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Road Dawgs
Blanche’s dental had to be rescheduled last week, so she’s going in this AM. Send some love her way! 💕 #nwdpseniorsanctuary #seniordogrescue #seniordogsofinstagram
Kindest thing you can do for an animal... #spayandneuter #bekind #dogs #beligionmalinos #rescuedogs #love 💕💕thank you Doctor @jodiwiktorowski & @eugene.animal.hospital
You're not just gonna, like, leave me here, right...? . . . . . . #pomchi #chihuahua #inquisitivepup
Oh sweet Emma Rose 🌹❤️ Emma had her check up with our vet yesterday and while her health has greatly improved over the last 2 weeks with us (she’s already up 10 lbs! 🙌🏽) the vets also have some concerns. 😔 The main being something hard they felt in her abdomen area. We did radiographs yesterday that indeed showed something abnormal, that looked like a potential mass. Today we took her back into the clinic to have an ultra sound done that will be reviewed by a specialist, we’ll have the report back tomorrow. Please send some good thoughts this special ladies way, and no matter the results are we will be sure Emma continues to get only the best and stays comfortable and happy. 🙏🏽💕 #nwdpseniorsanctuary #seniordogrescue #seniordogsofinstagram #dogrescue
Vet day = Cheese day 🧀🤗 Our boy Murdock’s getting his check up, we’ll update you all soon!  #nwdpseniorsanctuary #seniordogsrule #seniordogsofinstagram
Turns out the vet isn’t half bad 👩🏼‍⚕️✔️
Sweet Morris 💕  Our little guy is still at the vet receiving on-going care. The pain meds have definitely helped him feel more comfortable and he has started drinking water on his own and eating some which is great. The bad news is this precious old man has multiple fairly serious health issues. He was clearly neglected his whole life and unfortunately we are not sure some of the damage can be undone. 💔 His kidney and liver values show that he is indeed in renal failure. 😞 At this time its a bit of a waiting game to see how he responds to treatment. If we can get his values to level out a bit then we explore what options we have in terms of medication/ongoing care to manage things, but for how long we do not know. His quality of life and making sure he’s not in pain or suffering is of course something we are taking very seriously and will be staying conscious of. Morris also has a very large heart murmur and a mouth full of painful infected teeth that need to come out, but we cannot safely move forward with addressing those until he’s more stable. The team at @eugene.animal.hospital and all of us here at NWDP are working hard to get him feeling better. We are praying that we can get him over this hump so we can love him, spoil the heck out of him and have sometime to show him what the good life is all about. He is surrounded by loving people and getting lots of snuggles and kisses throughout the day. Our hearts break for him that he has lived such a sad life, but we are grateful that he is getting to know what love is now. ❤️ Thank you all again for your support, it means a tremendous amount to us and we know it does to Morris as well. We will continue to keep everyone updated and please keeping sending the positive energy his way. 🙏🏽💕 DONATION INFO  Venmo: nwdpOR  PayPal: donations@northwestdogproject.org (link in bio)  Donations of $50+ can be called into the vet: 541-342-1168 #nwdpseniorsanctuary #seniordogsofinstagram #seniordog
🌟MORRIS UPDATE🌟 Well our boy wouldn’t drink or eat on his own this AM, so this is progress!! 🙌🏽💕 A huge thank you to all of you wonderful folks who have sent your support. Whether it be with your kind words, sharing posts, or sending in a donation; it is all incredibly appreciated and means so much to us. 🙏🏽 We will of course continue to update you all. ❤️ #nwdpseniorsanctuary #seniordogsofinstagram #seniordog #seniordogsrule #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #poodle #poodlesofinstagram
We are back at the vet with our little senior man Morris this morning. We were hoping for better news yesterday, but our sweet boy is in pretty rough shape. 😔  Aside from the URI he’s fighting the vets also found a large heart murmur, his poor teeth have been neglected his entire life and many of them are completely rotted out and causing serious infection, but the most concerning right now is his blood work. We got the results back this morning and the vets are pretty worried about his kidney and liver values. He’s not wanting to eat or drink today either. 😣 He will be staying at the vet so they can begin IV meds and fluids for him and will as well be running some more tests to try and determine exactly what’s going on and what we can do.  If you’d like to make a donation towards his care you can do so through one of the options below: ⭐️Venmo: nwdpOR ⭐️PayPal: donations@northwestdogproject.org (link in bio) ⭐️Donations of $50 or more can be called directly into the vet: 541-342-1178 This little man has got a whole lot of people that already love him so incredibly much and are rooting for him. We will do all we can to get him feeling better. Thank you all for your support. ❤️ #nwdpseniorsanctuary #seniordogsofinstagram #rescuedog #support #nonprofit #dogrescue
That smile though #happydog #welovekisses💋 #dvm #spayandneuteryourpets #💜
Veterinarian assistants work their tails off and make my job easier. These ladies do it with a smile 😊 #teamwork #pups #kittens #exotics #goats #bella #twinsies👯 #thank #goddess #itsfriday 💕