachment , but I have gotten to the realization and feeling that it’s simply living deeply in the moment , completely in the now . . ✨“Magic”✨
a long road through pain will be tough but, will be worth it in the end...
Eles têm mais garra do que imaginação e  um coração do tamanho do mundo 🌍  Eles são parte dos #winnersteam . #troia #sts
endless sea #troia