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Instagram photos and videos at Westeros

House Stark Hoodies 😍 Watch S8 with style 🔥 Tag a friend who needs this! - Follow @valarmorghuliisss for more Game of Thrones related Content.
What happens when you trifle with House Intercontinental? Find out tonight on an all new #theecshow with Game of Jabrones right after #raw on @wwenetwork #duckface
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“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die” #forthethrone - Coming April 2019
Is #gameofthrones really going to wait until the first episode to show us any season 8 footage? Swipe up on Stories to watch the ominous official teaser!
Walking Through Winter 📍 Caption This Pic for the chance to win this Blanket! 🔥🔥 #savethefishies ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ Thanks: @filippo_cesarini⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ **Congratulations to @racquel.reekie for being the lucky winner! 🙌🏻 DM to claim your prize.**
Up the stairs on his way to his favourite tower .. what?? Don’t judge. Very soon it will indeed be..GAME OVER #gameofthrones #gotseason8
#throwbackthursdayy to when The Mother Of Dragons came to Kiss! @emilia_clarke didnt make me bend the knee though 😏 @gameofthrones
When I see Daenerys 😆🥶
Do you ever read spoilers? 🤔 Do you watch the series or movies first before reading the books? . . . I just finished reading A Clash of Kings and so much has happened already 😱 I'm loving Robb Stark, Jon Snow, and Tyrion so much 😍😭 too bad I already know what happens to Robb later on (even though I haven't watched the series yet). Have you read the books or watched the series? No more spoilers!😂 . . I received the replacement mug Jess of @enchanted_fandoms_ sent to me by my colleague here on the island 😆 Jess really is amazing and she puts a lot of thought and magic inside her boxes. This mug and necklace came in the Saturday Morning Cartoons box. There's still a few April Villains You Love to Hate boxes left! Save when you use my repcode ✨ LYBRARY10 ✨ on their website and Etsy! . . The bookmarks I'm using while reading ASOIAF are by the lovely and talented @bookbookowl 😍 save 15% with code LYBRARY15. . . P.S. I might pop out for a while since I'm not feeling so well but I'll catch up on your posts and comments after 🤗 . . . . . ___________ ___________ #aclashofkings #asongoficeandfire #georgerrmartin #asoiaf #sixofcrows #adancewithdragons #booksofig #booksofinstagram #readersofig #booknerdigans #bookishjewelry #booksandmugs #bookstoread #bibliophiles #booksbooksbooks #astormofswords  #booknerdigan  #bookblog #bibliophile #bookmarks #unitedbookstagram #bookblogger #bookstagrammer #currentlyreading #bookoftheday  #bookcommunity #vscobooks #bookstagrammersunite
In celebration of the JAW-DROPPING new trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones, we had a look at the the rights of LGBTQ people all over Westeros and beyond. WE KNOW it’s fictional, but can we live?! Head to gaytimes.co.uk to read our investigation - based on both the books and HBO series - and find out where to plan your queer holiday to Westeros.  Words: @cnnryng
Hipp hipp hurra för Léon som fyllt 1 år! Ser på hans presenter och önskar själv att jag vore barn 😁 #happyfirstbirthday #jaguarftype #burtonsnowboards #adidas #swag
Perché questo sorriso ti accompagni sempre in questo tuo nuovo anno appena iniziato, e nei prossimi. Perché tu non perda mai la tua voglia di ridere, nonostante tutto. Perché together we stand, divided we fall. Perché sei speciale e non me ne sono accorto solamente io. Feliz cumpleaño mi mapachita del corazon y mi amor querido!❤️❤️ @thaliamendez #thaleesi #queenoftheraccoons
Where are my mf dragons???
I did Daenerys for the first time on Thursday @emeraldcitycomiccon and loved every second! Can’t wait to cosplay the Mother of Dragons again 🐲🔥 PC: @jasondelaney13  Wig: @wigisfashion  Necklace: @dsamuels391  Dress: @bestforcosplayers . . . . . #eccc #eccc2019 #emeraldcitycomicon #emeraldcitycomiccon #emeraldcitycomiccon2019 #seattlecosplay #seattlecosplayer #pnwcosplay #pnwcosplayer #gameofthrones #gameofthronescosplay #asongoficeandfire #asongoficeandfirecosplay #asoiafcosplay #daenerystargaryen #daeneryscosplay #daenerystargaryencosplay #khaleesicosplay #motherofdragons #danycosplay
‘s edit ✨ |Robb Stark| The king in the north ♥️💔 - 👑: the young wolf or the white wolf?
THE FINAL THRO(N)ES. #brienneoftarth @gameofthrones ⚔️🛡❣️ @helenstills 📸
RECLAMARAM TANTO DO VERÃO, QUE O INVERNO CHEGOU EM MINUTOS! “They are coming”  Há menos de uma hora, um FORTE NEVOEIRO foi registrado na orla do Rio, do Centro até a Zona Oeste, passando por toda a Zona Sul.  Neste momento, às 18:55, esse nevoeiro começa a perder força na Zona Sul. Mas, na Barra, ele ainda está forte.  ATENÇÃO: por causa desse fenômeno, a Infraero informa que o aeroporto Santos Dumont está fechado para pousos e decolagens. O nevoeiro não afeta a circulação de veículos, neste momento.  Obs.: se foi obra dos caminhantes brancos ou não, a gente tá apurando com o Alerta Rio. Se sobrevivermos ao Inverno que chegou em pleno verão, contaremos pra vocês! E se a temperatura baixar, fujam de Westeros! 😱
Watch the trailer through the link in our bio. April 14 can't come soon enough ❄⚔️🐲 (📸: HBO)
Valar Morghulis
For the longest time, we thought our ethnicities affected our jawlines. As kids we were constantly harassed for having round jaws. Kids were so mean to us. It’s 100% not our fault we just were not blessed with jaws that could cut glass. Like guys leave us alone and make fun of some kid that eats boogers. Max took matters into his own hands and looked up jaw exercises. We wanted super sharp jaws so we could stab those bullies. Long story overly drawn out, I kept up the exercises over the years, didn’t do much for me. Max also did but he got the jawline he wanted.. the jawline he needed. I’m very proud of the man he’s become because of that. P.S this doesn’t make much sense, and is completely fictional. Moral of the story is to persevere always, be who you are and don’t let words affect how you feel about your jawline or anything else in life. Much love Maximus. Happy belated birthday
“Winter is that you?” 📸@sammarvelll
Temporada de Got a gente fica como? De olho nas melhores brusinhas de personagens ✨ pra qual lado vocês estão torcendo? 🔥 🦁 ❄️ link da promoção de férias na bio!
If Dany lived in 2019 maybe her throne would be comfy like mine??? And maybe her children would be furry like mine???
The new season of #gameofthrones looks badass... 😉🖤🖤🖤 #dracarys! 🐉🔥 #bewareofwhitewalkers (and off-white walkers...They’re equally terrifying. 😉😺)
Spoiler da última temporada de GoT 👑 ⚔️
Over The Hills and Far Away...
Winter is here.
THE FINAL TRAILER IS HERE!  Who's ready for the Great War?  swipe for full trailer ⬅️ . Tarik napas dulu sebelum nonton. Dan Sabar.. masih 40 hari lagi sebelum season finale dimulai.  Kira-kira siapa lagi karakter yang belum muncul di trailer ya?  #gameofthrones #gotseasonfinale #gameofthronesindonesia
Kuzey unutmaz... Bu sahnede Arya’nın listesinden hangi isim silinmişti? Hatırlayanları yoruma bekliyoruz👇🏻 #gameofthrones beklenmedik ölümleriyle final sezonu öncesinde hatırlamak isteyenler için bütün bölümleriyle beIN CONNECT’te!
Swipe to see the newest GoT Christmas preview 🐺v❄️
Спойлер.  #thefatherofdragons #kinginthenorthwest #youknownothing #idoknowsomethings #iwasborntorulethesevenkingdoms
uwu - - also who wants to talk abt the GoT S8 teaser they just released 😭😍💀
... #lostinthefire 📸 @betmenovazena_
🚨New Game of Thrones pics are here!🚨 Who do you want to see on the Iron Throne? 👑 ____ 📸 @hbo #forthethrone #gameofthrones #got #winteriscoming
Железный трон в Королевской Гавани #gameofthrones как здесь пройдешь мимо
Are these nice cuz i was told they werent
Petit coucou des backstage de Westeros
There are a lot of shows I can wait on to finish their seasons so I can binge it.  This is not one of those shows.  #gameofthrones #winteriscoming #winterishere #dracarys #kinginthenorth
Caenerys - Princess of Unicorns 🦄
My goodness. EW just released SIXTEEN collectors covers for the final season of Game of Thrones. We’ve been working on them in some capacity for more than a year. They’re all great but this one is my favorite...